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Author's Notice (But it's an audition)

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Read if wanting to audition for a part in Here Again! Skip if you's a loser.

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Okay, Killjoys (and normal people too, as Battery City citizens), I need you!
inset lame ass Photoshopped picture of Uncle Sam's portrait with my face instead of his (Yes, that bad)

I'm needing all the small charaters I can possibly get, and maybe even a few of you will have slightly bigger parts (picture's kinda hazy, but I'm running out of ideas for Killjoys, people. One person can only squeeze out so many people.) If you're chosen, which'll be an easy thing, seeing as I need every Killjoy I can get my grubby hands on, you'll either be used in And Here We Are Again! OR Rise and Fall, Grace and Rage (I need to finish this one before I write that one... It's all fucked up, people.), either as a minor or even a bigger person. So, if you wanna be in this fiction, go ahead and audition. I need from you:
-Killjoy Name
-Real Name
-Appearance and Clothing (includes your ray gun and mask)
-Pluses (Anything good about your character)
-Minuses (Opposite of pluses, obviously)
-Anything extra (this may be a car or a pet, or whatever you deem worthy of this catagory)

Remember people, the more detailed an audition is, the bigger chance you have of being a main character later in either fiction.
I already have Shockwave Current and Scarlet Sun as two original charaters, so if I can get... mhhhhmmmmm... say 10 Killjoys, that'd be awesome. The story would fill out.

You have until... Er... We'll say Saturday. (I has another chapter in the mean time, no worries. Just gotta figure out how it's going to work in the fiction so far... May have to change some shit... Or post another chapter without Violet and then post my chapter... Yeah, that might be it... But that means I have to rearrage shit... Or not... And I'm rambling... In a parent-hesis... That's not how you say it... Uhh...)

So go, fellow Killjoys (and Battery City citizens)! Audition and have high hopes of being picked!

AND as a little update about every other fiction I do... I'm trying to write Taken as of now, or at least come up with ideas as to what I should do with it... Dozen Reasons is on hiatus... I have I think one poem to post, one I wrote a while back... And I might post another chapter of Grace and Rage.

Eup, 'pologies fer me ramblin', yer'know I luve me sum ramblin'.

I need help mentally, and kisses,
Flying Smoke (Yes, this shit again. No names. Not yet...)
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