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American Girl Chapter 2

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Zaria meet the family; family meet Zaria.

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This one is slightly shorter, but it is like 10:10pm here and unfortunately I've got school tomorrow-___- fml-___- but if I get time, I promise an update tomorrow night :] Well, I gotta get some sleep; See you tomorrow Killjoys;]

"This is it," Gerard smiled.

"Wow... This place is gorgeous... But Gerard, I can't do this." Zaria said,

"You can. I know you can. From what I read in your file; you're a stong kid. You can do this Zar."

"Zar?" She laughed.

"What? Don't you like it?" He asked.

"It makes me sound like some kind of evil comic book villian." Zaria giggled.

"Yeah, yeah; come on, they've seen the car now. They'll be running out in a minute. I'll be right by your side yeah?" He smiled reassuringly.

"Yeah, okay. Let's do this." Zaria smiled and jumped out the car; grabbing her bag as she did so. Then she walked to the boot and pulled out her large case.

"I'll get that," Gerard smiled, taking the case from her.

"Hey there," Smiled a tall guy, he was slim and had blonde hair; gelled back.

"Hey, I'm Zaria." She grinned,

"Cool name, I'm Mikey." He replied.

"Gerard's brother?" Zaria asked,

"The one and only," Mikey laughed, "And this is my beautiful wife Alicia." He smiled, gesturing to a tall, slender woman. She was beautiful, and smiling like mad.

"Hey Zaria! Oh my god! I can't believe you're here!" Alicia smiled, hugging Zaria.

"Hey Alicia..." Zaria managed to squeeze out.

"Oh shit, sorry honey." Alicia laughed, letting her go.

"Hey!" Smiled a pretty tall guy, with an afro.

"Hi, I'm Zaria." Zaria smiled, "That's gonna get boring to say," She laughed more to herself than anyone else.

"I'm Ray, and thank God you're old enough not to put pencils in my 'fro!" He exclaimed, hugging her.

"I dunno... I can be pretty immature." She laughed, "And I'm guessing you're Christa?" Zaria smiled to the woman standing beside Ray.

"You're good," She laughed, hugging Zaria, "Welcome to the family,"

"Thanks," Zaria laughed, as she looked up she saw yet another couple walking towards her. The man was small, and covered in tattoos.

"Hey, I'm Frank!" The man grinned.

"Hey, I'm Zaria. Awesome tats!" She smiled.

"Thanks kiddo," Frank smiled, "Got any skittles?"

"Yep. You're not getting any." Zaria teased.

"Wise idea," Laughed the woman standing beside him. "I'm Jamia, and these are my daughters; Cherry and Lily." She smiled, pointing to the toddlers stood beside her.

"Hey guys," Zaria grinned, kneeling down to hug the kids. "I love kids, that happens when you live in an orphanage,"

"Good, 'cause theres a fair few kids round here." Laughed a woman standing beside Gerard, holding a baby girl. "I'm Lyn-Z and this is your sister; Bandit."

"I'm Zaria, hey Lyn-z could I hold Bandit?" Zaria asked.

"Of course, lets head inside first though yeah?"

"Sure," Zaria nodded, following the family inside. "You're never gonna fit in much kid..." She sang to herself. Frank looked up and smiled.

"I doubt that one, Zaria. You're gonna fit right in here. And I'm glad you've heard of our band." Frank laughed.

"Head of you? I fucking love you guys." Zaria laughed, dumping her bag at the door and kicking off her shoes.

"She's moved in!" Mikey joked, pointing at Zaria's stuff dumped at the door.

"Get used to it." Zaria snapped.

"Calm down sugar, he's just messin'. Wanna see your room?" Gerard offered.

"Please." Zaria smiled, "Sorry Mikes; I'm just a bit... home-sick."

"Homesick?" They frowned.

"Well, if you'd lived in an orphanage for 10 years; it becomes home. Once I've seen my room, I'll come tell you more about myself." Zaria explained.

"Thank you, sweety." Lyn-Z smiled.

"No problem, come on then Dad." Zaria laughed, "Wow... That was weird,"

"You don't have to call me Dad," Gerard laughed, ruffling her hair.

"Nah, I want to. I'm gonna just get into the habit; Dad." Zaria smiled. "Hey, Lyn-Z... You wanna be Mom or Lyn-Z?"

"Up to you, sweety."

"Well then, Mom; you coming to help me and Dad decide what colour my rooms gonna be?" Zaria smiled. Gerard and Lyn-Z exchanged happy glances.

"Yes, sweety." Lyn-Z grinned, taking her new daughter by the hand. "We'll be 5 minutes."
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