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back to hell baby.

by Lizzeh 2 reviews

Ray and Gerard go back to their home town to visit Bob, what else will occur on the trip?

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this is ray's POV by the way. first actual fanfic i am almost proud of..
R&R pleasee!! - Lizzie xx

Ok, so my life was hell, and I don’t really know why I’m going back to the place that made it that. I had moved to a different town to get away from family who couldn’t accept me just the way I am.

They always tried to change me. music taste, the clothes I wore, my personality and even my huge mop of hair. Of course I had the same at school, and of course, it was worse. Everything and everyone just made me want to curl up in the corner of a dark room, close my eyes and when I opened them again, everything would be okay.
I’d get beaten every other day for the way I looked and dressed, nothing could stop it. I had a few friends I could fall back to when things got too bad, but they just got stick for defending me, but I couldn’t help feeling like it was my fault every time one of them turned up with a bruise or a black eye.

So there was Bob, a strawberry blonde, anger filled teen. So laid back, until he snaps and throws a punch. His big build gave him an advantage, but he never failed to come to school with a black eye the next morning after a fight. And there was Gerard, shaggy black hair almost to his shoulders, pale skin and the ‘art freak’ he was the one sat in the corner of the room with his sketch pad.

Bob and Gerard where my closest friends and I intended to keep it that way. So when I was 16, me and Gerard left for the next town to move in with my oldest cousin, Jerry. He was the only person who fully accepted me and I wanted to keep him close so I had someone I could actually call family.

We had to Leave Bob behind, he had a family that cared and a few other friends including Gerard’s spectacled younger brother Mikey, who we also had to leave behind, along with Gee’s parents. It was so hard for Gerard, him and his brother where inseparable, it pained him to not see him every day. The only contact was by phone calls and that really wasn’t enough. Things couldn’t get any worse when Gee came out, he didn’t want to believe it himself but he soon realised that you fall for the person not the gender.

His parents stopped him having all contact with Mikey and Gerard slowly slipped into a deep depression. alcohol took over him almost every night and he would be wreck for school the next morning, passed out in his basement bedroom in the dark with an empty bottle of drink in his hand. Me and Jerry had to hide or rid of all the alcohol we found in the house. and stop him from stumbling out to buy more. Jer would be in his bedroom half the night trying to convince Gee to hand over the deadly liquid, to let me get sleep for school. He would appear early in the morning with bags under his eyes and tear tracks down his face from trying so hard to stop Gerard going too far.

He soon started to realise that this was stupid, he lived in the next town. Lets kidnap him! He told me one day. I had to tell him that that really wasn’t an option, that we would get taken away. So two years later here I am sat in my old rust bucket car, waiting for Gerard to hurry the fuck up so we could get to Bobs house already.

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