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Gerard Way, Frank Iero and The Lion King

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Fluffy frerard oneshot. The band decides to watch a movie. Gerard gets to pick. Frank/Gerard.

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Frank stared out of the window of the tour-bus and sighed. It was snowing. He hated the cold. He turned his head when he heard Mikey yell, "Who's up for a movie?". Frank grinned, stood up with his blanket still wrapped around himself, and walked to the lounge. Ray was seated next to Bob on the floor and Mikey was sitting on the couch, holding the DVD player remote. Frank took a seat next to Mikey and asked what they were about to watch. "Dunno. Gerard's getting it," Mikey mumbled.

"FOUND IT!" Gerard yelled triumphantly. He walked into the lounge and Frank choked back a giggle as he caught sight of Gerard's choice of footwear. Gerard was wearing bright yellow ducky slippers. He caught Frank staring at them and grinned. "What do you think?" He asked, lifting his foot. "Um... They're...Cute?" Frank offered. Gerard held up the movie for everone to see. The room erupted with groans as everyone saw the movie Gerard had picked. "The Lion King? Really, Gee?" Frank asked, rolling his eyes.

"It's a great movie!" Gerard defended, holding the cover to his chest protectively. He unleashed his Puppy Eyes of Doom on the group and they all sighed. "Fine," Mikey huffed. Gerard grinned excitedly and put the disk into the DVD player. As Mikey pressed play, Gerard plonked himself next to Frank on the couch and insistently tugged on the blanket.

"What?" Frank whispered, glancing at Gerard warily. "I'm cold." Gerard stated, tugging at the blanket again. "So?" Frank mumbled, clearly not wanting to let anybody into his cocoon. "So let me in...Pwease Fwankie?" Gerard wibbled, pouting. Without saying anything Frank rolled his eyes and opened the blanket a tiny bit. Gerard grinned and slipped into the spot, wrapping the blanket around himself.

As Simba's dad fell from the cliff, Frank tried to hide a sniffle. He looked around to see Ray and Bob asleep, leaning on each other. Mikey's head was leaning back against the back of the couch, and he was snoring softly. Gerard stared at Frank as he tried to rub his eyes inconspiciously. "Aww, is Frankie crying?" Gerard cooed. "No." Frank sniffed, pathetically. Gerard wrapped his arms around Frank comfortingly. Frank unconsciously leaned into Gerard's embrace.

Fifteeen minutes later, once Gerard was finished singing along to Hakuna Matata, he heard Frank's even breathing. He turned his head to see Frank asleep, mouth slightly open. Frank's small body was curled around his, and Gerard's heart melted at the sight. He placed a light kiss on Frank's forehead. "I love you, Frankie." He whispered softly. Frank's eyes fluttered open and Gerard reeled back as far as he could, still wrapped in the blanket. "Frank, I'm sorry. I understand if you want me to leave you alone." Gerard mumbled and untangled himself from Frank. "Gee, stop it." Frank commanded, tightening his arm around Gerard. Gerard stopped trying to move, but didn't look back at Frank. Frank put his fingers under Gerard's chin and tilted his head so he was looking into his eyes. "I love you too." Frank grinned, and leaned in to capture Gerard's mouth in a soft kiss.

When he pulled away, Gerard smiled to himself and sighed contently. Frank leaned over a sleeping Mikey, grabbed the remote, and turned off the TV. He snuggled up to Gerard and yawned. Gerard rested his head on Frank's and was about to fall asleep when Frank asked him something.

"Gee?" "Yeah?" "Where'd you get your slippers? They're sexy."
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