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I sure don't like the company

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Meet Violent Stripes' gang

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Kiki hung as close to Seth as she could without actually being on top of him. Violent Stripes scared her. When she saw him fire that ray gun, he looked happy about it. No one should ever be happy to be firing a gun. Guns are just plain evil. After about a twenty minute walk, Kiki could see a small house in the distance. Parts were falling off the side and the white paint was yellowing in most areas. Even the red shutters were chipped and falling off. Violent Stripes turned to Seth and Kiki, “Welcome to our home.”

Seth cocked his head, “There are still places standing out here.”

Violent Stripes nodded, “More than people realize. There is even a diner still standing somewhere around Zone Four. But yeah, this little place is home to me and some other Zone Runners.”

Kiki shuddered a sigh. More people she didn’t know. An uneasy shiver went up her spine. Seth wrapped an arm around her, “Don’t worry about it. I’m right here.”

Kiki nodded. Violent Stripes gave her a look, “You ok there sweetheart?”

Seth smiled, “Kiki, isn’t exactly what you would call a people person.”

Violent Stripes frowned, “No real names. Not out here. You never know where a Drac could be.”

Seth nodded, “Ok, so from now on call me,” he trailed off.

Kiki spoke up, “Crimson Tide.”

Seth scowled at her, “Making fun of my Science major again aren’t you?”

Kiki nodded with a smirk. Seth growled playfully, “Fine then you are now Logical Destroyer.”

Kiki’s face fell, “Not fair.”

Seth laughed, “What? You can dish it out but not take it?”

Kiki pouted, “Fine.”

Violent Stripes laughed, “She speaks.”

Kiki crossed her arms, her pout deepening. Seth ruffled her hair, “It’s ok darling.”
Violent Stripes nodded, “Ok Crimson, Destroyer. You guys ready to meet my gang? By the way, just call me Stripes.”

Crimson nodded, “Yeah, I guess we are Stripes.”

Destroyer smirked. She liked how that sounded. Stripes started walking down a work path in the sand towards the house. A small car could be seen out front. A boy seemed to be laying on the roof. Destroyer cocked her head to the side; this boy was thin, very thin. She could see that even from a distance. The closer they got, the more see could see about him. His hair was longer than most boys kept their hair and it was jet black. She smiled; this was a person that was different just like her and Seth. She mentally face slapped herself realizing he was now Crimson Tide not her good natured gay buddy Seth. She took in more of the boy’s appearance. She could now see his grey jeans and dark red jacket. Stripes waved at the boy, “Yo Living Dead, where are Desert Fire and Ghostly Rose?”

The boy, Living Dead, sat up. He pulled on his Misfits tee and shrugged, “Don’t know Stripes. They left after you.”

Living Dead laid back down on the car. He was at peace out here. No one was around, and he could just think. He didn’t feel like sitting in the house, in his darkened bedroom today. Stripes pounded on the side of the car, “Dead, get up. We got some new Killjoys.”

Living Dead cracked open one eye, rolled it, and closed it again. Suddenly laughter filled the air around them. Living Dead sat up and walked into the house. Destroyer followed him slowly. She smiled at his back. She could just tell he was a loner like she was. She turned around and walked back outside. She didn’t feel bad about following Living Dead. She didn’t plan on talking to him just wanted to see if he wanted to be left alone like she normally does. After seeing him trudge into a small room off to the side that was pitch black inside, she just knew. Outside two more people had joined Crimson and Stripes. One boy had skin the same color as the sand around them. The other was short and pale but with rosey red cheeks. Stripes pointed to the first boy, “this is Desert Fire,” pointing to the second boy, “and this is Ghostly Rose. They were some of my best friends before the fires. They came out here with me after my girlfriend flipped and suicided. Living Dead joined us later. We found him out here. Apparently, BL/Ind did some crazy stuff to him. He doesn’t really like to talk about it though. So we don’t ask.”

Destroyer smiled. Living Dead sounded like her type of guy. She glanced over at Desert and Rose. She could feel their eyes on her. She didn’t like it. It was like they weren’t even seeing her clothes. She moved quietly, hiding herself behind Crimson even more and unknowingly moving closer to Stripes. A shiver went through her body as the three unknown boys undressed her with their eyes.

Author’s Note: Ok, getting into more of the story now. Hope you like it. xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx, hope I did a good job with Living Dead. For right now, Bullet's Embrace has a different name. The name change will come after everything. Oh and Crimson Tide is another way of saying red algae according to my earth science major best friend. Hence the making fun of science major joke.
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