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The story behind Nothing Else Matters

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Kristen's weeping pierced right through his soul, and few times had he felt so guilty and ashamed. What could he say to her? It didn't matter that he didn't sleep with that woman, for he didn't even remember half of what he'd done, but surely slept with more than one girl. He was a fucking bastard!

"Baby... baby please, don't cry..." He turned to her, trying to roll her gently by her shoulder. She wouldn't move.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean... I just got so drunk, I don't even remember..." He pleaded, caressing her tangled curls.

"Couldn't get your fucking zipper up just for ten days?" She reproached him. "Just for ten fucking days..." She started sobbing again. He couldn't feel worse.

He draw nearer to her, speaking right next to her ear. "Kristen, I love you, and only you, whatever happened on the road, means nothing to me, I swear".

"Oh... but you wouldn't feel the same if it was me the one who fucked another man, would you?" She turned and looked at him straight to his eyes.

A cold stab of jealousy went through his heart at her words. No, he would never stand it, never. "No..." He frowned, took his hand to her jaw, to keep her from turning away from him, and added: "I know I've fucked up, baby, I'm a complete son of a bitch, but listen to me, you gotta believe I love you, for it's with you with whom I'm building a home... to whom I always come back". He leaned and kissed her softly, but she gave her back to him.

"Shut up, James". She whispered as fresh tears began to flow again, and sat on the bed to get up, but he quickly grabbed her shoulder and pushed back to lay in to the bed.

"Please, just let me go... I hate to be like this in front of you". She used the back of her arm to cover her face.

"No, I won't let you go until you believe me how much I love you, look at me..." She shook her head, all she wanted was to run away to cry in peace.

"Just leave me the fuck alone..." She pleaded again.

James draw her nearer to him, leaning right over her face. "No, I'm not letting you go, I love you..." Firmly, he took her hand from her face. She had nowhere to hide. His beautiful eyes looked at her imploringly. "You are my home, you know that..." He placed a light kiss in her mouth.

"Don't say this th..." Her plead was interrupted by a deeper kiss. His embrace grew tighter on her. He whispered in her ear: "Trust me, baby..." Then kissed the tears in her cheeks. "I've never felt like this with anyone..." Blue eyes torn her heart. "I love you, and nothing else matters". His wet lips overcame her will, and his tongue pushed it's way in, to fuse with hers in a slow and devoted kiss. The smell of his wet curls over her face intoxicated her, and slowly she took her hand to his cheek, and kissed him back.

Her giving in to him touched James deeply, fear and shame began to wash away, and a weave of love and gratitude overwhelmed him. Eyes full of tears looked at her, and never found her more beautiful, surrendering in his arms, with her watery eyes looking adoringly back to him. "Never leave me..." He whispered, pressing his face to hers.

Their mouths sealed fervently, in salty flavored kisses full of longing and sorrow.
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