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Whatever It Takes 2

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I hope someone reads this, or else it's kinda pointless, right? XD

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Frank's POV:

Oliver got me to let go over the thing that happened at the club, and we went back to his place to get some sleep. I couldn't sleep though, I was being too paranoid. What the fuck had happened to me at the club? I'd felt just fine when I got out of the bathroom. I wanted to talk to Oliver about it, but I couldn't since he was fast asleep.
I sucked that Oliver had moved to New York, he was my only friend. Okay, maybe he wasn't the best friend that you could have, but it was something.
My parents had tried to convince me to move to New York too, but I didn't have the heart to leave my childhood home, I'd just feel weird living in New York, even though I spent most of my weekends there.

The next week just went real slow, same routine every day. It was sickening. Waking up, school, TV then sleep. I really wanted to go back to Oliver, so that we could talk about the incident at the club, I knew that he was worried about it too, though he wouldn't admit it.
The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to find the guy that took me out of the club; he must have seen something, right?

I usually packed to go to Oliver's on Thursdays, and it was no exception this week. I was in my room and tried to find my favorite shirt, though it was useless, my wardrobe was a complete disaster.
Mom came up to my room and startled me.

"FRAAANK!!" She screamed, I almost pissed my pants.

"What the HELL?!" I turned the volume on my computed down, I guess that I'd been listening a bit too loud for her taste.

"Do NOT forget your cellphone this time, I hate when I can't call you, and you know that." She said with concern in her voice.
"And what's been up with you this week, you've been so quiet."

"I need to talk to Oliver about something, so I'm really fine, I promise." I loved my mom too much to keep her worried.

We went downstairs to the kitchen at the same time; she opened our new massive refrigerator.
"What do you want for dinner, you're father's gonna be late today, so it'll be just the two of us." She said.

"Mom, it's almost always just the two of us, he's always working. Start saying when he's gonna eat with us instead." I didn't blame my mom, but still.

"His company is going really well right now, and you know that Frank. The company needs him."

"Too bad that I need my father too." Just a year ago we used to go camping every month and do lots of stuff together, cheesy I know. But the company was his son now.

"Frank…" My mom hugged me tightly.

~ ~ ~ ~

The next day on the afternoon I was on the train on my way to Oliver, my dad had said that his chauffeur could drive me, but I liked the train. And I hated to feel high class, it wasn't my thing.
When I got to Oliver's apartment, where he lived with his older brother Steve, I found that no one was home. So typical of Oliver. I was glad that I had a key of my own to his place; I got it only because I always complained about that he was never home when I got there.
Usually when I got to his place and he wasn't there, I watched some TV or a movie, but not this time. I was to curious about what had happened to me around that club area, and Oliver wouldn't like the idea of going there again, so I dumped my things on his spare bed and went out. I think I knew where it was, but of course I didn't. After 20 minutes I got completely lost, and started to panic.
I decided to call Oliver so that he could pick me up, thank God mom reminded me of my cellphone.

"Hey what's up, why aren't you at my place?" He said. Good, he was home.

"Umm..I felt like taking a walk, and now I'm lost." I hated to confess that.

"Dude, good thing that you're not living in New York, you'd get lost all the time." He said, laughing.

"Yeah, thanks. Could you just come and get me, I can't be too far away from your apartment." I started to walk towards the end of the road, to see which block I was on.
"I'm on the 26th…" I dropped my cellphone as I ran into a person, it dropped on the road, and it looked like it completely died.
"Fuuuck!" I moaned. "I'm so sorry, sir, I didn't mean to bump in…" It was him, the dude that carried me out of the club.

"You again?! What's with you!" His fierce eyes stabbed right through me. If looks could kill.

"I'm clumsy, okay?" I said, and I tried to stare in the same way.

"I trust you in that case." He said, mocking me.

"Very kind of you, stranger. Now could you please help me, or just answer some questions."

"Why would YOU ask ME questions?" He said.

"You didn't drug me, did you?" I asked him, just so he would stay.

"WHAT?! NOO! What the fuck, what makes you think that?!" Now he got angry. Fuck.

"Umm…'cause…I don't know…" I ran out of words.

"Leave me the fuck alone, you're crazy." He said.

"No! Wait! You HAVE to help me." I said.

Gerard's POV:

Oh my God. This kid is crazy. I'm getting the fuck out of here.

"Sir, please. I'll do anything."

"First of all, do NOT call me sir. I'm not that old." I HATED that word.

"Okay…anyways, I'll do anything, just help me."

"Why? You put yourself in this, didn't you? I've got nothing to do with this, and I don't want to get dragged into something." I told him the truth.

"Man, you..okay, we just broke my phone, and if you don't help me I'm dead. I'm completely lost."

Did I look like the kind of person who just lends my phone to any random fucker around? I didn't get this kid at all. If I were him, I'd solve the problem myself and I wouldn't piss anybody else off.
I had, in fact, been in the same position myself, several times. It took me ages to find my way around New York, but I learned, didn't I? He would too, it'd be better if I just left him here.

"I'll give you…" He started to count his money. "I'll give you 40 fucking dollars if you just help me, and answer some questions." He said.

"You fuckin' serious?"

"Yeah, you're my only hope right now." I started to chew on his lip piercing. I winced. Why in God's name would you do that do yourself? I HATE needles.

"Did I do something?" He asked. He'd seen me wince.

"Yeah, pierced yourself." I confused him good. Awesome.

"What…? Whatever, so you're in or not?"

"I don't want you to give me '40 fucking dollars'. You can do something else instead. And I'll only answer the questions that I want to answer, okay?"

"What do you want me to do?" He looked scared. What the fuck did he have in his mind?!
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