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TS-MA2mod.00 Moebius Zero

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"I don't think that cockpit was built for two," she said.

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Title: TS-MA2mod.00 Moebius Zero
Genre: Gen/Fluff
Wordcount: 227
Timeline: Between GS phases... oh, you know the drill.
Summary: "I don't think that cockpit was built for two," she said.


They'd been talking about the capabilities of the mobile suits on both sides of the conflict, but somehow the subject had wandered around to the Strike, and the Zero, and the difference between piloting a mobile armor and a mobile suit. "Of course," Mwu said, "the Moebius is being phased out of front-line use by now. I guess having something like the Strike makes it pretty much obsolete."

Murrue considered him, and the vague regret in his words, thoughtfully. "Do you miss it?"

"Hmm, well. The Strike's a hell of a machine, you know." He grinned, in that way that always made his casual boasting too amiable to begrudge him. "But there's not as much satisfaction in mastering something somebody else has already done. I should take you flying in the Zero sometime, before she gets retired for good, so you can see what it's really like," he said, the closest either of them had ever come to talking about 'after the war.'

It stopped her, but even in the interval of silence that followed he didn't seem to notice the significance of what he'd said, or didn't care. Eventually she smiled and looked aside, eyes lidding. "I don't think that cockpit was built for two," she said in a deliberately mild tone.

He laughed delightedly, and the rhythm of their time together continued on undisturbed.


Author's Note: This was originally written as part of "Left and Leaving," before the flow of that piece underwent some serious revisions and it became clear that there was no longer a place for this little snippet. I liked it too much to just toss it out, so... here it is.
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