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Chapter 3

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Mikey came over after school, full of questions. His excuse for coming over was that he didn't want to see Gerard and Jasmine snogging again. This didn't make me feel any better.
As soon as we got into my room, Mikey sat down and asked "So, what did Gerard lie to you about Frank?"
"Oh just something boring..." I said vaguely "So anyway, how ar-"
"Frank..." Mikey put his head next to my ear and bellowed "WHAT DID GERARD LIE TO YOU ABOUT?"
I sighed heavily and confessed to what Gerard had said, the day we were in the bedroom and in the canteen. I also told him about the kiss.
Mikey was silent while I told him what happened. Then Mikey shook his head "No, Gerard would've told me."
"He was too scared," I told him "I did say that. He keeps acting like I've imagined it all, but I know I haven't."
Mikey shook his head again "No, Gerard's straight. I know he's straight."
"You don't know a lot then, do you?" I snapped, upsetting him.
But I didn't care.
I was so upset, so why shouldn't I make other people upset with me?
Mikey didn't stay any longer after that. He just got his schoolbag and left. I felt lonely afterwards but I wouldn't admit it to myself. I picked up my guitar and started strumming on that instead. I played for a few hours until my Dad tapped on my door.
"Come in!" I called, putting my guitar down and sitting on my bed.
My Dad pushed open the door and walked inside "Hey." He mumbled before sitting next to me on the bed "Frank, is everything okay? All you seem to do now-a-days is sulk in your room."
I looked at him, confused. Even before all the Gerard stuff, I usually just sat in my room and sulked "Everything's fine Dad. And I'm not sulking, I'm just... Being me."
"Well..." He seemed to be struggling for words "I just heard some stuff is all."
"Like what?"
"Well, Mikey told me you were having guy troubles." I frowned. Mikey was so going to get it tomorrow at school "What does he mean by 'guy troubles'?"
"Nothing Dad!" I said, hoping he'd drop it.
"Frank... Are you gay?"
I looked at him "Dad... You knew I was gay."
"No I didn't."
"I told you I was gay!"
"Oh." He looked down at his knees "Right. Well. Never mind. I've been busy. I suppose I'd better get back to what I was doing..." Then he got up again and walked out.
I sighed heavily after he was gone and lay back on my bed. I fell asleep again, thinking up all sorts of evil plans in my head about how to get Jasmine away from Gerard.
I know which one I've chosen. I just don't know if Gerard will forgive me.
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