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Whatever It Takes 3

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Just tell me if I sould upload chapter four too :) It feels pointless to do it if no one reads it XD

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Frank's POV:

So there we were, drinking coffee, which was his deal, that I'd buy him coffee, mission accomplished. It tasted like absolute shit, but I didn't want to show that I didn't like coffee, so I just drank.
He just sat there and drank his coffee, and he seemed perfectly content. I was eager to start asking my questions, but I didn't know where to start.

"So…?" He finally said.

"Um… how come you carried me out of the club?" I asked, I had to start somewhere.

"Well, 'cause you fainted, and seeing you being stomped to death wasn't okay with me. And everybody else was too wasted to notice you."

"Did you see something weird before I fainted or anything?"

"Hmm…lemme think… You got out of the bathroom, you drank that drink and then you fainted a couple of minutes after that. Can't handle the alcohol well, huh?" He said, and he almost smiled.
"You know you shouldn't be there, you CAN'T be over 18. It's impossible."

"I'm 17, so it almost doesn't matter you know. And I can handle alcohol!" I must have sounded like a stubborn 4 year old. I just didn't want to look silly in front of…what was his name anyways?

"What's your name, by the way? I'm Frank."

"It's Gerard, and is that really valid to know?" He asked

"I guess not, I'm just curious." I must have blushed. So embarrassing.

I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me; I've been so pissed with this dude for a whole week, I wanted to beat him to shit, and now I was trying to make him to like me or something. I wanted him to think good of me. He had awesome hair too. He seemed so goddamned cool, but I don't know what the hell was wrong with me, he had a lousy personality, that's for sure.
But why would he help me in the first place if he didn't care at all? I probably would have survived in the club even if he just ditched me right there. AND he waited for me to wake up when he'd carried me out, there must me something good in there, right? Maybe it was just wishful thinking.

"Heellooo…?" He said, and he totally startled me.

"Oh…sorry, I was just thinking." How long was I spaced out? Fuuck, I'm blushing again! What the fuck was wrong with me?!

"Um…there must have been something wrong with my drink, 'cause that's never happened to me before. That was what I was thinking." Liar.

"You sure? What could be wrong with it? I've taken drinks there before, and I've never fainted." He said, and I could see that he was starting to lose interest.

"Maybe someone spiked it. Maybe someone wanted to kidnap me!" I just said that so that he would look at me.

"You're crazy, they'd wait for you to get out of the club alone or they would've taken you when you were in the bathroom." He said, and I could see pain in his eyes.

"How'd you know that?" I shouldn't have said that. Fuck.

"I'm not gonna answer that .I'm gonna go now, okay?" I'd really pissed him off somehow. Now he wouldn't ever want to see me again.

"But I'm not done yet! Please Gerard!"

Gerard's POV:

The kid was really annoying. Frank, not a very common name for boys his age. He'd gotten in to the wrong area to talk about with me, and now I just wanted to leave. Why did I tell him that? I'm stupid, really stupid. Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up.
One thing was for sure; this time, if I left, he would follow me. It would be better if I just showed him the way to the apartment.

"Fuck…I'll show you the way to your friends place, okay? NO questions though. I'm sick off 'em"

"Um…okay I guess, if that's the best that I can get, I'll take it." He said, and his eyes sparkled. Why was he blushing all the time? Weird kid. Best he can take, what?

"You're really weird, you know that, right?" I grinned.

"I know, thanks." He smiled like a kid on Christmas. Yeah, definitely weird.

We got out from Starbucks, and he told me where his friend's apartment was, lucky for me it was real close, just 5 blocks away. He can't live that far away from my place.
He was so short, if you just looked at him for a couple of seconds he looked like he was 14 years old or something. I must look like a total pedophile.

"What are you doing in New York?" I suddenly asked him without thinking.

"My friend, Oliver lives here, and I'm here every weekend." He told me, looking around.

"Tryin' to get away from your parents, huh?" I understood him, I moved out the second I turned 18.

"Naah, I like 'em, but it gets so boring at home over the weekends, Oliver's my only friend. Mom and dad said that we could move to New York if I want to, but I just can't separate from NJ."

"I'm from NJ too… Okay, now we're here, get your ass up to your friend now."

"WAIT!" He said as I started to walk away.

"I've helped you, goodbye!"

"I have more questions to ask! Please." He just stood there, staring at me.

"I'll give you my cellphone number, just text me sometime later, okay? I want to go home." Why am I doing this? I don't want him to text me, but I can't stand that stare, it's piercing.

"But my phone's dead. I can't text you"

"Precisely." I wrote my number with a marker pen on his arm, very messy. I hoped he wouldn't be able to read it later on. Now he wouldn't try to contact me for at least 3 days, and then he'd probably be in NJ. Awesome.

"Gerard, thanks." Then he was hugging me tightly, what?!

"NO HUGS! You're a fucking stranger. Get off me!" So annoying! I'd die from his nagging!

"Point taken." He said, he looked disappointed. "I guess it looks kinda strange, I look like a little kid, and you're an adult. People will think weird, things, unless they think you're my big brother." He smiled that Christmas smile again.
"How old are you anyways?" He suddenly asked me, as if he'd never thought about it before.

"I'm 21. And I'm leaving. Bye.
Frank's POV:

I got up to Oliver's place. He was really pissed at me, I had been gone for like 2 hours since our brief conversation, I just told him I made my own way here, and that I'd gotten lost. I didn't want him to know about Gerard. He would be so pissed.
My mom called to Oliver's apartment later, and she asked me why I my phone was turned off, I told her the truth and said that I'd broken it, just not how it broke. If she knew that I'd spent my afternoon with a 21 year old stranger, she'd die.
I got into Oliver's bedroom, where my spare bed stood. His place only had three rooms. His, the living room and his older brother's room, Steve. Of course he had a small kitchen too, but I wouldn't sleep there. His room was fine enough.
I actually called my dad later on and asked him for some money to buy me a new cellphone, he didn't even get pissed, so he transferred 300 dollars to my account, man, I was gonna get a sweet cellphone.

I got early the next morning and dragged Oliver up with me too, I wanted to get the cellphone thing done, and he loved to look at electronics, and I knew that he knew a hell lot more about cellphones than me, so he just had to come… and I didn't know the way to the mall.

When I'd bought the cellphone, Oliver and I decided to stay at the mall to eat some lunch and just walk around. He met some of his friends later on though, and he asked me if it was okay if we spent some time with them.
That was perfect, I said that I wanted to check out some new comics, and I promised that I would stay in the mall area. He left me outside the comic book store.
I flipped my phone out and texted Gerard.

'Hi Gerard, it's Frank.'

Gerard's POV:

I heard my phone beeb, so I got out of bed and read the text.

'Hi Gerard, it's Frank.'

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