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The story of the girl behind Nothing Else Matters.

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"Uhm, baby... how I longed for you." She heard him say as a giant lump in her throat kept her form forming a word.

"Now you come here!" He pulled her strongly in to his lap, switching positions. Placed her behind over his groin, began to caress her breasts under the water and place small kisses in her neck. From his point of view he couldn't see the hot tears that slowly fell down her cheeks, and took her limpness as relaxation.

She couldn't find in herself the strength to yell or slap him. Just infinite sadness filled her chest. She had hoped so much for this day, and now it was stained by his betrayal.

"Now I'm gonna bathe you, for you are a very dirty little girl, y'know?" But he wouldn't use the sponge, he just soaped his hands and began running them from her shoulders down to his back, then repeated the action, this time his slippery hands moved from her neck all the way down through her chest, abdomen, letting the soap wash out, to end in her pubic area, pulling her closer to his hard on, and placing his middle finger over her clit, playfully rubbing it. Then started to suck and bite from her shoulder through her neck, his hard breathing feeling cold over her wet skin.

Even through her contained pain she could feel her body give in to him, as she laid there with her eyes closed, fighting her tears with all her might. She felt his hand take her chin to bring her face close to his, as he sexily bit and licked her jaw.

A low growl commanded in her ear. "Let's get out!" He motioned her as he started to incorporate himself, bringing her with him, and threw a towel over her shoulders. Then grabbed her from behind and moved his hands over her in what was supposed to be a drying motion, but seemed more like teasing, as they delayed quite a bit in her buttocks, her groin and her breasts. All of this as he pushed her forward in to the bedroom, just to propel her lightly in to the bed, face down, dropping the towel in the floor. He laid on his side, right next to her, caressing her from the back of her knees up her bottom, all the way up her shoulders and down again. Delighted with the view of her derriere.

Aroused and wanting, he rolled her on her side, facing him, took her hair from her face, and began to kiss her ferociously, as he grabbed her ass. Then he stopped.

"Why do you taste like tears, baby?" He asked taken aback, suddenly noticing her face expression, and the tears that kept running through her cheeks.

She turned her face, her long curly hair resting at her side and curled up, as if to hide her nakedness from him, but in fact it was her smashed feelings that betrayed her what she really wanted to conceive.

"I... I... just saw the nail marks on your back." And by saying so she couldn't stop to brake in to tears. "You cheating bastard!" Her body began to shake with sobs, as she covered her face with her hands.

A long "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" formed inside his head, and he remembered foggily the drunk groupie that scratched him while he let her suck him on the bus. He laid on his back and placed the back of his ringed hand on his forehead, as his concerned blue eyes scanned the roof, trying to figure out the words that would help him through this mess.
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