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now stained with awkwardness

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this is a weird one. i normally write better at night or when i'm tired so this is kinda weird.

PLEASE R&R?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?! this time i'll give you a unicorn.

Me and Gerard chose our rooms quickly. Gee took the downstairs bedroom across from the living room and mine was up the stairs and to the right.
He had calmed down a lot, talking with Bob and just loving every minute of being the three of us again. Of course back then we sometimes had little Mikey with us, he was so amazing. I doubt I will se him any time soon though. Ouch. That hurt. I miss him.
Its just to dangerous to try and see him with their parents around the corner.
I sat on one of the two couches in the living room next to my old friend.
‘Hey Bob, have you, um, kept in touch with Mikey?’ I asked, knowing it was a sensitive subject for all of us. They only live a few minuets away, so they must have stayed friends though…
‘uhm, not really. His parents took him out of school when you guys left, said they didn’t want him to be friends with me…’ bob said sadly. He clearly missed him as much as I did.
‘Oh’ I nodded slowly. ‘So he’s home schooled or…?’ I asked. Did their parents even care if he was educated or not?
‘yeah home schooled. We talk every now and again but man I miss him. He’s so isolated. I doubt he comes out of the house much either.’ Bob explained simply. Poor Mikey, always alone.

Gerard was unpacking in his bedroom quietly while Bob was cooking us dinner, he wouldn’t tell me what it was so I’m a little scared. Please Bob, don’t set the kitchen on fire.

Gee walked Happily into the Living room, he’s obviously feeling better. I smiled as he sat down next to me. Until he viciously snatched the remote from my hands.
‘heey! I was watching that!’ I moaned. I actually had no clue what was on the telly.
‘not anymore.’ He stated eyes fixated on the screen, still flipping through endless channels. ‘Nothing on anyway.’ He settles for some old black and white mime cartoon thing that I had never seen in my life. It was amusing enough to pass the time.


I am so glad Bob didn’t burn the food. The home made chocolate cake was, I must say, very delicious. Well done Bobbert!
Me and Bob where sat on either end of the couch that was placed against the right wall, Gerard was sat in he Loveseat that sat in front of the front window. We where staring at some crappy evening T.V programme where they showed the same episode every night. It gets really really boring after a while.
Just as I stole the controls from a deadly bored Bob there was a loud bang on the door and Gee stirred in his sleep. I didn’t even notice he was sleeping. He had his back on the armrest of the seat with his back facing the telly and his legs crossed at the ankle as they where folded over the top of the loveseat with his skinny arms folded over his chest and head hanging loosely . How on earth did he end up in that position..
Bob stood and swayed slightly, rubbing his temples with wise eyes
‘Wooaahh, stood up too quick.’ He told me, I stared with one eyebrow raised and there was another knock at the door, softer this time. ‘Oh for fuck sake..’ he mumbled under his breath, stepping over my legs to open the living room door

he opened the front door in frustration and a shortish man-boy in a red tee that read ‘Homaphobia is Gay’ and black skinny jeans invited himself into the living room, stopping in mid-sentence when seeing me with my arms folded loosely and Gerard sprawled out on the seat the other side of the room.
‘uhhh. Sorry Bob, didn’t realise you had company..’ he apologised slowly, turning behind him to Bob without taking his eyes off me.
‘Yeah man. Ray this is Frank, Frank this is Ray and that’s Gerard.’ He said tiredly, gesturing to us with one hand, the other rubbing his eyes raw.
‘Hey Frank’ I smiled and waved cause he still looked a little scared of me.. ‘Sorry about Gerard, long day.’ I said, laughing at the sight of my best friend.
‘Heh..i’ll just go now..’ he said turning awkwardly to walk out the room.
‘No man it’s fine, go sit next to Ra-‘
‘AHHHHhhhh god!!’ Gerard had woken. Bob was scared shitless. Frank was more awkward than ever and moi was laughing hysterically on the couch. What a scene.
‘No dude, I’ll just go.’ Frank was totally panicked now, trying to get past Bob who was blocking his way out.

Gerard was gasping for breath and he had broken out into a cold sweat, he mush have had a nightmare..
I stood up, not too quickly, and walked over to a hyperventilating Gee. I sat down and placed both my hands on his clammy cheeks
‘Calm down Gerard, it was only a dream, calm down.’ I repeated over and over soothingly, never breaking eye contact. His breathing slowed and a single tear dropped silently from his right eye. I wiped it away with the pad of my thumb and pulled his face to my shoulder in a tight, comforting embrace. His arms sat limply at his sides as I held him like a small broken child in my arms.

I was sat with my back facing Bob and forgot if Frank managed to leave or not, probably not, I could feel the awkwardness from across the room
Gee slowly pulled away with tear tracks down his ghostly pale cheeks and sat upright. His eyes focused on something over my shoulder
‘who are you?’ he asked, cocking his head to the left, eyebrows furrowing. Yeah Frank must still be here. He wasn’t expecting to be targeted with a question and stumbled on his words slightly.
‘uh.. well.. i... uhm.. Frank. Hi’ he nervously smiled at the end of the ramble and slightly waved his hand. Gerard stayed staring, stood up then gaining his balance, walked out the room and to his bedroom, I heard the soft click and an awkward silence filled the room. ‘okaay then..’ frank stared wide eyed at the living room door where Gerard exited. The floor was suddenly of major interest to him.
‘yeah, like I said, long day.’ I repeated and he nodded understandingly. I settled in the loveseat, taking up Gerards old position, facing the T.V. Wow. It’s actually really comfy, It’ll probably kill my back if I stay in it too long though.
‘Okay well I’m gonna sleep’ Bob announced ‘Frank if you’re gonna stay you’ll have to crash on the couch, no more rooms left dude.’ He shrugged his shoulders and walked over to me, bending down to give me a mini hug and waved at Frank.
‘Bob it’s early’ I stated, it was only 8pm. We would have normally stayed up until the early hours of the morning.
‘Dude I’m a wreck, I couldn’t sleep last night whatsoever. I was like a kid on Christmas. So exited. Fuck you Ray Toro. Fuck you Gerard Way. You bloody kept me up all night’ he was failing to be angry. I pouted and he whacked me over the head with a very heavy pillow.
‘Oh sorry Bob, do we excite you too much?’ I said, raising my eyebrows. That gained me another blow to the head (*dirtymind*)
‘Fuck off.’ He smacked me with his hand one more time and turned too leave when he found frank giggling hysterically, covering his face in a cushion. Bob could not be bothered any more and left the living room, shutting the squeaky door behind him. Frank was gaining back his breath. Slowly breathing in and out to calm himself.

It was unbelievably awkward for at least 10 minuets before I had had enough amd decided to check on Gerard.
‘back in a sec.’ I said to Frank. He nodded once and I creped out into the mini entrance hall thing towards Gerard’s room.
I quietly poked my head inside and saw a dozing Gerard on a big double bed, curled up into a small ball. He looked so very fragile. He had no duvet so I grabbed one from the cupboard across the room and gently placed it over his sleeping frame.

Leaving Gee to sleep, I stalked up the stairs too my room not realising how tired I really was. I found my zombie Pyjamas and slipped them on before going to say goodnight to a probably very scared Frank.
I stepped into the living room and he turned his head to face me.
‘Nice Pyjamas man.’ He said smiling. I smiled me toothy grin back and ran a hand through my frizz.
‘aha thanks. I’m just gonna go to bed now. Goodnight Frank.’ I smiled again and nodded in his direction.
‘Night Ray.’ He nodded and waved slightly and I walked out of the awkward room. I think its now stained with the awkwardness of Frank.
I creaked my way un the stairs and collapsed onto my bed, not bothering to get under the covers and drifted slowly into a peaceful sleep. Exactly what I needed.

- Lizzie x
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