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Getting closer to the smut, are we?

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That's all I felt when Party and I kissed. I know, we've been together for three years. I always felt fresh, new love. I know, I' getting soft, but it's true. This love he and I share hasn't grown dull or old.

Party wound his arms around my waist, pulling me into him and deepening the kiss. I gave a small sigh and nibbled Party's lip a little, making it swollen. He groaned softly and managed to pull me into him tighter, nearly suffocating me, but I felt fine. Only because it was Party. I draped my arms over his shoulders and rubbed at his shirt's cloth, feeling him grow harder against my thigh. I smirked, loving how I could still turn Party on, despite being old. (A/N thirties is old for a Killjoy in my mind.)

"Mhh, Violet," Party said, trying to get my attention by biting my lip and drawing blood.

I bit Party back. "What?" I whispered, tasting our blood mingle and oddly loving that.

"Hmmmh, we're not having sex in the sand," he said, pulling out of the kiss only to stare in my eyes. "Don't you remember last time we did that."

I giggled and nodded, putting my head in the crook of Party's neck, which smelled feintly of alcohol, which was probably my fault. "So are we going to fuck in my truck?" I asked, hoping that was the answer.

Party shook his head, making me pull my head out of his neck and look at him, half confused and clearly disappointed. He laughed, and kissed my nose on my scowling face. "Don't worry, you and I will get what we both want. We're just not doing it in your truck."

I stuck my tongue out at him and beginning to rattle things off. "Not on the ground... Not in my truck... Definatly not in my truck..." With each sentence, I moved my left hand closer to Party's ass, rubbing circles across his back as my hand moved closer to its destination. "Not the Death Machine... Not behind my tree..." Finally! I thought, reaching Party's ass and squeezing gently.

Party gave a low groan and pushed me off of him. "Not yet, Violet," he said in a playful growl. He grabbed my hand and dragged me to the passenger's side of my truck, opening the door and ushering me inside. "Patience is a virtue."

"I swear to God, Gerard, if you go all sentimental and shit on me..." I groaned, not wanting to hear physiology.

Party chuckled and shut my door as I jumped in, walking to the other side and climbing in the driver's seat. He fumbled around in his jacket's pocket for a moment before taking his hand out, a black scarf in tow. I looked at Party, confused for the second time in ten minutes. Party saw my face and smirked, handing me the scarf and starting my truck up. "Put it on, Violet," he said, and I complied by putting it over my mouth and nose, something you normally do with a scarf.

Party shook his head and snatched the scarf off my face, putting it over my eyes. "Like that, Violet. Just like that," he said, revving the truck's engine and starting off, heading south.

"Twenty bucks and my best vodka says I know where we're going," I said, confident in the fact that we were going to the Diner, as we were headed in that direction.

"You're on," Party said, turning the car. Awh shit, where the hell are going?! We're headed west, towards the beach? But that's more sand?! I huffed and leaned back in the seat, just wanting to do Party and that hot ass of his I had just squeezed moments ago.

I heard Party chuckle beside me. "Impatient, are we?" he asked, and I nodded. "Don't worry, we're almost there," he said, turning my truck yet again and further confusing me on where we were going.

"Can you stop that, Gerard? It's a big turn-off to take your other half into the middle of the fuckin 'desert,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest and pouting.

Party chuckled again. "Vi, we're five minutes away," he said, and I felt his warm hand on my knee. "We'll be there soon enough."

I huffed and gave up trying to figure out where we were going. "You win, Gee. I have no clue where we're fucking each other. Now can you please tell me where the hell we are?"

My truck stopped moving, and my blindfold was removed to a beach with what looked like a mini cottage sitting on the sand. I was speechless. "We passed this one day, Violet," Party said, and I turned to see him smiling sheepishly at me. "You didn't notice it, but I couldn't forget it."

I turned back to the beach cottage, still silent. Waves of a rich blue and foams of white crashed on the shoreline, washing up shells and other things. Tall grasses swayed gently in a breeze slowly picking up, sending huge puffy clouds across the green methane sky. A bird, a legit bird flew above the sparkling water, singing in notes that sounded like a high-pitched 'McJaeger! McJaeger!' I let my mouth open slightly even more.

The only thing that could come out of my mouth was a gurgling noise. “Violet?” Party asked, and I felt his gaze on me. “Say something?”

I shut my eyes and mouth and took a breath in. I opened my eyes and turned to face Party. “Finally,” I said, leaning over and kissing Party’s cheek. “I say we go inside and…” I began tugging at Party’s jacket, “have ourselves a little fun, shall we?”

Party kissed my hair and opened his door, hugging my body and pulling me out with him. “Violet, that is exactly what I had in mind,” he said, and began walking to the beach cottage, one arm still around me protectively. “Should we drag it out, or—“

“Oh, shut up and kiss me,” I said, standing on my toes and closing the space between Party and I. Party smiled and wrapped his other arm around me, tugging me off my feet and to his height. I grinned and slung my arms over his shoulders, feeling Party’s arms tighten around me and felt his semi press into my hip. I pulled away from the kiss for a moment, staring into Party’s smoldering hazel eyes. “How are you still hard?” I asked, a little surprised.

Party rolled his eyes and smirked, pulling me in even tighter. “Oh, Violet, I have my ways,” he whispered over the surf’s sound and the bird screaming ‘McJaeger!’ overhead. I giggled breathlessly and nodded, connecting my lips to his again. The stupid bird overhead kept screaming, and I broke apart from the kiss again to watch the bird staring at us and hopping around.

“Look, Gee,” I said, nodding towards the bird and looking at Party with a devilish smile dancing on my lips. “We have an audience.”

The bird screamed again, and Party rolled his eyes. “I can’t tell if that’s encouragement or a warning,” he said, chuckling.

“Gerard, if you can tell,” I said, looking him in the eye, “we have a problem.”

Another bird flew over and began screaming at Party and I, followed by a whole group of them. “Should we be worried?” I asked slowly as birds began coming around from everywhere to flap around and squawk at the two of us.

Party shrugged, but caught himself. “Do you hear that?” he asked, looking around and scanning the horizon.

I whipped out my blue, green, and yellow ray gun and turned away from Party to watch the horizon. “All I hear is the fuckin’ birds. right now!” I yelled over the increasing pitch of the birds until they were literally wailing. “And I thought only My Chem could get that high!”

Whatever Party said next was drowned out by a dreadful noise that nearly shattered my eardrums and made me fall to the ground along with Party, dropping my gun and covering my ears. Through my half squinted eyes I saw the horizon grow black, and as soon as I could stand that shitty ass noise I stood up and ran to my gun, tugging my mask off of my neck and onto my face. I aimed my gun at the black horizon, backing towards Party and helping him up. “PARTY!” I yelled over the noise of the shitty ass noise and the wailing birds to get Party’s attention. He looked at me and motioned to his ear, shaking his head. He tried to say something, ‘I love you’ I think, but I couldn’t hear him either. I felt my eyes tear up, and I hugged Party quickly, latching myself onto him and burying my face in his chest. At least he still smells way too fuckin’ good to be true.

The shitty ass noise grew even louder, and I turned my head out of Party’s jacket to see the black horizon materializing into a wall of black-clad Dracs, all driving identical black motorbikes. I groaned and let go of Party, raising my gun and shooting the Dracs down, one by one. I side glanced to my truck, sitting and idling close by. I nudged Party and nodded to my truck, watching him nod once and sprint to my truck. I ran over too, jumping in the passenger’s seat and leaning out of my window, shooting the Dracs as Party floored it and began driving down the beach. My truck kicked up sand into my eyes and forced me to pull my scarf over my nose, stopping the sand flow. The shitty ass noise was still ringing in my ears, and I still couldn’t hear the satisfying sound of my ray gun blast its white light, but at least those fuckin’ annoying birds were gone.

I felt Party tap on my knee, and I turned inside to see him pointing at the steering wheel. Apparently he can’t hear either, Violet. I nodded, catching his drift about the NOS in my truck, and he slammed his hand on the horn, shoving me back in my seat, smiling. I grinned at an also-grinning Party, and looked in the rear view mirror to see the black Dracs (A/N No racism here. I’m sorry if I offend anybody with this. Just ask and I will change this.) falling behind. I shut my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of flying, feeling the wind from the open windows whip my face and pull my hair away from my eyes and my mask. The shitty ass noise was disappearing from my ears, and I began hearing the sound of my truck groaning in protest as Party pushed it to its limit. Wonder how fast we’re going, I thought idly as I looked out the front windshield, seeing if I turned my head I could break it.

“Violet,” I heard Party say, and I turned to face him. A slow smile spread across his face, and he looked relieved. “Thank god you can hear too. What the hell was that?” he asked, nodding backwards.

I shrugged as my truck began slowing down, back to normal speeds. “I don’t know, but whatever it is, it fuckin’ sucks,” I said, poking my head out the window and scanning the horizon behind us. “They didn’t know we were going to be there, right?” I asked, turning back inside my truck to face Party. “They couldn’t have known, right?”

Party shook his head, but I saw his grip on my steering wheel turn his knuckles white. “Unless they have a fuckin’ fly on the wall,” he growled, and I watched his face grow animalistic in rage.

I turned away from Party, remembering very well what the hell happened last time he got mad at something that happened. But Violet, I told myself, You're not going to run off this time... right? I shook my head, knowing very well I wasn't going to. Not this time.

The drive to the Black felt longer than it was. The awkward silence, despite my music blaring to my ears, was still very present and still very alive. I think I fell asleep once, but other than that, I was watching the horizon behind us, looking for any dark smudges.

Finally, after what seemed like twelve hours without stopping, Party and I reached the Black. He pulled my truck over, to the back side of the building, and cut the engine, sighing and putting his forehead to the steering wheel.

"I'm sorry, Violet," Party said quietly, shutting his eyes. "I never meant to..."

I nodded, fully understanding what he was apologizing about, and put my head on his shoulder, rubbing his jacketed arm with my right hand. “It’s okay, Gee,” I whispered, taking a silent sigh. “It’s okay. You just don’t like that part of the past. I get it. I understand.”

Party nodded and leaned him head against mine, putting a hand on my head and weaving his fingers through my violet locks. “I know you do,” he breathed, his breath making a bit of my hair fly over my eyes and tickle my lashes. “You always have.” I felt Party smile, and I smiled with him.

“I love you, Gerard. Even with your silent anger that scares the living shit out of me,” I said, using the Teenagers lyric.

Party nodded again, sighing. “You and I need to just run off somewhere. Don’t care where, just away from here,” he said, shaking his head. “Just run off to Mexico. You and I. We’ll fly home.”

I smiled, shaking my head. “Gerard, we have the Diner and my tree. We don’t need any other place. Speaking of the Tree,” I said, sitting up and opening my eyes, “You and I need to get back there. We can’t just leave the guys behind.”

Party bit the inside of his cheek. “I could drive onto the end with you… A liquor store or two…” he said, smiling slightly.

“Keeps the gas tank full,” I sang, breaking out in a smile. “And I feel like there’s nothing left to do, but prove myself to you…” I pressed my lips to Party’s, inhaling his scent.

Party broke away from the kiss. “And we’ll keep it running,” he said, starting my truck up and driving in the direction of the Diner. “Play it, please?” he asked, shifting gears and pulling his spaceman sunglasses on.

I rolled my eyes and reached for my iPod, which was sitting on the dashboard. I scrolled down to ‘Demolition Lovers’ and clicked the center wheel, hearing the truck as it instantly became flooded with the soft guitar. “Better?” I asked, strumming with the guitar and humming with the music.

Party nodded and sang along to the music. “But this time… I mean it… I’ll let you know just how much you mean to me. As snow falls, on desert sky, until the end of everything. I'm trying, I'm trying to let you know how much you mean… As days fade, and nights grow, and we go cold…”

I leaned forward and kissed Party’s jaw, just barely grazing over the slight stubble sitting there. “We need to get back there, Gerard,” I whispered, pulling my Bans on. I leaned back in the passenger’s seat, nodding my head to the guitar playing throughout the song and strumming to it again on my orange-clad leg.

The drive to the Diner was shorter than usual, peacefully silent and calm. No Dracs hit us on the way there. Just Party and I, lost in our own—“PARTY WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!” I screamed, pointing to the Diner while I tugged my mask on. A circle of black surrounded the Diner, with one white smudge right in the center. My breath caught in my throat. Fuck, no, it’s not Korse. Not possible.

“Damn it,” Party whispered as a all-too familiar, particularly shiny head got out of the white smudge. Party side-glanced at me trying to catch my breath. “Violet, you gonna be okay for this?”

I took a breath in and forced a smile, turning to face Party. “I got it, don’t worry,” I lied though my teeth, pulling out my trusty, yet very used, ray gun. “Just cover my back, okay?”

Party nodded and leaned forward to kiss my forehead. “I love you, Violet,” he said, his breath tickling my nose. “Break a leg.”

I rolled my eyes and opened my truck’s door, taking a breath. “Already done with an arm, Party,” I said, shooting at the line of black. The line turned around, and I saw an array of Drac masks, the next worse than the last. I cringed and shot at them before they registered Party and I were here, only knocking a few Dracs down. Whatever they were set on wasn’t us, though. A few Dracs lazily shot at Party and I, but the bulk of the Dracs turned back towards the Diner. The dumbass shiny head didn’t even turn. He just walked into the ring of black. I heard Current scream, and that’s when I registered what was happening: an execution. Current was on the list as number 7, too. “FUCK NO!” I yelled, taking my switchblade that I named Ricky, in honor of the old Ricky, and throwing it at the nearest Drac. Party got my side and began shooting Dracs, too, kicking them down as we worked our way to the center of the ring.

I 360’ed in the ring and began shooting blindly, hoping Current, Sun, and the guys were smart enough to duck or hide. I saw a wheelchair out of the corner of my eye, but I shook it off as nothing. Party still had my back, and he had two guns in his hands, shooting blindly as I was. I shot forward and took an angry-looking Drac down, ripping its mask off in the process. The Drac wasn’t even shot or stabbed, yet it fell to the ground upon losing its mask. “PARTY,THE MASK!” I yelled, tossing him the mask I caught and pulling another off.

I felt a gun nestle itself onto the back of my head, and I stopped pulling the masks as the scent of soap and light cologne waftd to my nose. “Well well, Violet Rage, long time no see.”

FUCK YEAH I GOT IT UP! Lemme just say... you can kill me now if you were waiting way too long. Hell, I was getting anxious to put this out. I have no reason to not have this out any sooner, actually. School is school, not at home. Welcome to my easily side-tracked mind, and the internet. Hopefully you haven't given up on me yet. Damn, I can't even believe this is only the third chapter... Alas, Ricky is gone. He disenergrated, remember? A funeral was held in his honor, where he was stuck in that pene cactus.
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