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we packed light

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not much in this really. oh well. R&R PLEASE?!?! I'LL GIVE YOU A CUPCAKE.

Seriously, what could be taking him so long?

Its been 27 minuets now. ‘Two seconds Ray!’ he said as I went to shove my bags in the trunk of the car.

Two seconds my arse.

We could be nearly there by now! What the fuck could he be doing?!
I jabbed at the buttons on the radio system trying, and failing, to try and find a station that calmed me. I was so nervous. Going back to my hometown. I’ll probably have to face my parents again. Fuck. Oh well I guess I’ll just hide away in Bobs house. In his room. In the closet. Under a blanket. In the panic room that is somehow in the back of bobs closet. Does he have a panic room?

Oh fuck me.
I was so distracted of bobs magical hideaways that I didn’t notice Gerard outside the car window until he tried to bloody smash it by smacking it with his fist. The impact made the window shake in its frame. What the fuck man? OH! the car was locked.

‘CALM DOWN MAN!’ I shouted, leaning across the seat to pop up the lock of the passengers side. Gerard harshly opened the door and slipped into my 2nd hand old rusty vehicle I like to call my car and slammed it wish such force that the radio had a spasm and went all fuzzy. ‘Jeeeez! A little respect for lou-lou please?’ I said, patting the dusty dashboard and retrieving a raised eyebrow and smirk from Gerard .
‘what took you so long anyway?’ I asked, expecting some shit old, long , ramble to spew out of his mouth about how a unicorn with fairly wings landed in the back garden.
‘Make up and hair.’ He said simply, gesturing to his charcoal black eyes then his newly straightened hair.
‘Gotta look good for Bobby Boos!!’ he said with fake excitement making giddy hand motions with his fists.

‘Yeah yeah. Can we leave now?’ I said, flipping him off and returning my hands to the steering wheel.
‘yeah. Does this old thing have a CD player?’ he muttered, poking at some buttons on the car with a frustrated look on his face.
‘yes Gee. Just push it in the slit.’ I replied, starting the ignition. Gerard sniggered at my answer and looked out his window as a cove up.
’Seriously Gee?’ I whispered totally to myself. He is so immature sometimes.
He hit play and Sabotage by the Beastie Boys came blasting through my crappy sound system. Man Gerard had a good taste in music, it always made me feel a lot better. Oh and the Riff in this song! Its so sloppy, it almost sounds sexual…

The rest of the ride was in silence. Not an awkward silence but comforting. Very very comforting. There was something about Gerards presence that made me feel relaxed. I guess he was always so calm. it just lifted all your worries off you shoulders, until he walked away and it came back on you like a ton of bricks, that happiness just fading like his figure in the dark.

Gerard started to get irritable as he started to recognise parts of the old town he used to call home. He hung his head, his raven hair coving his face and stared at his hands that where fiddling nervously in his lap.
I rounded the corner down Ramtree Drive towards Bobs old house. He still lives here?
ah! 23.
Killing the ignition, I glanced at Gerard who’s eyes where bugging wide and glazed over as he dazed into his openly linked hands.

I placed my clammy hand onto Gerards shoulder, squeezing as if it would magically pass my non-existent happiness into him
He glanced his hazel eyes in my direction and forced a weak smile. This place is hard for Gerard to be in.
‘Well okay, lets go.’ He said with a sigh, turning to open the – now broken – door.
He stepped out slowly, my hand slipping from his shoulder.

I took my time getting out of the car. Thinking about what was to come in the few weeks we where spending with Bob.
He promised that he would come and visit us next time, stay in Jerry’s massive house
That he practically gave to me and Gerard. He has his own, smaller, house on the other side of town and pays for both rents and shit.
He is amazing.

I opened up the trunk and pulled our bags out, passing one to gee. We packed light. I really do think one of these bags is just full of Gerard’s Guy make up though.

It felt so weird. Walking down Bob’s driveway again. I felt like I had been here millions of times before but my brain didn’t want to process that I didn’t want to remember this hell-hole town any more.
I wanted it to feel new and exiting. Not old and depressing.

Gerard was walking as if there was something in the air, he was speed walking towards Bob’s front door, though he obviously didn’t want to go in yet.
He was afraid of being seen by his old family who lived just a street away.
I followed slowly after and reached Gerard slamming his fist on the door violently.
Two seconds later the door flew open, sending an artificial breeze onto our faces.
Bob was ecstatic about seeing us, he’s been going on and on since the day we left and now we are standing back on his doorstep. I think this is going to be rather eventful..

- Lizzie x
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