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10-new friend contest and mall tripp

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I have a contest for you guys and Doll and the guys go too the mall and faces some realisation.

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Hey! So i need a character new Character to be Morgans friend besides the guys... So tell me about your character and i migh pick you! Hahaa sounded so cheesy, and sorry for the slow updates i have a art project goeing on and i have writers block. :/


We made our way upstairs shouting out byes to the Way parents and packing into the van. I got in and sat between Alicia and Gee who was still blowing on his coffee to cool it down alittle mubling about picking your poison.

''Where are we headed?'' I asked Bob who was sitting in the driver seat starting up the motor.

''The mall, we need to visit the record store and stuff.'' He smiled at the mention of the record store. We pulled out of the driveway and where of to the mall

Frank POV

I watched Morgan talk to Alicia and try to steal a sip from Gerards coffee when Bob was driving thorwards the mall. Last night had been so amazing even though we did nothing more than make out and fall sleep together in her bed. I know this is not supposed to be i mean she's 15 and im almoast twise her age. I was crammed into the back with Mikey so i turned my attention thorward him and glanced over at Morgan once in a while.

''So you really went for it.'' Mikey said in a mixture of happyness and mock.

''Yeah, i mean she's really something 'aint she?'' I said smiling and glanced over Morgan who now was sipping on Gerards coffee and Gerard was pouting.

''Yeah... You know we wont tell right?'' Mikey said getting more sirious now.

''Thanks Mikey boy appreciated...I know what might happen but i cant stay away, i tried to do that i just can not do that.'' I looked at Mikey again and we started to talk about what new records we wanted to check out and other places we needed to go.

Morgan POV

''Gerard pleeeaaaase let me have it!'' I whined referring to the coffee in his hands wich he held away from me.

''Nooooo you people drag me out here and now you demand my sweet precious coffee? No way man!'' I laughed as i swinged at Gerard for the coffe. He gave in as i nearly knocked it out of his hands trying to get it my coffee saying is ''Get coffee or die trying...'' Well not literally die but you get it. I handed it back to Gerard after a few chuggs and the comfterable warmt spread in my body as the coffee ran down my throat.

''We're here so get out my van bitches!'' Bob said loudly causing laughter in the van. We got out and walked inside. After all this time in Belleville i had never been at the mall I walked along with the guys and Alicia until the stopped and pulled out their sunglasses and hoodies went up, i looked at them weirdly until Bob answered my unspoked question.

''With risk of sounding like a huge dick but the paparazzi might see us and since the band got big we have had problems with them, so far we have not seen them in a long time but Gerard also has a slight phobia of fan girls.'' I got the pair of pilot style sun glasses that Frankie handed me.

''Well talk about it later about it in the café, put them on cause some people might recognise you from school or something.'' I put them on and got a thumbs up from Alicia who had gotten on her shades. Frank took my hand and we where of thorwards the CD store, when we got into the store and separated arround the store. I walked arround until i found the Alternative/Rock section i stood between the A/R section and Punk and looked throught the stacks of CD's. I came across a CD with what appeared to be a skelleton marcher with a stick and full attire the title ''The black parade'' And the logo My chemical romace across it, i flipped it arround and looked at the song titles and the names caught my eye. Gerard Way, Mikey,Way Ray Toro, Frank Iero and Bob Bryar... But thats! I looked up and saw Mikey two sections down from me.

''Hey Mikey what is your guys band called again?'' I said quietly but loud enough for him to hear so i whould not attract any more attention thorwards us from the other people in the store than wanted, Mikey walked over to me and looked down at the record in my hands.

''Hey thats our band!'' Mikey said loudly makeing some heads turn and 2 girls with their head turned squealed and Frank ran up and grabbed me and we ran out of there the guys and Alicia trailing behind after they had signed a few records. We stopped outside a Café and tried to catch our breaths.

''What was all that about?'' I asked as i turned to Frank who was looking torwards the record store, He turned and looked at me.

''Fans, and yes you found our record.'' by our he referred to the bands. ''And can we go inside and talk about it?'' He asked and we got inside and i grabbed a normal coffee with milk and Frankie just normal coffee and we sat down in the back as the others came into the café and got their orders and sat down with us.

''So about the record...'' Ray started but stopped as he got cut of by Gerard.

''We might sound like total dick heads but we made it big with our last record and we have been touring until the day we came home and met you, We're on a break now for a while before we start recording again.'' He said ending it by sippnig on his steamy coffee, I looked at the others.

''Exactly how big are you? And i dont mean that in a fan girl kinda way'' I asked feeling the need to clarify that i was not careing for how big they are.

''We are somewhat big i guess we have been on a worldtour for a couple of months.'' Bob said from the corner of the booth couch, I leaned back against the wall and looked at them.

''I might know what you guys are thinking... oh shit now that she knows she's just gonna be all about the fame and shit, but no i really dont care for that stuff... You guys are awesome and you are my friends and i wont leave you guys for what? Like 10 minutes of fame wich i dont even want.'' They seemed a bit more relxed after my small speech.

''Cheers too that guys!'' mikey spoke up and broke the silence makeing us all smile and raise our mugs and kups of coffee and bump them together for a toast yelling 'cheers'.

''So where to next?'' Bob asked as we where finishing of our drinks.

''Uhhm i dont know maybe hot topic...?'' Alicia asked and we all agreed. We walked across the mall and up an escalator and into hot topic where we spread out and i looked through the store until i found the skinnies i went down the rack until a pair of destroyed and ripped up gray jeans caught my eye and i found my size and grabbed them. I went along the shirt racks and found a Iron Maiden shirt i had to get so i went and tried them on.

''You in here?'' Franks familiar voice came from outside the changeing room.

''Yeah open up.'' He pulled the curtain to the side and closed it behind her as he stepped inside.

''Whats up.'' Frank said leaning against the wall as i turned arround in the mirror looking at myself.

''Trying this stuff on..'' I said and smiled at him and got closer to him and spun arround.

'''What do you think?'' I said smirking, Frankie breathed out slowly.

''I think your a damn tease thats what i think.'' I laughed and he pulled me in for a kiss that made the bottom o my stomach tingle smile inwardly.

This is chapter 10 sorry for the late update again


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