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4 Fucked Passive

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Fun Ghoul pulls a no-no.

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My breath hitched in my throat as nobody rushed over to get Korse away from me. Why the ever-living fuck is he fuckin’ alive?! I fuckin’ killed you, Korse! Chopped your damn head off and all that shit!

The gun pressed further into the back of my head, and I felt Korse lean forward. “Jennifer,” he growled in my ear, his breath reeking of BLI pills and water. “That’s not how you greet a long-lost friend.” He shoved me forward with his foot against the back of my legs, sending me flying to the ground and my ray gun flying across the sand. Korse gave a hard kick to the back of my left leg. “You’re always supposed to reply, Jennifer,” he said, kicking me again and making me wince and shut my eyes.

I heard Current scream again, and I opened my eye closest to the ground to see Current being beaten black and blue by at least three Dracs. I knew she could take them on herself, but that was back when the Dracs weren’t as smart, or as harsh. “Current, no…” I whispered hoarsely, coughing up dust and blood as I trailed. “Beat the shit out of them.”

My hair was gripped sharply, and I was pulled up not five seconds later, my head twisting painfully on my neck. I cursed silently as I was brought face to face with Korse, his breath hitting my face. “Wha—“ I asked, a hand connecting to my face.

“You don’t speak unless spoken to,” he said, kicking me hard in the left leg again. Pain shot up from my knee as he kicked yet again, and I shut my eyes, hoping it wasn’t going to break. Korse let go of my hair, and I fell to the ground, opening my eyes. I gasped, noticing a difference about Korse: half the skin on his face was missing, exposing the wires and steel under his face, creating the structure. His eyes were black now, black with little white insides. I shuddered at the sight of him, but I didn’t want to show fear.

“Damn, Korse,” I coughed out, wiping blood off my nose, “didn’t like the old face we had, did we?” Another sharp kick was delivered to my leg. “FUCK!” I cried out, finally, gripping my bloody knee. “Damn it! Let me at least say my poem to you.” Korse kicked my stomach and pulled out a revolver, one from before the Moon blew up. “Roses are red, Violet is blue. I thought I fuckin’ killed you…” Korse clicked the gun, making sure it had a bullet ready.

“Any final words, Violet?” he growled, showing no emotion within those black orbs set in his face.

I narrowed my eyes and clenched my hands into bloody fists. “So go fuck yourself!” I yelled, springing up and sending my fist sailing on a crash course with Korse’s jaw. The destination didn’t move, and I hit Korse as hard as I could possibly manage with a hurting arm, a possibly broken knee, and years of pent up rage.

Korse stumbled back and dropped the gun, holding his jaw. “Why you little—“ My foot nicely connected with Korse’s face, snapping something and sending him flying into the Dracs that were torturing Current and sending them stumbling backwards. I ran over to one of the Dracs on the ground and grabbed its gun, a nice, black ray gun that fit snugly inside my hand. Shooting at the Dracs, I walked over to another Drac and pulled its gun out of its hand.

“Rage!” I heard Current choke, and I turned around in time to see a Drac hitting my face with a board. “Rage, no!” I heard Current call as I fell into the damned abyss I’ve seen so many times before.

Fun Ghoul

As Gerard led Violet away from the Diner to her truck, I shrugged. “Get used to it, Frank. Surprised you haven’t already,” I said, rolling my eyes and leaning back on the couch. Since it’s been clean, it’s actually very comfortable. I settled back and shut my eyes, relishing the daze I was in, crazed for sleep I had not ten minutes ago. True, I was probably as rested as I could get, but I still wanted more sleep. I just couldn’t sleep though. I had Scarlet on my mind, and that was something bugging me into a half-awake phase that pissed me off. “Make your damn mind up,” I said to myself, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Okay,” I heard a voice say, and a bony ass was sitting on me not two seconds later. The person sighed, and I smelled cigarettes.

“Really Mikey?” I asked, shaking my head and leaving my eyes closed. “You have to sit on me?”

Mikey nodded. “It’s the one thing I like to do, Frankie,” he said, adjusting himself on me and leaning back into the couch.

I opened my eyes and gave Mikey the finger, shaking my head again. “What if I was naked?” I asked, quirking an eyebrow and trying to mask the laughter in my voice.

Mikey rolled his eyes and shook his head. “It wouldn’t have mattered. It’s not like any of us guys haven’t seen you naked. I do know one person who would be a little happy to see you naked, though,” he said, smirking at the ceiling. “But, I know you don’t care if I told you or not…”

I punched Mikey in the side. “Michael James Way, I will beat the living shit out of you if you don’t tell me,” I growled, already knowing who it was. I still wanted to tease Mikey anyway.

“Owh,” Mikey said, swatting my hand away. “That would be gross. You seriously want my shit all over you?” he asked, laughing.

I rolled my eyes and punched Mikey again. “Who the fuck is it, Mikey?” I asked, wanting to hear the answer.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Frank. You must be hearing thin—OW THAT FUCKIN’ HURT!” Mikey yelled as I kneed his crotch. he doubled over and bit his lip, trying to stop the string of curses from escaping his lips. “I’m not going to tell you now…” he choked out as he got off me slowly and hobbled over to the freezer. He reached inside and grabbed an ice pack, promptly placing it on his crotch. “Ahh.”

“Mikey, I will kick you so hard in the nuts your great-grandfather will wince in his grave. Who is it?!” I demanded, standing up and walking over to Mikey, who had settled on a chair by the table.

Mikey grew ashen and turned to shield himself. “Fine. Who do you think?” he asked, trying to egg a reaction out of me.

I hit the back of Mikey’s head with my hand. “Who. Is. It?” I growled, frowning upon him.

Mikey sighed and gave me the finger. “Sun, okay? There, I told you,” he said, leaning back in the chair. “Haven’t you noticed the way she’s drooling over you?”

I sat in the chair opposite of Mikey and shook my head. “Not until last night, when we were doing the pinching game.” I smiled at the thought, remembering hitting Bob upside the head. “Before that, nothing.”

“Nope, she’s had her eye on you before that,” Mikey said, making me look at him, confused. “She just hasn’t showed it.”

“Oh,” I said quietly, trying to think back to a week ago. “Damn, a week ago seems like a month,” I muttered to myself, straining to think that far back. I shrugged after a while. “I don’t remember anything.”

“’Course you don’t. When have you ever?” Mikey asked, making me raise my foot, which was right by his iced crotch. “Okay, okay, sorry,” he said, scooting the chair back a little bit. “Just don’t knee me again. For a midget, you pack a punch.”

“Fuck you Mikey,” I said, standing up and walking back to the couch. “Imma sleep some more. Wake me up when something exciting happens.”

“Uhh, you might wanna wake up then,” Mikey said, suddenly by the Diner’s door. He had pulled his helmet on, and lost the ice pack in thirty seconds? Damn. “Come look.”

I groaned but still stood up off the couch, walking to the door. “What is it, Mike…?” I squinted at the horizon, wishing my glasses weren’t in the Death Machine. A line of black stood out against the horizon, with a white smudge right smack dab in the center. “Shit,” I whispered, rushing back inside to find my Frankenstein mask and my ray gun. “GUYS!” I called out, running through the Diner on my search. “Pull your shit on! We got company, and a lot of it!”

Shockwave literally materialized out of the main part of the Diner’s door, that blue ribbon of hers on. “Dracs?” she asked, grabbing her blue and white ray gun out of its holster around her body. I nodded and continued my search through the Diner for my stuff. “New or old?” she asked, loading her gun up with a fresh battery and putting a spare gun in her pocket.

“New one, dangerous ones. I need you to be careful out there, okay Shockwave?” I asked, grabbing a 6-inch blade off the back room’s table and putting it in my spare knife holster, something I’ve adopted since Violet’s been here. “You seen me mask, by any chance, Shockwave?”

“You mean this?” I heard Scarlet ask, and I looked up from my holster to see her wearing it casually around her neck. “It’s pretty amazing, y’know.”

I smirked, blushing slightly, and took my mask from around her head, putting it over my face. “Scarlet, you ready to face the Dracs?” I asked, walking through the Diner to get to Ray’s and Bob’s area of the Diner.

“Mhmm. Even got two guns,” she said, Shockwave ‘ooh’ing and striking up a conversation about different shooting methods behind me.

“BOB. RAY. WAKE UP, YOU LAZY ASSES,” I yelled as I walked past them sleeping in a Diner’s booth, together. “Uhh, guys?” I stopped and asked, knitting my eyebrows together and stifling a giggle. “You two got something going on that the rest of us should know?”

Bob’s head shot up, fully alert at that comment. He glared at me and shoved Ray off the bench to the floor. “What?” he growled, clearly not in a good mood.

“Oh good, you’re pissed. Take it out on the Dracs coming over here, will you?” I asked, nodding to the back of the Diner. “You two need to hurry up and get ready, seeing as they’re gonna be here in a few minutes. You, Ray,” I said, turning to Ray, who was sitting on the floor underneath the attached table, cursing and rubbing his head through the mass of curls he calls hair, “might need to find your helmet. You don’t want to tell everyone where you are with your hair.”

Ray rolled his eyes and gave me the finger, crawling out from the table. “Fuck you, Frank,” he said, standing up and stretching. “I don’t even know where my helmet is.”

“Got it!” Scarlet called, walking over and handing Ray’s helmet to him. “Make sure you guys have full juice on your batteries, it looks like there’s a whole lot of Dracs out there.”

Ray and Bob nodded and parted ways, Bob in search of his traditional Mexican Mask, Ray on his way to alert Death. I smiled weakly and walked back to the back room, checking my gun nervously. Why so many Dracs? Don’t they normally come in smaller packs now? And what the fuck is that white thing with them?

“Guys, we got company!” I heard Mikey yell, followed by a blast from his gun, and we all came running into the back room, masks on and guns at ready. We all stood around and watched Mikey shoot. He stopped and looked around at us. “Well? Shoot already!” he demanded, going back to his shooting.

I shrugged and joined in with everybody in knocking the Dracs down on the black bikes. The white smudge transformed before my eyes into what resembled Korse’s black car, but it didn’t look like it. No, his car was black, and this one was white. Can’t be him. I ran outside into the garage, shooting from behind a crate. “Guys, spread out!” I hissed loudly, waving my hand and still shooting at the black line of Dracs. Everyone complied and ran outside to shielded areas and began shooting again, Shockwave and Bob taking out their second guns and shooting with easy precision.

The line grew closer and closer, and I grew tenser and tenser. The white car had a Drac driving it, just like Korse’s old car, but in the passenger’s seat wasn’t Korse. No, this… Thing had a silver and grey face, and huge black eyes. I shivered at the sight of the eyes and backed up closer to the camouflage wall, reaching for a pack of explosives I had found recently and placed there.

“Fuck yeah,” I said, feeling the detonator box and yanking it out from underneath Violet’s mechanic tools. I hit the time clock at thirty seconds and pressed the little red button you should never press, starting the countdown. I gasped and threw it over the crates, hitting close to the line of Dracs. “GUYS DOWN!” I yelled, ducking behind the crate. Everyone looked at me and nodded, ducking down behind or in a crate or two. The detonator went off, and smoke and dust flew into my unprotected eyes. I coughed and stood up, noticing the chunk of Dracs gone. The others were still advancing, and I cursed, shooting through the smoke cloud that was slowly thinning out.

“KILLJOYS,” I heard Korse’s voice boom, and the sound of Drac bikes running stopped, as if I had gone deaf. A deafening sound had replaced it, though, and I covered my ears with my palms, wishing the sound away as I withered on the ground. I saw feet walk up to Ray a few feet away, and he was sharply pulled up, off the ground, into the air by a pair of black Drac boots. “YOU HAVE BEEN FOUND.”

“Shit,” I tried to say, but no sound came out. The only thing I could hear was the deafening sound that happened since the Dracs were here. “DAMN IT!” I tried to shout out, yet no sound. “PARTY AND VIOLET, YOU LUCKY BASTARDS!”

A Drac walked up to me, towering over me. Its ugly mask was sneering, and the Drac picked me up with ease, the deafening sound still not dying down. The Drac hauled me over to the area in front of the white car and set me down, tying my wrists and legs together. Ray, Bob, and Current were already here, and two other Dracs were walking over with Scarlet and Mikey. I sighed and hung my head, knowing we were caught.

The deafening sound abruptly stopped, and I looked up to see a look-alike Korse standing in front of me, walking around our bound group. “Ah, the Fabulous Killjoys and their ‘mates’,” the look-alike said, smiling. “I finally have you.” Scarlet spat at Korse and Mikey gave him the finger as well as he could manage, and the look-alike nodded his head once towards them. Two Dracs walked to Scarlet and Mikey and knocked the two of them out with a simple blow to the head, a little blood seeping off Mikey’s head. “Now that that is done, it’s good to see you all again. It is simply amazing to have you all in the same place at the same time, aside from Party Poison and Violet Rage,” the look-alike said, his voice identical to Korse’s. The look-alike must have seen my face, as he walked over to me and stoop down over me. “Yes, Fun Ghoul, I am Korse.”

My eyes widened as I remember Violet had clearly chopped his head off. “Wha—” I managed to get out before a Drac came and gagged me. Other Dracs gagged Bob, Ray, and Current too.

Korse smiled. “Yes, I am Korse,” he repeated, standing up and pulling his gun out. “I find it simply amusing that almost everyone from the top ten of the EXTERMINATE list is sitting here, right in front of me, ready to die. Don’t worry, Killjoys, Violet Rage and Party Poison will be joining you soon.” Korse toyed with his gun, acting like he was closely examining it. “It’s a shame there are no heroes for you. You are the heroes of the Killjoys,” he said, checking the gun’s battery status. He aimed at Current. “It’s a shame nobody is here to save you.”

Current screamed and scooted away from Korse, whimpering. “FUCK NO!” I heard Violet yell, and I saw pink and white blasts shoot over the heads of the Dracs. I smiled and took my knife out of its holster, which was luckily by my back, and I began cutting the restraints; carefully, to make sure I didn’t nick myself on accident.

Violet and Party made their way into the ring of Dracs, shooting the Dracs and knocking them over. I cut through the restraints and jumped up, whipping my gun out and shooting at the nearest Drac while balancing on my bound ankles. “PARTY, THE MASK!” I heard Violet yell, and I turned to see her pulling the mask off a falling Drac. I smirked and hopped down to cut the other’s restraints, crawling to their ankles and cutting those too.

“Thank God, Ghoul,” Bob said, rubbing his left wrist on his pants and shooting aimlessly with his right, to keep Dracs from coming on. “Damn things were making my wrists red.”

I giggled and pulled the mask off a passing by Drac. “Bob, if you’re worrying about your skin turning red…” I said, still giggling and roundhouse kicking a Drac in the back, knocking it over. I turned to face Bob and shook my head. “We got a problem, fag.”

Bob rolled his eyes and gave me the finger, shooting a passing Drac. “Wish I had one…” he said, turning back to the task at hand.

“Ah, Bobbert,” I said, dodging a punch from a Drac and pulling its mask off. Wow, Violet’s right. You do ‘kill’ the Dracs if you pull the masks off. Wonder if we can use these later… “Guys!” I yelled, pulling yet another mask off and shooting at Korse, who was walking calmly to Violet, who looked dead on the ground, with a sickening grin on his face. “Don’t kill anymore Dracs!”

Three heads turned my way and nodded, Gerard running towards Violet, too preoccupied to notice. I remembered what Mikey said about Scarlet earlier. I shook my head and took a breath, pulling off yet another mask and watching the Drac fall to the dust ground below. “Not true, Mikes” I mumbled as Scarlet ran up beside me and began pulling off masks too.

“Hey, Fun,” she said, kicking a Drac backwards and ripping its mask off as it fell. “Everything good over here?”

I rolled my eyes. “Really, Murphy?” I mumbled quietly, turning my face away so Scarlet wouldn’t see me move my lips. “Yeah,” I said louder, nodding. “Everything good over here. You need any help?”

Scarlet rolled her eyes. “None at all,” she said, walking closer to me. “Do you?”

I smirked and shot towards Korse. “We’ve already established that I don’t,” I said, reaching behind me and pulling what felt like a Drac’s mask off of what felt like a Drac’s head. A large gasp came from behind me, and I spun, confused. Gerard was covering his face with his hand and groping the ground for his mask, looking as red as his hair. “Party…?” I asked, dropping to a squat and picking his mask up off the ground. Gerard snatched the mask from my hand, putting it over his face immediately. “Gee?” I asked softly, just barely audible over the sounds of Dracs’ ray guns.

Gerard turned his face towards me, and I stumbled backwards. The look he was giving me was enough to kill a box of puppies. His face was contorted in several different emotions, some being hate, rage, and… Hurt? Gerard was hurt? Gerard shook his head slowly, his lips curling back in a snarl. “Fuck. You. Frank,” he growled in a low tone, the bass in his voice making my chest vibrate a little. He stood up and walked away from me, towards the Diner with angry clear on his face.

I let out a choked gargle and let my mouth fall open, shocked at what just happened. That wasn’t any normal ‘fuck you’ that the group would toss around when we were making fun of each other. No, that was a hate-filled, murder ‘Fuck you’. I stood up and shook my head, clearing that thought. “It’s nothing bad, Fun.” I mumbled to myself, rolling my neck and punching a Drac in the face by my right. “You have nothing to worry about.”

A radio came flying outside and smashed the ground, shattering into a million pieces. I walked over to it, and squatted down. “Not good,” I said, picking up a piece. This was my radio that had just smashed.

Oh fuck.

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