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American Girl Chapter 3

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Zaria finds out more about her new family, and they find out more about her.

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"So, in the basement is like a practice room for the guys; feel free to chill out in there whenever you like. Do you play anything?" Lyn-Z smiled, as Zaria followed her and Gerard to the basement.

"Yeah, I can play guitar, bass and I sing." Zaria replied with a shrug.

"Which do you prefer?" Gerard asked.

"Well... I prefer guitar to bass but out of them all; I prefer to sing." Zaria smiled. "Woah! This is cool!" She grinned looking around the basement. "Okay, show me more!"

"Calm down kiddo!" Gerard laughed, leading the way back up to the ground floor. "This is the hall!" He joked.

"No shit sherlock!" Zaria muttered.

"This is the kitchen," Lyn-Z laughed. Zaria looked up, the kitchen was amazing. It was pretty big, and the walls were deep red and black. The work tops were all a shiney black colour, there was a breakfast bar with 7 or 8 stools around it. The cabinet fronts were also black in colour, and in the far corner of the room stood a large black refrigerator.

"I love it," Zaria grinned.

"Frankie hides his skittles under the sink!" Gerard winked. Zaria laughed, and followed them out of the kitchen into another room.

"This is the office, it's mainly Gerard's but if the guys ever have shit on their minds they just hang here. It's best to stay outta here," Lyn-Z grinned, "It's always a shit-tip. Gerard ain't that organized."

"Alright," Zaria smiled, "I'm not either, but Dannielle's got OCD; She was forever coming in and cleaning my room." She laughed at the memories.

"Awesome, right; first floor?" Gerard asked.

"Sure," Zaria smiled; wondering how many floors were in here.

"Okay, on this floor is Mikey and Alicia as well as Ray and Christa. They chose this floor cause they're early risers and don't wanna end up waking the whole house up. The laundry room is on this floor too, and there's a bathroom on this floor too. Mikey and Alicia's room is the first on the right, and Ray and Christa is opposite them. Ray and Mikey also have their own offices up here for them to chill out if they don't wanna wade into mine." Gerard laughed,

"Grand," Zaria smiled, in an awesome Irish accent.

"Damn girl where'd you learn to do that?" Lyn-Z laughed,

"I used to have a friend called Jodie, she was Irish and I just got used to doing the accent. It's kinda stuck ever since. She left the orphanage nearly 4 years ago." Zaria answered, shrugging yet again.

"Ah, cool. Right; second floor! We have Frank and Jamia. Their room is first on the left, Cherry and Lily have their own rooms. Cherry's is first on the right and Lily's is second on the right. Frank did have an office up here, but he knocked the wall down and made his and Jamia's room bigger. So the second door on the left is blocked up." Lyn-Z smiled,

"Okay," Zaria smiled. "Next floor?"

"Yep." The couple grinned leading her up another flight of stairs.

"This floor is obviously, me and Lyn-Z as well as Bandit. Our room is the first on the right, Bandit's is first on the left. There's another bathroom up here too, that on the second right. There's also what Lyn-Z called the 'quiet room'. We generally hang out in there if we're feeling sick or just really want some time too ourselves." Gerard shrugged.

"So... Where's my room?" Zaria asked.

"Well; you can either take the last room on this floor. Or you can have the attic. It's all cleared out." Lyn-Z smiled.

"Can I have the attic?" Zaria smiled. She'd always wanted an attic bedroom.

"Sure you can kiddo, come on." Gerard smiled, leading her up a flight of stairs. "There you go." He grinned.

"It's as if you knew I'd pick the attic," Zaria laughed. "Thanks Dad, thanks Mom."

"No problem honey," Lyn-Z smiled,

"This is awesome," Zaria grinned, diving onto the large bed. Her new parents just laughed at her. The bed was a king-size and had black covers on it. The wardrobe in the corner was also black and had sliding doors. And, just as Gerard had told her, there was cans of paint in the corner.

"We didn't know what you'd want so we got black, white, red, and purple." Gerard smiled.

"Perfect... Hey Dad, fancy helping me paint my room?" Zaria grinned.

"Sure, but we can do that tomorrow yeah? The guys are down in the living room dying to know more about you." Gerard smiled, hugging her.

"Yeah..." She mumbled,

"Hey now, what's wrong sweety?" Lyn-Z asked.

"It's just this is all too much. I mean I shouldn't be here. It feels like a dream that I'm gonna wake up from at any moment. I feel out of place, I'm the orphan kid."

"Aw honey, you're not. You've got us, we're your family now." Lyn-Z smiled sadly, "We'll never try to take the place of your real family honey, I promise you that. I know damn well we'll never be half that good. But we can try."

Zaria nodded. "Thanks." She mumbled, "Come on then! Let's go give 'em my life story!" She laughed.

"Alright, lets go." Gerard smiled as Zaria raced back through the house to the living room.

"Hey kiddo," They all smiled as she raced in and jumped into the armchair by the fire.

"Hey," She replied,

"Well; tell us about yourself." Mikey grinned as his brother walked into the room soon followed by Lyn-Z.

"Okay, my full name is Zaria Stephanie Armstrong. I'm 13 years old." Zaria began.

"Are you taking the piss?!" Frank exclaimed, "You look at least 16!"

"Nope, my birthday is October 31st 1997. I'm 14 in-"

"1 and a half months." Frank grinned, "We have the same birthday." He explained high-fiving her.

"Cool, I was put into the orphanage when I was 3. It was the September 12th 2001. My parents were killed on September 11th 2001 in the attack on the twin towers." Zaria sighed. Gerard nodded for her to continue. She smiled and did so, "I would have been put into the care of my Grandma but she was in her 70's and she was suffering from cancer."

"Oh honey!" Alicia exclaimed.

"Shh!" The others said, making Zaria laugh.

"Make comments after, Zaria; continue." Frank smiled.

"A month before she died; she gave the orphanage the money I was meant to recieve at the age of 18 so they could make sure I could have the things I wanted. And they kept their promise to her. I'm a vegetarian! In the way of skills; I can play guitar, bass and I sing. I'm good at art and I love photography. Music is my life; it saved me. On so many occassions. My favourite bands are My Chem, MSI, Green Day, Misfits, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Bowling For Soup, Bring Me The Horizon, Blink 182, Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars, Paramore, The Blackout, Guns N Roses, Hollywood Undead and loads more." Zaria finished. "Oh yeah, I'm bisexual and I smoke. Deal with it."

"Sounds like you've had it tough..." Ray sighed, walking over and hugging her.

"Yeah. I have, but I don't need sympathy." She smiled.

"Sorry..." He mumbled.

"No, I didn't mean that nastily; ah I'm fucking up already." Zaria groaned.

"You smoke? How the hell do you get tabs?" Mikey asked.

"A kid I know." Zaria replied.

"I'm sorry to hear about your family honey," Alicia sighed, "But you can always talk to me!" She finished brightly. Zaria laughed,

"Yeah, thanks."

"You've got damn good taste in music!" Frank laughed.

"Yeah... Oh! I'm also addicted to coffee and skittles." Zaria added.

"Ahh! She's like a mini me!" Frank exclaimed, jumping on her.

"Gerrof short stuff!" Zaria laughed, tickling him.

"Ahhh! Gee help! She's tickling me!" Frank laughed, kicking and struggling to get away.

"Let him go, Zar." Gerard laughed,

"Spoil sport." She groaned letting go of Frank. "Okay, I already know loads about Dad, tell me about you guys."

"Um... Okay; I'll go first huh?" Mikey asked.

"Go for it, I'm all ears." Zaria grinned.

"Okay, my full name is Michael James Way; I was born on September 10th 1980. I'm Gerard's little brother and Bandit's uncle. I play bass for My Chemical Romance; and I actually only learned so I could play in a band with Gee. I used to drink a lot, but I don't anymore. I also love coffee. At one stage I suffered from near bi-polar disorder, I drank a lot then too. Eventually I seeked out help and I'm not ill anymore. My favourite band has to be Anthrax, I also like Smashing Pumpkins, Beastie Boys, Iron Maiden, The Misfits and the majority of yours. I'm addicted to sushi, I love horror films and unicorns... Unicorns rock... But I hate small spaces and grocery shopping."

"Awesome, Frankie's turn!" Zaria grinned.

"My full name is Frank Anthony Iero, and my birthday is October 31st 1981! My parents divorced when I was a kid. I went to Catholic school as a kid. I married my beautiful wife here in Marsh 2008 and I became Daddy to these little angels in September 2010. Not only am I rhytm guitarist for My Chem, I'm also back up vocals. I've got a hell of a lot of tattoos, and I just love 'em. Not only do I love the same bands as you, I also like Black Flag, American Nightmare, Bouncing Souls and of course Beastie Boys! I love any genre of film annd love dogs. I'm a veggie and I love coffee and skittles... And I smoke."

"Alright; awesome! Nice to know I have a fellow veggie. Ray! You're next," Zaria grinned.

"Okay, my full name is Raymond Toro; I was born on July 15th 1977. I play lead guitar and back up vocals in My Chem. I am obviously much more sexier than Frankie 'cause I have a 'fro; you can touch the 'fro whenever you like, but do not pull it and do not put food stuffs or pencils in it. And never ask to straighen it. It looks stupid." Ray warned, "I do not like to read, so don't recommend books to me." He laughed, "Oh, and I'm shit at cooking. I don't smoke, I wouldn't say I'm addicted to coffee, but I do like it. I don't like skittles that much either..."

"My turn!" Gerard grinned.

"But I already know about you," Zaria laughed,

"So? I wanna tell you again!" He grinned, sticking his tounge out at her.

"Hmm... okay, I'm all ears. Then I can find out about Alicia, Mom, Christa and Jamia."

"Well apart from me being in MSI; us wives are the same as you, just older... and married..." Lyn-z smiled.

"Yep, not much to tell you there hon," Laughed Christa.

"Oh... Ah well; come on then Dad; tell me about yourself... Again." Zaria laughed,

"My full name is Gerard Arthur Way and my birthday is April 9th 1977. I'm lead vocals for MCR, and can't play guitar at all 'cause I'm an uber fail like that," He laughed, "Your mom and I got married on September 3rd 2007 and had your sister on May 27th 2009. Yep; she's nearly two, you wouldn't believe it looking at how small she is!" Gerard exclaimed smiling at his daughter. "I also smoke, and I'm totally addicted to coffee. I can't live without it; however I don't really see the big attraction to skittles... I love art, and as you know... I watched the twin towers fall. We did dedicate a song to the people who died in that though..." He added with a sad smile. "I have an uber phobia of needles so no tattoos for me! I love the same bands as you and the guys, and yeah.. thats me..." Gerard smiled.

"Well... Hey family," Zaria smiled,

"Welcome to the family honey," Alicia grinned,
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