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2 Birds and Sleep

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Vi's nightmare and Frank's dream.

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I woke to the sound of birds.


I shot up from lying on the ground to see that I was no longer in the desert, but in a white room with light blue accents. I frowned, not recognizing where I was for a moment. Oh no, I thought, realizing I was back in Texas, back in my old flat from when I worked for BLI. I shut my eyes and willed it all to end, willed myself to arrive back in the bed of my truck, snuggled up to Party. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes again, only to see I was still trapped in the horrors of my mind.

An alarm went off by my right, and instinctively I reached out and turned it off. My alarm beeped once as I hit the dismiss button and climbed out of bed. I walked over to the calendar on my left wall and checked the date. March 21, 2016. I sighed and bit my lip, remembering this day. This was the day Tim fucked and ran. I walked to my giant closet and picked out a grey business suit from the rack, examining it for any color whatsoever. None. I sighed again and walked to my bathroom, down the hall from my bedroom.

A small beep rang out through the house and I nodded, knowing I had precisely one hour until I needed to go to work. I padded into the bathroom and shut the door, walking to the shower and turning it on. So, Violet, I thought, watching the water as it escaped the faucet. This is your last shower for a while from here. Better make it worth while. The shower began steaming, and I stepped inside the stall, groaning at the feel of the hot water against my skin. Holy damn, I haven’t had one of these in a long time, I thought, reaching for the soap BLI provided I hummed as I took the bottle and put some soap on my hands and ran them through my hair, which was long at the time. I chuckled to myself and washed the soap out, loving the feel of the hot water all to myself.

The shower grew cold, and I shivered, shutting it off as fast as I could. I took a shaky-from-cold breath and stepped out of the shower, taking a towel from the rack on the wall and wrapping it around myself. As if in a daze, I walked over to the mirror and stared at my reflection. I looked paler than I normally do, and a little bit bigger. I sighed and padded out of the bathroom to the kitchen, praying to God I had food I that could eat.

I walked through the kitchen to the mini pantry and pulled the door open, scanning the shelves for anything that could catch my eye. NO. FUCKING. WAY, I thought as I reached down to the bottom shelf and picked up a thing of ramen noodles. I let my mouth hang open as I walked to the stove and turned a burner on, filling a pot of water and putting it on the gas flame. I opened the package savagely and dumped its contents in the pot, catching the seasoning before it fell into the boiling water. I watch the pot, still stunned at the fact that I was about to have ramen noodles.

The phone rang, and I turned to the cordless on the wall, not recognizing the caller id. Oh fuck no, I thought, remembering what happened here. This is it Violet. This was the horror of it all. This is what got you here. In my mind I smiled and ran to the phone, but in reality I slowly crept over to the phone and gingerly picked it up. “Hello?” the old part of me asked quietly, holding the phone with two hands to my right ear.

“Jennifer?” I heard Tim’s voice ask on the other end, sounding husky, and I groaned inwardly. He had sounded innocent…

I felt my heart skip a beat and my stomach grow tight in fear despite what I knew was going to happen. “Tim,” I breathed, taking a hushed tone. “You know you’re not supposed to call me.”

“I know, Jen,” he said, quiet laughter filling the background for a second. “You and I need to talk.”

“But where?”

“How about right outside of your apartment?” he asked, and I heard a light knock at my door. I felt myself jump in pleasant surprise I had felt and run over to the door, unlocking it and still holding the phone. Tim stood right in front of me, his hands in his pockets and his sickening grin of his face. “Hello, Jen,” he said, stepping in and shutting the door behind him. He looked around my flat. “Nice place you have here,” he said with a thick country accent.

I nodded and walked back to the kitchen, hiking my towel up higher that I still had on. C’mon, Tim, get it over with, I thought, knowing what was going to happen next. I had pondered this day so many times I could count the breaths. You check the noodles, you take them off, he leads you back… He rapes you… He leaves you… You run.

I took the noodles off of the burner, turning it off and opening the seasoning packet. I felt Tim’s arms around my towel, gripping it slightly. “Jennifer,” he whispered in my ear, biting it harshly. I yelped a little, but promptly shut my mouth, remembering what happened if I yelped. I nodded and allowed Tim to turn me so he could push his mouth over mine, his hand sliding up my towel and rubbing my thigh lightly.

Tim began walking backwards, towards my bedroom, and I sighed in my mind, wishing I could fast forward this part. I shut my eyes and will myself to wake up, but to my despair I’m still in Texas, with the birds chirping merrily outside. Tim shoved his tongue in my mouth and down my throat, making me gag slightly as his hand on my thigh began to slide higher up, towards my breast. I shut my eyes tight, not wanting to see what happened. Tim pushed my down on my bed, and I felt his weight off of me. I opened my eyes, confused, only to see him getting dressed and fixing his hair, which was already messy. “Goodbye, Jennifer. You didn’t give me enough sex,” he said, stepping out of my bedroom and to the front door of my flat. The door opened and closed, signaling he was out of my life until 2019.

I shut my eyes, like I had done on this day, and I opened them again to see the green sky, the birds’ chirping a mere echo in my head. I heard a soft breath beside me, and I turned my head slightly to see Party holding onto me, still asleep. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him, wishing I didn’t have the Tim dream. For some odd reason, it always scared me, despite the fact that I had Party and that was six years ago. I nestled closer to Party, hoping this wasn’t some physco dream I was having,

“Mhh, Violet, do you know how early it is?” Party mumbled into my shoulder, and I smiled.

“I have a feeling it’s exactly 9:17 am,” I said, remembering the time from the nightmare. I looked down and saw Party had taken his jacket and laid it across me with his arms around my waist, leaving him in a grey shirt. “At least it’s not cold,” I said, running a finger over the grey material.

Party smiled sleepily and reached forward to kiss me, opening his eyes just a little. He hit my cheek, and I frowned. Party felt me frown beneath his lips. “I got your cheek, didn’t I?” he asked, not having to open his eyes to see.

I nodded and kissed Party’s pouting lips, catching feint traces of coffee. I smiled, despite hating the taste of coffee, and leaned in closer to Party, my hips fitting into his.

“Mmm, Violet…” Party said, opening his eyes to look at my sleepily. “Five more minutes?” he teased, raising one eyebrow.

I shook my head and kissed him again, this time with a little more force. Party smiled and kissed back this time, pulling his arms around me tighter. I smiled and tilted my head a little, trying to stop out noses from poking each other to get better access to each other. Party nibbled my bottom lip a little, and I opened my mouth a little, shutting my eyes and letting his tongue swirl with mine. Party broke away from the kiss, breathing heavily and shutting his eyes again. “Five more minutes?” he asked again, snuggling into me.

I rolled my eyes and hit Party upside the head. “No, Gerard. We need to go to the Black today, and I want more of my tequila.”

“Well I want five more minutes of sleep but that’s not happening, now is it?” Party asked sarcastically, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. He turned towards me and flicked me off. “I was having a nice dream, too.”

I hit Party again and stuck my tongue out at him. “I don’t care if you were having sex with Frank, you’re still waking up,” I said, smirking, watching Party open his eyes wide and glare at me.

“I was not having sex with Frank,” Party growled, tilting his head down and staring at me through his thick eyelashes. “If I was I wouldn’t be here, with you.”

“Mhmm,” I said, rolling my eyes and jumping out of the truck’s bed to the dusty ground below. “And I’m a goddamn muthafuckin’ elephant,” I said, watching Party jump down after me. “You know, you need to improve your balance,” I said, crossing my arms and shaking my head while making a ‘tck’ noise repeatedly.

Party walked over to me and looked me down, half-smiling. “And why is that?” he asked, folding his arms and raising his eyebrows.

I chuckled and uncrossed my arms to push Party back against the truck, watching him stagger back and run into my truck. “That’s why,” I whispered, walking over to him and placing my mouth on his.

Fun Ghoul

Oh sweet, precious sleep, don’t ever leave me.

I felt a slight pinch on my nose, and I felt my nose twitch, remembering last night. A soft kiss was planted on my forehead, and I frowned, knowing that wasn’t where Scarlet had kissed me the night before. I opened my eyes to see Scarlet sitting by me, het knees pulled up to her chest and her head resting on her knees.

“Good morning sleepy face,” she said, releasing my nose and smiling warmly. “It’s about time you woke up.”

I sat up and looked around, just to make sure I was in the Death Machine. I was. I looked at Scarlet, wondering how she was sitting beside me in this car. “How are you…?” I asked, pointing to the seat and how I was stretched across the backseat.

Scarlet laughed, a tinkling laugh, and smiled more. “There is a ridge in between the seats, y’know,” she said, sounding more like the Scarlet we all know. Well, the one I thought I knew. “I am small enough to sit on it.”

“Oh,” I said, scratching the back of my neck and running a hand through my black hair. Scarlet just watched me the whole time. “Uhh, Scarlet?” I asked, fixing my shirt over my chest.

“Hmm?” she asked, staring down at my crotch, and I looked down to see my ‘and’ tattoo exposed.

I felt myself flush and tugged my shirt down, hiding my midriff and my tattoo. “Can you move? I kinda need to sit up, you know,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

Scarlet snapped out of the daze she was in and looked up at me, nodding and moving backwards into the dashboard so I could sit up and stretch, something in my morning ritual. I then rubbed my eyes, imagining myself some coffee to wake up. I smiled lazily and began climbing out of the Death Machine, forgetting that Scarlet was there.

“Frank?” I heard from behind me, Scarlet’s soft voice floating to my ears. I turned my head and raised an eyebrow. “I’ll wait for you.”

I'll be posting this a hell of a lot more, only because there is more kick-ass action in Here Again than Grace and Rage. Hope you enjoy this, and remember: reviews and ratings are greatly appreciated.
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