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A Bad Bad Man

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Violent Stripes shows his true colors.

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Logical Destroyer stretched her arms over her head. Her shoulders making a pop and crack noise. She sighed and a small smile graced her lips. It had been three weeks since Violent Stripes had found them. Desert Fire and Ghostly Rose still made her a little nervous but Living Dead and Violent Stripes were becoming really close friends. Crimson Tide really like Desert Fire. He was all the tall pale man could talk about. She glanced up and saw Desert Fire and Crimson Tide coming towards her. She normally sat on the steps of the house, near the one window to Living Dead’s room. She would talk to him through the window. Some days he answered, other days she could hear his breathing so she knew he was at least listening to her. Desert and Crimson hadn’t noticed her yet. She could hear them talking.

“It’ll be great. Come on Crimson, just you and me and Ghostly. A nice guy’s day out looking for Dracs. I’m so tired of going on patrol with just Ghostly. I know Stripes taught you how to shoot so you can really help out this way.”

Crimson answered quietly, “But what about Destroyer? I’m not sure I’m really comfortable leaving her for a whole day yet. She’s my best friend. What if the house gets attacked while we are gone?”

Desert sighed, “Dude, that’s why Stripes and Dead are staying behind. Don’t worry; they’ll protect the little lady. Beside, Living Dead has been showing her how to fight hand to hand and I know Stripes taught her to shoot as well.”

Destroyer watched Crimson swipe a hand through his blonde and green locks. She slowly started to stand up but a quiet “don’t” from the window stopped her. Crimson smiled, “I guess I can take an afternoon with you guys.”

Desert threw his arm over Crimson’s shoulders, “Now that’s what I like to hear. Come on. Let’s go grab a couple cans of Power Pup and find where Ghostly is hiding today.”

The two walked off again. Destroyer looked at the window, “Why did you stop me?”

The voice drifted out, “Crimson likes Desert doesn’t he?”

Destroyer nodded before realizing that Living Dead can’t see her, “Yeah. More than I have ever seen him like somebody before.”

Living Dead responded, a smile in his voice, “Than let them have a day together.”

Destroyer smiled, “Yeah, I was going too. Guess I will go find Stripes and see what’s up for the day. Anything you want to do.”

Living Dead stood up and looked out the window. A hand was placed to his forehead, “I’m not feeling the best today. I think I’m just gonna meditate for today.”

Destroyer smiled, “Ok feel better Dead.”

Logical Destroyer slowly entered the house. She was trying to be quiet for Living Dead. Heading up the stairs towards Violent Stripes room, she could hear him singing softly to himself. She knocked quietly on his door. The door opened harshly, to a rough looking Violent Stripes. He gazed at her before speaking, “Hey Destroyer. Come on in.”

Destroyer walked into the room and closed the door behind her. She sighed happily, “So Crimson, Desert, and Ghostly are going on patrol today. And Living Dead isn’t feeling well. What shall we do?”

Destroyer looked around the room. Clear empty bottles were scattered around the floor. She heard Stripes walk behind her and a click sounded from the door. She shivered before turning and glancing at Stripes. A predatory smile graced his lips, “Oh sweet Logical Destroyer. I know all about that. I’ve had this planned for the past week. You see, there are no female Killjoys in this area and to sneak into Battery City to find a girl is just too difficult. Then you came along. Sweet and innocent little you. A girl just for me. I had to save you that day.”

Stripes wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her tight, “You see if I hadn’t saved you then how long would I have to wait for the next girl to stumble upon my house here. Days, weeks, months, maybe never. I couldn’t risk that. Not when I’ve been feeling so so lonely for so long.”

His hands moved up her body, taking her jacket off. Destroyer shivered from his touch. She tried to pull away. He grabbed her arm and flung her at the bed, “NO. No running. I need this too badly.”

He moved on top of her. His body weight making it impossible for her to move. He grabbed her shirt and lifted it up over her head, twisting it so it stayed locked around her arms. Her arms now straight up in the air, pushing her breasts up towards him. He slowly trailed his fingers over her right breast, “So soft. All mine.”

He pushed her bra up and quickly took her nipple into his mouth. He licked and sucked on the small bud before biting down on it. A cry of pain erupted from her lips, he smirked, “Liked that did you.”

He could feel his erection pressing against his pants. Without removing his weight from on top of her, he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his member. It was long and hard, a deep red almost purple in color. He shoved it against her cheek, “You see what you do to me. How hard you make me?”

He reached down and unbuttoned her pants. He yanked them down just far enough to trap her legs in one position and still have access to her inner most parts. He reached down with his hand and gently stroked her inner lips. He roughly shoved two fingers inside her, “Gotta make sure you can take me.”

Shoving his fingers back and forth inside her brought hot tears to her eyes. He smirked, “You’re ready.”

She shook her head and mouthed to him ‘no no’ over and over again. He just smiled and moved close to her ear, “Don’t worry pet. It only hurts the first time. Now don’t scream. We don’t want Living Dead to hear and come running to see you in this position do you?”

He lined himself up with her entrance and quickly plunged into her. A scream erupted from her throat. He was tearing her inside. She screamed again. His hand slapped her across the face, “What did I say about screaming?”

He placed his hand over her mouth and returned to pumping into her. She lay there, completely still. Her eyes vacant. She felt him tense inside her body and something warm entered her. She still didn’t move. The whole thing didn’t even take a minute but it felt like a lifetime to her. By this time, Living Dead had made his way up the stairs to see about the screaming. He knocked on the door, “Stripes, Destroyer. You guys ok? I heard screaming.”

Hearing Living Dead’s voice jolted Destroyer to move, she screamed, “Dead Help Me.”

Living Dead tried the handle to find the door locked. He pulled out his ray gun and shot at the handle twice. The lock loosened and he banged the door open. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he got inside. Destroyer laid on the bed mostly naked with Stripes lying on top of her. His member still inside her. Living Dead pointed his ray gun at Stripes, “Get off her now.”

Stripes held up his hands and moved off her, his member slipping from her body. She barely moved. He could see small amounts of blood dripping from her lower half. He walked over to her, pulling her pants up. He pulled off his crimson jacket and covered her top half. Slipping the ray gun back into its holster, he picked up the slight girl. Stripes yelled at him, “She wanted it Dead. You know she did.”

Living Dead walked back down the stairs carrying Destroyer. He took her into his room and laid her on his bed. She still didn’t move. Living Dead smoothed her fringe out of her right eye. He sighed, “I’m sorry I didn’t get up there faster Destroyer. I’m so sorry.”

Logical Destroyer just lay there, staring at the wall.

Author’s Note: And that was difficult to write. But it needed to happen. I’m so evil to my own characters. Hope you like it. Read, rate, review. Reviews make me happy cause I know people are actually reading my stuff.
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