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Chapter 2

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James & Frank find out more about each other, Frank finds out a big secret of James' r&r xo

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"Okay. Full name?"
"James Lee Dylan-Jane Cassidy Ross.”
“That’s a really long name… Frank Anthony Iero… Junior. ”

“Meaning behind name?”
“My grandfather’s middle name was James, Lee’s my mum’s maiden name, Dylan-hyphen-Jane because my dad loves Bob Dylan and my mother loves Jane Austen and Cassidy was what I was going to be called, after my mother’s old best friend who died of cancer when they were teenagers.”
“Woah. Frank is my grandfather’s, my father’s and my name. We’re all Italian, and Anthony is also my father’s middle name”

“8th of October, 1993”
“Halloween, same year”

we continued our game for ages, until it was 11pm and we had asked all 50 questions.
We lay down on the bed in silence for a moment, until frank spoke, a hint of mischief in his voice. “So, James. What have we learnt today?”
“Well, your name is 3 generations passed down. You were born on Halloween, you love Black Flag and The Bouncing Souls, want to get tattoos when you’re older, and you play guitar. You’re a vegetarian, and you really like dogs. And what have you learnt, Frankie?”

“Well, you have a hugeass name, your birthday is the same as the fat kid from Two and a Half Men’s, your favourite bands are Green Day, You Me at Six & the Misfits, your cousin is Ryan Ross from Panic! At the Disco and The Young Veins, you love Harry Potter, Billie Joe Armstrong, and you drink 3 cups of coffee each day. You smoke Marlboro Reds and you used to love, and have never been kissed. Which I’m about to change for you.”

“Wait. Wha-“before I could say anything further, Frank cut me off, gently placing his lips on mine, lingering for a few seconds before he began to move away. I felt him moving away and I pressed my lips to his, and he began to kiss back. Soon enough, our mouths were moving in synchronisation, I couldn’t believe this was happening, my first kiss with a guy I’d only just met but really liked, and I couldn’t stop. His mouth tasted like coffee and cigarettes, which I found to be delicious. We pulled away after a few minutes, breathless. I blushed and hid my face, and frank used two fingers to lift my chin, looked me in the eyes, and said “don’t ever hide your gorgeous face.” I blushed even more after that, as Frank kissed my cheek, and whispered in my ear ‘that was fucking amazing.’ his breath tickling my ear.
“Turn around, I’m getting changed” I said, I may have just kissed him and was about to sleep in the same bed as him, but I wasn’t quite ready for anything more. I quickly got changed in to a tank top and shorts, and turned around to find frank in only his underwear. This could get awkward if anyone walked in…
I walked over to my bed and lay down, snuggling myself in the blankets, and frank followed.
“I’ve only known you for a few hours, we’ve kissed, and now you’re wearing only your underwear in my bed. I’ve never done anything like this, I’ve never had a boyfriend or anything and I don’t know what to do is this supposed to mean we’re together or---. “Frank placed his lips gently on mine, forcing me to be quiet, and pulled away, pressing his forehead against mine, “we can be together if you want to us to be. I know I do, but I don’t want to rush you in to anything.” He was so sweet. “Frank, I like you. A lot.” I said, quietly
“I like you a lot too, James. Will you be my girlfriend?”
“Fuck yes!.” I said, grinning at him, who now grinned back at me
I went to wrap my arms around him, in a hug but I felt him grab my arms. Fuck.
“Why do you do this to yourself, James?” he said, sadness in his eyes.
“Stuff.” I mumbled, looking down, Frank still holding my arms, tracing his thumbs over the scars that were carved in to my skin. In amongst those cuts, you could see the words ‘worthless’, ‘nothing’, ‘useless’ etched in small writing. Frank read them, in a whisper, causing me to start crying quietly.
Frank dropped my arms and pulled me in to a hug as I whimpered, curled up into his warm body.
“F...f...f...frank…” I whimpered through sobs
“shhh. It’s okay. ”
“c..can we talk ab..bout it?”
“if that’s what you want” Frank spoke softly,
“i..i do it b...because. I’m not w..wanted. I’m ugly. parents prefer Danielle over I...I have no friends, I get shoved every day. N...nobody cares about me and I just…” at that point, I burst in to tears, frank held me closer. “Shhh. It’s okay. None of that is true though. I want you. You are far from ugly, and fuck them for thinking that, because I prefer you over your sister. I’m your friend, actually, I’m more than that now. I care about you, I’m not leaving. Promise”
I sobbed “Thank you. You’re amazing Frank, you know that?”
He gave a slight laugh, and spoke. “Thankyou, but I’m really not. Now come on, we’ll get some sleep now.”
We lay down, and I snuggled in to Frank’s chest. This was my heaven; I was in pure, utter bliss. I fell asleep soon after that, not dreaming, but I didn’t mind. It was a nice change from the nightmares I usually had. I was actually kind of happy, for what felt like the first time in forever.
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