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The story of the girl behind Nothing Else Matters.

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September 1st. 1987

Kristen was so happy the Monsters of Rock's tour was over, and her dream to live with James was finally about to come true. He'd been so busy in the last two months she had barely seen him. He even left her in charge of choosing the new place they'd live in. In the days he was gone she spent her free time conditioning the little house she got for them, and was hopeful he would like it, after all all he asked was a spare room for him to record and rehearse in private.

They still had a lot to do, but at least she had prepared the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, just to give him a happy welcome in their new home. They've talked on the phone the night before and he was coming here straight from the airport.

She just hoped he would be in a fine mood, long trips could turn him so grumpy sometimes, and she really wanted this first day in their home to be a happy memory. She had dressed in his favorite dress, and was cooking a fine homey meal to welcome him back.


The flight from Berlin had been a nuisance, after all his trips he still haven't learned to sleep on a plane, not even feeling so exhausted and hungover as he was. His head pounded all the way, and his unsteady stomach couldn't survive some heavy turbulence they met in the way back. Fuck, he really hated flying!

Before leaving the airport he talked the reluctant guys to have a couple of drinks in the bar, just to pick himself up, for he wanted to lighten his mood to meet Kristen.

An hour later James double checked the address in the paper, before stepping outside the cab that just parked outside this little one floor house with a gable roof, in Talbot Avenue.

The light was on and adrenaline rush ran all over his body. Kristen, baby.

He walked carrying his suitcase and guitar, was about to ring the bell, but instead reached for the doorknob, and found it was unlocked. He stepped in, and suddenly felt the warm inside, and the seductive smell of food just being cooked. Then, through the large empty room, he found the image of his girl bending over the oven in the open kitchen, wearing her pretty blue floral dress, her round ass being silhouetted by the light fabric, falling down and caressing her curvy legs. The complete sexy housewife image made him feel already aroused and happy.

"Hoooney, I'm hooome!" He sang powerfully, with a wide smile, watching her jump in surprise.

"Oh, shit!" She yelled out.

"Nice welcoming." He chuckled, enjoying his little prank.

She watched him standing in the empty living room, messy hair, long sideburns, wearing his ragged jeans, blue flannel shirt and leather jacket. He left his suitcase and guitar in the floor and rushed towards her.

"You're finally here!" She exclaimed, and walked to him too. Then stopped within a couple of inches. For a reason, it always felt awkward the first minutes they spent together after a long departure, like being strangers once again.

They stood in silence staring at each other, just to jump in to a tight hug, not noticing how slowly they began to draw closer and melt in a shy and tender kiss. After that first one, came another and another one, while their heartbeats started racing inside their chests. His hungry tongue seared her mouth passionately, as the touch of their bodies began to send shivers through her spine. With their eyes still closed, slowly he broke the kiss and ran his wet lips all the way up her neck, stopping in her earlobe, making her knees weak. He made a pause, and his low voice came as a whisper: "Did you missed me, baby?"

"You have no idea". She voiced softly, shivering all over and then opened her eyes to find his hungry and demanding stare, which she replied with the same intensity, as they embraced fiercely in a passionate kiss. She ran her fingers through his blond beautiful hair, and he moved his desperate hands through her back. He was so happy she remembered how mad this stupid little dress drove him.

Not breaking the kiss he lift her in his arms and to take her to the bedroom. He walked through the first door on the left, she moaned inside his mouth "Mhm... umh...". Then he realized this was a storage room, filled with brooms. Walked a few steps to the right and kicked another partially open door, and found another dark empty room. He growled in to her mouth with little exasperation, she trembled with mirth, then took her arm from his neck and raised it up signaling a door all the way through the corridor. He walked there with firm steps, in to a dimmed lighted room, placing her roughly in the bed, got rid of his jacket and fell on top of her, kissing her more deeply. His naughty hands began running under her dress, from the back of her knees, through her buttocks, arriving finally to her back, untying her bra, sending sparks all over her, as he cupped her breast in his hands and twisted gently her arousing nipples. She began to feel an urge all over her body, as he slowly moved his hand from her breasts caressing all the way to her hips, until he got hold of her little panties, and slowly removed them caressing her legs all the way down until tickling the sole of her feet, making her tremble.

Full of passion she used all her might to roll up, and positioned herself on top of him, getting rid of her dress and bra by herself, and then began to slowly unbutton his blue flannel shirt, he laid in his back, his messy hair spilled on the bed, his blue eyes scanning her intensely, while he played carefully with her breasts. When his torso was exposed she bent over to trail it down with wet kisses all the way from his neck to his belly button, then began to unbutton his pants. But in a violent move he gripped her wrists and force her down, their naked torsos touching for the first time, as he rammed his tongue in to her mouth in a devouring kiss, growling in to her throat, that took her breath away, he rolled her down again, and got up to get rid of his clothes, as she watched him lying on her back, with desire in her eyes.

"Oh, Lord!" She whispered with anticipation.

Fully naked he crept in the bed over her, getting grip of her wrists again, and placing her arms over her head with one strong hand, as he parted her legs with one knee, to gently rest his body over her, his erected penis touching directly her clit. He began to rub it while kissing her again, his free hand caressing her body, driving her insane and wet. He broke the kiss and ran his tongue from her chin down her neck. "Look what you do to me, baby, waiting for me all this pretty". He found one nipple and started licking it playfully, as his hand toyed the other one. Then he used all his mouth to suck it more roughly, hurting just enough to make her arch her back and moan, as his penis had already aroused her clit, which pulsed with agonizing longing. He kept feasting with her mouth and breasts, took his hand down to explore her with his fingers, touching her wetness, feeling his cock grow an inch more in the very instant, fueled with burning desire to possess her immediately. Emitting a harsh groan he pushed up his hips and braced over her, just to take a long devouring look at her body, and then at her flushed face, framed by her dark brown curls, and her misty eyes. Without words he told her he was going to penetrate her right away as he opened more her legs with his knees, and positioned his dick with his hand in her opening.

Leaning face to face, she could feel his golden locks brush her cheeks softly, his eyes intensely fixed to hers, he pushed himself in to her for the first time, and as she wailed with pain and pleasure, it had been so long... he silenced her by ravishing her mouth fiercely. Slowly he began to thrust himself into her once and again, as she molded her body to his, wrapping her legs around him.

Both started panting, while immersed in the rocking motion in pursue of ecstasy, she tried to cling to him in passion, but he renewed his grip on her wrists, he was in charge, she was his, and he was going to set the rhythm of the dance they'd follow. He slowed a bit, just to lick her nipples again, intensifying the pleasure she was receiving just from feeling him in and out. Suddenly he gave her a hard thrust that made her scream, and he rolled her up in top of him, letting go of her hands just to be able to sit straight, still inside of her. He took her face on his hands and draw her closer to kiss her tenderly, as her breast brushed his chest lightly. The combination of her ecstatic stare, her short and warm breath, and the softness of her lips just ignited his twisted passion.

He ran his hands from her neck, caressing the sides of her arms all the way down, sending shivers all over her body, to tight one hand around her wrists again, pulling her arms behind her with a tough movement, making her arch her back painfully, as he began to thrust in to her violently, delighted in the sight of her elongated neck, parted lips, and breasts moving back and forward with the motion of his stabs.

She could feel him deep inside her, searing the way in, and her clit being rub by the base of his cock, letting out a deep wail as her orgasm began to take on her, he pulled her down harder, to access her breasts easier, he placed the tip of his tongue in her right nipple, letting the rocking motion do the licking part, as he began to move faster and deeper into her. He felt her tightening around his cock, which made him feel at the verge of cumming, and with a hard groan grabbed hold of her left nipple with his mouth and began to suck it fiercely, and then bit it. She cried with little pain, but her body was immersed in the waves of pleasure that ran from between her thighs and spread down her legs. She was in oblivion.

As he began to feel about to erupt inside of her, he rolled her on her back, his whole body wanting to fuse with her, to own her completely, her arms trapped under her body, she could feel now his grip on her buttocks, as he looked to pull her in to him to penetrate her harder and deeper, his sweaty cheek rested on hers, she could feel his hard breathing on her ear, and his wild hair in her face. She couldn't stop moaning desperately, and then with a deep and painful growl of his, she felt his cock engorge as it erupted inside of her, his body trembling on top of her. He slowed down, but still moved in and out of her lazily, holding in to the lasts spasms of pleasure he was still feeling. His mouth wet and cold found hers and sealed the encounter with a deep kiss.

Finally he slipped out of her as he rolled on his back, still panting, laying next to her. He took her hand in his hand and placed it over his heart, she could still feel it pounding hard inside his chest. She rolled, laying her head on his shoulder, still short of breath, with a silly grin in her face.

"You liked this rough shit, don't ya?" He smirked quite full of himself.

She gave him a really naughty smile: "Couldn't you tell I hated it it? I think you should try again... and again... and again... till you do it right". And giggled, snuggling in to him.

His chest exploded with a loud laugh. "Shut up I'm the master here!" And gave her a slight spank in her left buttock, as he held her close to him. Suddenly both noticed the room had turned all foggy, and the acrid smell of burnt meat came to their attention. She jumped immediately: "Oh, no, the fucking chicken!" And ran to the kitchen followed by his loud laugh.

It was too late, she turned the flame down and opened the oven door, to unleash a cloud of dark smoke in to the room, making her cough. Taking a place mat she began to ventilate the room with it.

He stood crossed arms in the threshold, watching her airing the room fully naked, shaking his head and smiling at the scene.

She approached with an ashamed look in her face. "Sorry, guess now all I can feed you is potato salad and bread".

He tilted her chin up with a finger and gave her a soft kiss. "You are a disgrace... were was my dessert?" She smiled and exclaimed: "Chocolate pudding!" He laughed and hugged her close, just to try and tickle her. She escaped his grip giggling, then her face lighted up with a wicked smile and added: "In the bathtub?"


A few minutes later they were were relaxing inside the warm water, he was resting his back over her chest, his messy wet head nested in the curve of her neck, with his long legs crossed resting in the opposite end of the bathtub, as it appeared to be too small for the both of them. She was massaging him gently with a sponge, while feeding him small spoons of pudding, from time to time.

He felt relaxed, almost drowsy being pampered in the warm water, only the soft caress of her floating breasts in his back kept him somewhat self aware. She kept filling the sponge with warm water and soap, taking a long time cleaning his chest, arms and shoulders. She couldn't help to bite his shoulder, trace her tongue all the way through his neck, and up to suck his earrings.

Then in his ear softly asked him to bend over so she could run the sponge all the way through his back, as he did that, she noticed the fading trails of nails on his back. Her heart sank at that very moment, with the realization that he had been with another woman while he was away.
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