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9-Night visitor

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Frank at the doorstep in the middle of the rainy night.

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Hey again, i dont know how long it has been since i updated but it was last week i think s it cant be that long... Anyways i dont own MCR i wish i did but i dont, its the sad truth.

Ladies and gents i present to you chapter 9!


''Morgan let me in!'' Frank said as soon as i had even cracked the door open alittle. And i was suddenly wide awake i closed the door and unhooked the lock and opened it again revealing a soked Frank from head to toe with guilty eyes.

Matt POV

''Frank!'' I breathed out in shock, Frank looked down at his feet and then up at me again.

''Where the fuck have you been?!'' I said angrily, as I was about to continue he cut me of.

''Look im sorry can i just explain?'' I softened up to his guilty expression floating over his face and let him in. He took of his shoes since they where unbelievably muddy, what the fuck has this guy been up to? I sat down on my bed and patted the seat next to me and Frank sat down there. It was quiet my digial clock shining with its red nummbers... it is 1.48 AM and now i was wide awake. I looked at Frank he looked as beautiful and amazingly hot as ever. He must have dyed his hair recently cause his hair was all black and the mohawk was still there but not as much, a tingling sensation rose in my stomach when i leaned my head onto his shoulder.

''I've been thinking...'' Frank started, the tingling stopped and all i could do was nodd.

''And I know what might happen if we are together, but these last weeks trying to figure out what i want has been hell cause well... You where not there.'' He said the last part shyly and i snuggeled into the crock of his neck and he put his arm arround me.

''And i came to a solution.'' He continued. '' And if you want to then maybe uuhhm... er whould you like to be my girlfriend?'' I hugged him and smiled.

''Yes, took you long enough.'' I giggeled slightly as my pyamas got alittle damp from Frankies wet clothes.

''Awesome... Maybe i should just uuhm go now.'' He stood up to leave but i grabbed his wrist and pulled him down.

''Please dont go, i missed you.'' A tear rolled down my cheek from the words i said remembered me of Drew, i quickly wiped it of and got up.

''Wait here, ill be back in no time.'' I went upstairs and sneaked quietly into the washing room grabbing a pair of pyjamas pants for Frankie, they where blue shekered with a while plaid pattern goeing on throughout the soft fabric. I hurried downstaird only bumping into a table once, i closed the door behind me and found Frank in the same position as i left him. I tossed the pyjamas pants at him wich earned me a confused look.

''Well don't look at me like that, you cant leave me here alone and besides if you go out there again youre gonna get struck by lightning.'' I had made my way over to Frank and was sitting besides him.

''Uhhm thanks ill just get these on then.'' Frank got of the bed and unbuckeled his pants with his back turned from me, my eyes went wide and i looked away. My eyes wandered over to Frank and he was getting his pants of and they went down his oh so hot ass, i bit my lip to stop a gasp escaping my lips. He slid on he pants i had given him and he took of his wet
T-shirt leaving his clothes on my floor to mingle with my other clothes, he turned arround with a grin on his face... shit he must have seen it on my face.

''Like what you see?'' He teased and i laughed, he sat down besides me and silence made its way into the room again.

''Where where you all this time?'' I asked still looking at the wall oposit us.

''Well i was at home, band practise and well at home.'' Aaah band practise why did i not go there looking for him? Or looking for him at all...

''Oh...'' I yawned, i looked over at him. He's beautiful in a manly way, his tattoo sleved arms and everything about Frankie is beautiful. He looked at me and tooked at me with happy and tired eyes our faces came closer together and our lips touched once again sending a feeling of happyness and tingling into my stomach yet again sending my counting to a reset. Our kissing deepened and Frankie pulled me down onto the bed so i was ontop of him and i was straddeling him over his hips and kissing him even though i was sure i was not the best kisser ever i was damn well enjoying this. We broke appart and i lied down besides him and laid my head in the crook of his neck letting his hand rest on my hip makeing me smile again and snuggle even closer. I fell asleep in this position dreaming of the happy moments in my life.

''Doll...Doooll ... Morgan!'' Frank said in a hushed tone, i opened my eyes and saw that it had become day and it was light outside and people was minding their business upstairs, i sat up in my bet and scratched my head i saw that he was fully dressed.

''Hey.'' A tired morning voice of mine said, Frankie and stood up from the bed.

''Im sorry but i really have to leave... I cant get caught here.'' He said the last bit hestating, probarly worried about my reaction. I stood up and walked him over to my door.

'' Dont worry i understand... eehhm the consequenses of this.'' when saying the word 'this' i gestured between us.

''But ill see you later right?'' I said the last bit with hope, Franks expressions softened and he became his happy kid like self i know.

''Of course you will, ill text you... Or call you or both dont worry.'' He grinned his sexy grinn i love oh so much and pulled me into a kiss, the door upstars opened and someone was walking down the stairs. I looked over at Frank and quickly opened the door, he rushed out and turned for a quick peck goodbye and left jogging away. I closed and locked the door and ran into my bathroom to not seem so supicious, i turned on the shower just in time to see my brother Max walk into the room and i poked my head out of the bathroom.

''Hey.. Uhm mom wanted me to tell you that its breakfast soon.'' I nodded and he left, we had become more civil over the recent happenings and even almost became freinds. I undressed and got into the shower and let the warm water run down my body letting me wash of the dirt and worries. I arrived at breakfast in a red and black striped sweater, black skinnies, long black knitted scarf and my black beanie and fingerless gloves still in the skelleton and black shape that they always have been. My makeup still the usual and my hair straight and in a ponytail with my bangs and other pieces of hair sticking out. Cellphone in hand i sat down at the counter chair after kissing my mom on the cheek good morning. She looked at me and continued to turn the eggs.

''You seem cheerfull.'' She said more happily than usual eww she must have gotten laid, good job dad! I gaver her a small smile.

''Well i decieded to stop and mope arround, it whould not have been something Drew whould have wanted. My mom smiled and a single tear dropped down into the frying pan and the frying sound enhanced.

''That you are right about honey, indeed.'' I looked arround and the house was pretty much empty now from besides me,mom and Max. My phone buzzed signaling that a text had arrived, i picked it up eagerly and opened the text from Frankie.

Hey Doll im just gonna eat some breakfast and go and help Mikey wake Gerard up and then we are all gonna head of to do something. :)
miss you already

xo Frank

The last bit made me snort out alittle of my coffe with laughter and mom giving me an odd look.

''Anything funny?'' Mom asked as i coughed.

''Nothing...'' I said as the coughing had setteled, i shoveled down the eggs and ran downstaird thanking shouting a thanks to mom only hearing a faint your welcome as i closed my door behind me, I brushed my teeth and grabbed my boots. and shoved a 50 in my pocket and my cell into the other. I ran up the stairs and shouted that i was goeing over to the Way's house and ran over there. I knocked on the door and Donna opened shortly after and smiled when she saw who it was.

'''Hello Morgan the boys and Alicia is downstairs.'' I Thanked her after stoping of my shoes from mudd and anything else i did not want to be dragging inside. I hurried into the kitchen and past Donald and down the stairs after saying hi to him and rushing into Gerards room and Gerard exited from his bathroom and the others looked at me as i tripped over the doorway thingy. I landed with a thud on ass since i managed to turn arround before i landed.

''How come you always fall for me?'' Frank joked as he helped me up. I smacked him on the arm and grinned.

''Now who said i was falling for you eh?'' Frank stuck out his tounge and i kissed it causing confused looks arround the room.

''About damn time!'' Alicia said and beamed from besides Mikey on Gee's couch.

''Well are we goeing or not? And you guys are awesome together by the way it was just a matter of time'' Bob said smilling from Gee's unmade bed. We made our way upstairs shouting out byes to the Way parents and packing into the van. I got in and sat between Alicia and Gee who was still blowing on his coffee to cool it down alittle mubling about picking youre poison.

''Where are we headed?'' I asked Bob who was sitting in the driver seat starting up the motor.

''The mall, we need to visit the record store and stuff.'' He smiled at the mention of the record store. We pulled out of the driveway and where of to the mall.

Thank you all, i noticed i had lost a bunch of readers but i uderstand, i was gone for a long time. Hope you all come back but i will be continueing of get a few encouraging words once in a while :)

love you all!


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