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The story behind the girl that inspired Nothing Else Matters.

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She had never felt more disarmed than this time, so touched and needed. The look in his clear eyes was so melancholic and yearning. All she wanted was to fill his heart with all her loving, to merge with him. She clang to his neck searching for his mouth, and he plundered hers with passion, making her feel as if her love was being sucked painfully and slowly from her pounding chest in every kiss.

Like if he could read her thoughts sighed loudly inside her mouth, pulling her closer from her hips. He felt so bewitched with her loving eyes, and her smell... Feeling this urge to give in to her, to wash in her all the aches that torn him inside. Tenderly he tightened his grip on her and ran his hand from her hip caressing down in to the back of her leg, and parted her, positioning on top of her.

Lost in her feelings she was already panting in abandonment as she lightly caressed his bare chest with her fingers, sending shivers through his entire skin. He rolled her in his top and she rubbed her self on to him in desperation. He slowly removed her hair form her face, to look at her mesmerized face. She moaned as she bent to take his breath away with an imploring kiss. He went blank with the sole need to feel her so close, to touch her soul, to own her completely.

He lifted her hips, and she could feel his erection between her thighs, and pushed herself in to it, feeling it break inside of her.

She was so aroused and that like never in her life had she exploded in an orgasm at the first stab, but everything had been feeling like exploding inside. She began to move on top of him, driving him insane, but he wanted to take her too, so he rolled on the side and began to move with her, tightening his grip on her hips, licking and biting her jaw, stirred by her extasis. He needed more, so he rolled again, and braced over her, as he trusted harder in to her, he could see her body rocking under him, as she clanged desperately to his neck with her arms and embraced him tightly with her legs, moving in harmony with him, reaching the fusing state that blew their minds.

It could have been seconds, or hours for all they cared, they had just lost notion of the world, all they knew was that if there was a paradise somewhere, they were there, and they were together, clinging to each other in bliss.

He searched her mouth and ravished it with a husky groan, as he felt himself releasing inside of her, holding her so tight, he could have hurt her, if she wasn't so numb. Very slowly they came to a stop, still holding each other very close, fighting to even their breaths.

The mists of passion began to clear of her mind, but only one thought filled it, they've had good sex, wild sex, tender sex, dirty sex, but this... this was something else...

"Oh, my God! " She felt like fainting. "He just made music in me..."


Next morning she woke up alone to the weird smell of food. Contrary to what one would thought, she felt awful, every part of her body hurt, and a look in the mirror confirmed it, her eyes were so swollen and small. How she hated to cry! She washed her face with icy cold water, put on yesterday's dress and went out to find James cooking breakfast, or at least trying to.

"Mornin'!" He greeted her. He was wearing only a pair of jeans.

"Mhm" She groaned. How could he be so fresh already?

An open can of Coors in the kitchen bar gave her a hint.

"Whatever happened to orange juice for breakfast..." She said picking the can and placing it back again, as he turned from the stove and placed in a plate the ugliest eggs she'd ever seen.

"Uhm... happy to know I'm not the only person burning stuff around! " She smirked.

"Shut up!" He yelled, and she laughed.

"Keep laughing, for these are yours" He said with a wicked smile. She eyed the eggs with disgust and waved them away.

"Thank you, but no thank you, I love you a lot, but not enough to eat that".

He took a fork, cut a little piece and began to chase her with it.

"C'mon, baby, show me your love, eat my food!"

"Never!" She giggled and ran away.

He puppy eyed her. "Pleaseeee, do it for meee?" Putting the fork near her mouth.

"Go away!!" She ran again, for the power of the puppy eyes is too strong.

"Don't you love me?" He tried to look sad, but couldn't help an evil grin.

"You first!"

He raised a brow, and took the bite to show her, and then his proud smile changed in to a disgusted gesture.

She laughed out hard, and he came after to seize her. "Don't laugh, or you're having the rest!"

She clang to his neck, as his touch brought flashes of last's night's romantic encounter. "James... last night, oh my, felt like a piece of music!"

He held her close. "That was a ballad, just for you, baby..." He said smirking.

She gave him this flirty evil grin. "Power ballad?"

He frowned and spat. "Hell no! A Hetfield ballad!" Somehow the way he said it made her knees weak, but she responded: "Hey! I was in there too!!"

"I know... you were invited to jam..." He winked to her and ran his hands through her back finding out she had nothing but her dress on. "You naughty little one, you're wearing nothing under this dress?" His hand tried to sneak under her dress.

"Behave a minute, you sex maniac!" She said as she pulled from his grip.

Her face went stern. "I still have something to tell you. Don't think everything is alright between us just because I love you too much to dump your cheating cute delicious little ass."

His face got serious and he lowered his gaze.

"I need you to promise no more cheating, James, and I'm serious, I don't think I can't stand it."

He knew he had to make that promise, but knew deep in his heart he'd had no control over himself. He could be a lot of things, but had been always proud not to be a liar. Tried to pick his words very well.

His silence began to drive her insane. She rolled her eyes and began to scold him.

"Goddamnit, James..."

"I promise I won't be chasing any women!" For a moment he thought he was going to get his way this time, but she was smart to notice the trick in his sentence, as he saw her expression turn from a semi smile to a frown in one second. "Ok! I promise no more cheating on you!" He found himself barking that out, and suddenly noticed her expression wasn't of anger, but of urgent plea.

"Are you done bitching at me?" He snapped at her.

"Yes." She replied backing out.

"Good! Now go over that kitchen and cook me breakfast, woman!"

Burnt eggs flied over his head.
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