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You Can Run Away With Me, Any Time You Want

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James Ross gets in to an argument with her 'perfect' little sister, and ends up meeting Frank Iero. But what will happen between them? Read & find out. Rated PG for now, but that may change as t...

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Chapter 1 - James's Point of View
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I was sat on my bed, cross legged, my hair falling in my eyes, as I hunched over an art book, pencil in hand, and my iPod in my ears, blasting Green Day. This was how most of my nights were, while my parents were downstairs, watching television with my sister, who had probably just been praised for getting yet another award.
I was never the ‘golden child’. That role belonged to my younger sister, Danielle Grace. She’d never put a toe out of line. She was the perfect child: Blonde hair, blue eyes. Straight A’s. Never had a sip of alcohol, or a puff of a cigarette. A great dancer, in all styles, a piano & flute prodigy. She was the 15 year old of everyone’s dreams.

and I was just the average, 17 year old girl, older sister & social reject; -- smoker, and has a tendency to get drunk alone. Plays the guitar, bass and drums, and can sing. Not good enough to sing alone (unlike Danielle), but good enough to sing backups without auto tune.
I was snapped out of my daydream by a knock on the door, and Danielle walked in to my room and sat on my bed, flicking her hair behind her shoulders like in shampoo ads.

"Hey James!" she said, perkily.
"Hey Dani..." I said, a lot less enthusiastically.
"How are you?" she asked, her perky tone still there
"Good. You?" I replied bluntly.
"Good. We haven't spoken in a while, just girl-to-girl like this. What's been on your mind?"
"Nothing much, just working on a new idea for a comic."
"Sounds cool. Hey, can we go for a walk instead?"
"Sure." I grabbed my packet of Marlboro Reds off my desk, along a little bit of cash in case I needed more.

I pulled on my Misfits hoodie, and slipped my converse on, following behind Danielle, who was wearing a floral shirt with jeans and a cardigan. We looked like total opposites, which we are. As soon as we got on to the path, I lit a cigarette.
"You know that you could get cancer from that." She said, breaking the silence.
"Yes, and?" I replied, and took a long drag from my cigarette.

"Mum and dad are worried about you, you know."
"Yeah right. As if they give a fuck about me." I was trying not to snap at her as we went around the corner of the road.
"They really are. Your grades are far lower than mine and you never leave your room now. You've started smoking, what, do you drink too?"

"It's none of your business if I drink or not thank you. You don't need top marks to be in a band anyway, or be an artist."

"It IS my business, James. You're still my sister, and I still love you. I don't want you to waste your life away, smoking and drinking, and failing in school and regret it later."

"You know what the fucking problem is here? You. You're the golden child. Mum and dad bow down to you. You're fucking perfect. You're pretty, popular, talented, you're smart, you're what they never got from me. You're the prototype of perfection, you never do anything wrong. You. Are. Perfect. It's so goddamn annoying! Urgh. You just, you're the golden child. You're on a pedestal. I'm just plain old James. The girl with a boy’s name. I like smoking, I like drinking. And you know what? You and your little goody two shoes attitude can't stop me." I said, walking off and lighting another cigarette, leaving Danielle standing there, shocked. I smirked to myself, and headed to the closest gas station to get another packet of cigarettes.

I bought the cigarettes and walked to the local playground, ignoring several phone calls from my family.
I sat on the swing, thinking. This was my fourth cigarette so far, and I didn't care. I swung gently back and forth, looking at the ground, taking a drag every now and then.
"Um, hi?" I heard a voice say, and I looked up, finding the source of the voice. It had come from a boy, around my age. He was short for his age, but then again so was I; I was only 5"2. He had a fringe that curled slightly at the end and framed the side of his face, which had a nose piercing, a lip piercing, and was quite attractive.
"Oh um. Hi. Sorry." I said, blushing as I realised how long I had been looking at him for.
"Frank Iero" he said, holding out his hand for me to shake.
"James Ross" I said, shaking his hand.
"James, that's a cool name for a girl. What brings you here?" I giggled
"It's really not. Just had a huge fight with my sister, so I figured that instead of going home, I'd sit at a children's park and chain smoke. You?" I said, pulling another cigarette out, offering one to frank, who took it and was now sitting on the swing beside me.

"My brother and mum were having a screaming match and forgetting about me, as usual."
"Welcome to my life. I haven't seen you around, are you new here?"
"What do you mean by 'Welcome to my life'? And yeah, I moved here a few days ago."
"My parents and sister, she's the perfect child and I'm the failure of a child who's forgotten. And that's cool."
"Aw, it's okay. Wanna talk about it?" he asked
"Nah, I'm alright. Where do you live?"
"Just down the road there. How about you?"
"About 2 blocks away. Hey, do you wanna stay at my place tonight? I'll sneak you in through my window, and you don't have to face your family. And I've got some guys clothes that I wear that'd fit you" he was a small build for a guy, he'd be able to fit in to my clothes.
"Um, yeah, if that's alright. I don't want to be in the middle of that, especially because mum would probably have gotten drunk and my brother would have driven to some club to get wasted and nail a girl."
"Oh charming. Come on, it's this way" I said, standing up and putting out my cigarette, and Frank did the same and followed me.

When we reached my house, I sent frank around the back to climb in to my window. Luckily, I had built a ladder to get up there from when I snuck out to the park or to get more alcohol. I walked in the door, and walked up the stairs before anyone could talk to me. I opened my bedroom door, to find frank standing there, staring at my posters.

"You like The Misfits AND Green Day?" he asked
"Ah yeah" I laughed out.

"Wow, that's awesome! So, how about we play 50 questions, get to know each other?"
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