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5 Smoking Rope Rage

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The aftermath of the fight.

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Party Poison

The only thing I felt, directed towards Frank.

That sick motherfucker. Pulling my mask off in front of the head asshole. And then almost saying my name! What the fuck has he been smoking?! If Korse had seen my face, he would have known who I am! That is the last fucking thing I need, Korse knowing who the fuck I am. I can’t believe him. God damn it…

I stalked through the Diner, smoke coming out of my ears and my face still contorted in the rage. I needed to kill something, but I couldn’t go back outside. Not after what the fuck just happened. I’ll be lucky if I can show my face in a week. I’ll just settle on smashing stuff.

I passed the chair in the Diner’s main room, the one set apart from the rest. I stopped and looked at it, remembering Frank loving this chair. I shook my head, “No, Gerard. We’re not smashing chairs. Too fuckin’ obvious.” My eyes wandered over the chair, scrutinizing. My eyes stopped, though, right on Frank’s radio. His beloved radio. The one he’s had since Texas. I felt my face curve in a sick smile, and I picked it up with the lightest of touches, to make sure it wasn’t damaged. Yet.

“It’s okay,” I said to the radio, cradling it like a baby and walking towards the back door to the Diner. “You’ll be all right.” I reached the door and watched the fighting outside for a second, getting the radio in my right hand. “I fuckin’ lied.” I threw the radio as hard as I could outside, not aiming for anything, but hoping it would smash instead of slide across the ground. The radio sailed through the air and connected to the ground by Frank, which made him turn around and squat to see it. He picked up a piece and looked around at the rest, registering that it was his most likely. He looked up and at the Diner, right at the door. I spun around on my heel and marched into the main room of the Diner, feigning anger though I was tired…

“FUCK NO!” I yelled out, slamming my fist on a booth’s table. Violet was out there! Fuckin’ knocked out! With Korse! I sank into the booth seat and groaned, shutting my eyes. “Not good, not fuckin’ good, she’s taken by him, she’s dead, gone, dusted, out…”

“Gerard?” I heard Violet ask softly, and I shot up out of the booth, my eyes wide open.

“No,” I whispered, sinking back in the booth in despair. She had the huge fawn colored wings I remember from long ago, from when she was stuck in Battery City with Korse. “No, no, no, no… Please say it isn’t so.”

“You could go after me, you know,” she said quietly, and she was probably looking at her feet. “It’s not too late.”

“But I can’t fuckin’ go out there, Violet! Not after Frank fuckin’ pulled my mask off!” I yelled, running my hands through my hair. “What if they know who the fuck I am?!”

“They don’t, Gee,” she whispered. “I’m sorry.”

I groaned, turning my back away from the booth’s back. “Violet…” I whispered, shaking my head. “Please don’t be gone.”

“I am now, because of you. Nobody else remembered, not even Current, who was right by my side,” Violet said, her tone biting. “And because you won’t fuckin’ step outside to save my ass, I’m already on my fuckin’ way to Battery City! Gee, thanks Gerard, that means a fuckin’ lot to me!”

“Violet…” I whispered, sitting up again. She wasn’t there. “Uhh, fuck…” I groaned, falling back in the booth and letting a tear fall off my face. She was gone, again, because of me.

Fun Ghoul

If there’s one thing I love in this world more than anything, it’s smoking a fag. Just the overall notion of smoking calms me down, and actually taking a drag makes me calm down a fuck of a lot in extreme stress situations.

Like now.

I didn’t think I would hurt Gerard by accidentally taking his mask off, on accident. I didn’t mean to! I thought he was another Drac!

I took another drag from the cigarette, inhaling the nicotine filled smoke and breathing easier. I seriously need to pay more attention to things.

“Fun!” I heard Scarlet call, and I turned from leaning on the wall to see her dragging a maskless Drac towards the slight shade by the wall. “You gonna help us or not?”

“Mhhm, sorry,” I mumbled softly, putting my cigarette out on the wall behind me and standing up straight. Is it possible I already feel on edge without its slight warmth between my fingers? I walked over to Scarlet and helped her with another Drac, dragging it beside its friend. “How many so far not dead?”

Scarlet looked at me and smiled. “So far? Twenty. More to go. I can honestly say I have no idea what you’re doing with everyone here.” Scarlet motioned to the Drac she had as we walked backwards towards the wall, she struggling a bit with hers. “Hope you have enough food for everyone.”

I rolled my eyes. “Food, schmood. We’ll just have to make a visit to the Black and Trader. These guys’ll be useful when they come about,” I said, nudging the foot of one Drac who was drooling on his female comrade. “We’ve been needing more Killjoys for a while now. Besides, once they’re at least on their feet, they can leave. It’s not like they don’t know how to shoot or fight.”

Scarlet nodded, beaming at me. “Amazing, Fun,” she whispered, a lock of her blonde hair falling in her icy blues. “Catholic, are we?”

I raised an eyebrow and nodded slowly, wondering where this is going. “All my life, Scarlet…”

“Explains this then,” she said, walking to yet another Drac and grabbing her hands. I must have looked confused because she stopped and put a hand on her hip. “It explains this. ‘Every soul can be saved.’”

“Oh,” I said, surprised. I never even thought of that. “Yeah, I guess…” I turned back to the Dracs, the ground slowly clearing up as the bodies were set against the wall, all passed out. “What do you think’s gonna happen once they wake up?” I asked, looking at them over my shoulder as I dragged yet another Drac along the ground. “And why’d we get assigned the task of body cleanup?”

Scarlet shrugged and pulled the last body over, setting it in the fleeting shade. “They’ll probably be a little surprised and confused, but then once they at least stop with the Drac outfits, they’ll blend right in.” Scarlet stood up tall again and wiped her hands on her jeans, an old pair of hers. “We got this, seeing as we were the only ones who weren’t hurt.”

“Ah,” I said, nodding. “Bob and Current were hurt?” I asked, not remembering that they were hit or anything.

“They were, Current more seriously. We really took a beating, Frank,” Scarlet said, rubbing her head slightly.

I walked over to her and took her hand off her head, leading her inside. “You were knocked out, Scarlet,” I said, shaking my head. “You should be insid—“

“GET HIM THE FUCK OUT OF HERE,” I heard Gerard moan, and I sighed, knowing he was overreacting to a small problem. He did sound like he was crying, though, and I walked towards his voice, my hand still around Scarlet’s wrist.

Gerard was curled into a ball in one of the booths in the main part of the Diner, actually letting the tears leave his eyes without his making a sound. I panicked and let go of Scarlet’s wrist to walk over to Gerard. “Gee?” I asked tenderly, touching his boot as lightly as possible. I looked around for any sign of anyone, but only Shockwave and Mikey were here.

Mikey shook his head as Gerard replied after trying to breathe. “She’s gone, are you fucking happy, Frank?! She’s stuck with Korse again, because you had to go and fuckin’ pull my mask off!” he yelled at me, sticking his head further in his little ball form. “She’s gone again…” he whispered, and more tears escaped his eyes.

“Gerard,” I said, sitting down by his boot. “Gerard, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was you. I thought you were a Drac. If I had known it was you…” I trailed, zoning out and staring into space.

Gerard curled into a tighter ball, hiding most of his head in the ball. “You would have done what, Frank? Saved Violet? You didn’t, and now she’s gone,” he said quietly, the tears flowing down his cheeks like a steady rain.

I turned to Mikey and Shockwave, who were both staring at the ground, the wall, anywhere but my or Gerard. Shaking my head, I ‘echhem’ed slightly, annoyed at the un-eye contact. Shockwave looked up, but Mikey kept his eyes on the ground. I walked over to Shockwave and nudged my head towards the door, signaling that shoe should come with. Shockwave nodded and followed me out or the main part of the Diner as I prepared to say what I didn’t even know I was going to say.

Shockwave and I walked outside, into the shade of the camouflage garage, where Violet’s truck and the Death Machine were sitting. “Shockwave…” I trailed, running a hand through my hair and pulling out my pack of cigarettes. “She’s gone, isn’t she?”

“She is, Frank,” Shockwave said, leaning on the outer wall and sliding down to the ground. “A Drac knocked her out with a board to the face. I was right fucking there, I could have gotten her up, but a few Dracs held me back…” Shockwave shook her head, looking angry and like she was about to cry. “Now she’s with it. We don’t even know about Korse or anything about the new Dracs, and now she’s stuck in Battery City already? It’s sickening, her being there again…”

I sighed and nodded, sliding down the wall to her left and pulling a cigarette out of its package. “Nothing good ever happens to her in Battery City,” I said, leaning over to the sun and using a piece of magnifying glass to light the tip. The tip smoked and caught flame, filling the air with the calming smoke. I leaned back against the wall and took a drag, shutting my eyes. “Nothing good ever happens here either. Gerard sinks into a mild depression, and we can’t do anything. Not without her.”

Shockwave was silent for half my cigarette. “I don’t think Korse is the leader anymore, Frank,” she said quietly, taking a rather large breath.

“Huh?” I asked, cracking my right eye open and looking at Shockwave through the corner of my eye. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know, I just get the feeling he’s not the leader of BLI anymore,” she said, shrugging and pulling her knees up to her chest. “Like, someone else is the head honcho, you know?”

I nodded slowly, thinking about it and opening my other eye. “I guess… But who would be the leader then?” I asked, going through the list of BLI people that the Killjoys didn’t kill three years ago. I gasped as I remembered Korse’s right hand chick. “Nōnēmu I whispered, shaking my head. “No Name.”

Shockwave shook her head quickly, muttering ‘no’ repeatedly. “It’s not her, Frank. It can’t be her. She died, didn’t she?”

I shook my head, grumbling to myself. “No, no, she didn’t. At least, I didn’t hear anyone say anything about even seeing her. We know she’s there, though. You always see her in the pictures with Korse in the BLI building. She’s alive. Nobody killed her.”

Shockwave sighed and looked at the horizon, shutting her eyes and enjoying the breeze. “I wish she wasn’t alive, Frankie,” she said, leaning over and hugging my shoulders. “This means BLI’s still in business.”

I nodded, shutting my eyes and taking another drag from my dwindling cigarette. We sat there for a while, enjoying the slight breeze and the shade. “I’m sorry, Shockwave,” I said after my cigarette was finished, mere ashes on the ground.

“For what, Frank?”

“For making Gerard angry, for not stopping the Dracs from taking Violet, for eating your Skittle—“

“You ate my Skittle?” Shockwave giggled lightly, trying to take the edge off the moment.

I nodded. “Sorry, but I needed food, and a can of beans wasn’t going to cut it. I didn’t know Gerard would get so mad when I accidentally ripped his mask off. I didn’t know he would be that me. I hurt him.”

“It’s not all your fault, Frank. Did you know, earlier, he and Rage ran into a bunch of Dracs on the beach?”

I perked up, knitting my eyebrows together but keeping my eyes closed. “There’s a beach?” I asked, racking my brain for the map of the Zones.

Shockwave nodded, sighing. “He’s bent out of shape because he didn’t save Rage. He did at the beach, but not here. The beach was scary enough for them. Then Korse comes along and snatches Rage from us…”

I kept silent, mulling thoughts over in my head. “Do you… Do you think he’ll ever forgive me, though?” I asked almost silently, breathing it out. “I don’t want him to be mad at me forever. We don’t have that long.”

Shockwave shrugged, her electric blue hair tickling my nose. “You’ll just have to go and see, Frank. He might.”

Violet Rage

Around my wrists.

Awh fuckin’ shit, fatherfucking shitcakes, goddamn shit…

“Ah, finally awake, are we, Jennifer?” I heard Korse ask, and I opened my eyes to see him staring in the rear view mirror of his white car. It was identical to his old, black car, with the plush leather seats and the 70’s dashboard. “Good, we need you awake.”

I groaned silently, shutting my eyes and hunching over a little. I’m defeated. Again. My mind slapped me though, spitting on my holey boots. Violet, you’re not defeated! You’re in the back of Korse’s car. You can beat your way out of here!

And how do you propose to do that, mind? I asked myself, counting the Dracs in the car. Three Dracs, plus Korse? Ah, wait…

Rip ‘em off. Gag the man. Drive.

I smiled and shook my hair in front of my eyes, having it touch my mask lightly. “Five…” I whispered as time slowed down to a near standstill. The Drac in the driver’s seat was reaching up to scratch his or her neck. The Drac to my left was leaning back in its seat. The Drac to my right was slouching too. Korse was looking at the horizon.

Four… The driving Drac’s hand moved a little bit closer to its neck, loosely brought together. The Drac to my left turned its head a little, so it looked like it had fallen asleep. The Drac to my right looked awake, but very bored. Korse was still looking out the window.

Three… The driver’s hand inched closer. The left’s face turned a little closer to the window. The right’s posture never improved. Korse was still locked on the horizon, oblivious to what I was going to do.

Two… The driver’s hand was almost there, to its neck, prepared to scratch. The left took the beginnings of a breath. The right’s posture fell. Korse turned away from the horizon to look out his window as I muttered, “One.” I leaned back quickly in the slow motion world, stretching my arms away from my face so I could get left’s and right’s masks at the same time, left with my bound hands, right with my teeth. Korse began turning around, and I whipped my bound hands around, hitting him with as much force as I could muster in the partially skin-covered face with the mask I still grasped. He fell backwards, towards the window, and I grabbed the driver’s arm and twisted it around, possibly breaking it, and ripped its mask off.

The three Dracs sat, slumped back in their seats, and Korse was still recoiling from the blow I delivered, so I nimbly hopped to the driver’s seat and opened the door, shoving the first Drac outside onto the moving sand as quickly as possible. I lifted my leg and kicked Korse in the face, taking the steering wheel in my hands. Korse’s head flicked backwards, and his neck snapped. He stopped moving, and I sighed, knowing I made it out this time.

I gripped the steering wheel tighter and turned the white car around, towards the right, kicking up sand into the car and letting the driver’s door remain open until it closed from the force of the car. My mask slid a little on my face, and I shook it back into place, wishing I had my Bans to shield my eyes from the harsh sun and the glowing methane sky. I looked over at Korse, who hadn’t moved since I kicked him in the head and probably broke his neck. Told you you could make it out of this.

I smiled and tilted my head to the right, rolling my neck. “Never piss off a chick,” I said, looking at Korse and smiling. “She’ll get violet rage.” I floored the car and fly back in the direction we came from, towards what I hoped was the Diner.

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