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more popcorn?

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movie time!

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sorry this is kinda short. hopefully the next chapter will be longer :) R&R PLEASE?! i'll buy you coookies!!

Gerard’s POV.

I woke in a slight cold sweat on some random bedroom.
Ah. That’s right, we’re staying with Bob for a few weeks.
I slowly sat up against the backboard of the big double bed. A writing desk was pressed up against the wall at the foot of the bed and there was a big closet to my left along with a tiny bedside table on either side.
I took a few deep breaths, clearing my thoughts and swung my legs over the side of the bed. I sat there in silence for a few seconds and decided I wouldn’t even try sleeping again although the digital clock on the bedside table screamed 4:26am in large luminous green numbers. I doubt I’ll sleep much being in this town anyway, with all the shittiest memories of my life held like a secret in your draw. They followed me around everywhere, but seemed so magnified under the eye Belleview.

Standing up slowly, I took the small empty glass that was on the table and walked to the door, trying not to make a sound. The door squeaked loudly and cursed under my breath, I took a mental note to tell bob about that later. Walking across the entrance I headed for the dark living room door, making even more noise. I walked in, quieter this time, and shut the door behind me.
Sitting on the place where I have been for most of the day and switched the T.V on, really quietly.
5 minuets in, I was bored with whatever this shitty thing was and stood too fill my glass of water up.
Okay. That is a rather large cushion on the other couch. I crept too the other settee and looked closer, jumping back when I realised it was a sleeping figure. Maybe I should get my eyes tested. I can’t make out the persons face, even with the flipping lights from the television. Oh well, maybe I should let it sleep. Ha, ‘it’ I think it’s a boy, a man, a short man. I don’t know, Its male anyway.
I walked past him and through to the kitchen, using my phone that was on the side as a torch. Being careful not to splash or drop my phone in the sink, I ran a glass of cold water and walked back into the living room quietly enough not to wake the random dude.
The credits where rolling up the screen from the previous programme so a grabbed the remote and flipped through the channels until something interesting was on.
I curled into a ball to watch one of my beloved Batman when I realised it was almost finished, 10 minuets left. Oh well, after this I’ll snoop through Bob’s DVD collection.

The credits started rolling and I had forgotten about the person on the settee until now. He stirred around a bit and woke, rubbing his eyes to rid of the just woken feeling. He hoisted himself up onto his elbow and looked around, he looked slightly confused at to why the T.V was on. His eyes reached mine and he jumped out of his skin, I probably looked like some sort of creepy black serial killer thing staring at him, that must be creepy when you’ve just woken in a dark room.
He whacked his other hand over his chest and flopped back down onto the sofa, breathing heavy
‘Gerard, you scared, the shit outta me.’ he said between gasps.
How the fuck does he know my name..
I stay staring at him, rather creped out. Why is he here anyway? And he know my fucking name.
‘I’m sorry, but how do you know my name?’ I said quietly, still sat with my arms crossed, laid down on the loveseat. A confused expression crossed across his features as he sat back up.
‘uhh, we met earlier?… I’m Frank?’ he questioned me, looking very puzzled. I paused, the name rung a bell, maybe seeing his face will help…
I stood and walked to the light switch by the door and flicked it on. Light filled the room and frank was turned facing me with an amused smile on his face
‘Nice pyjamas.’ He smirked. I looked down and realised what pj’s I was wearing. They where black bottoms with loads of tiny different coloured love hearts with a long sleeved top and the same pattern that was un buttoned, bearing my slightly toned chest.
‘fuck off.’ I said moodily, shuffling back towards my seat. I remembered him now. Like someone switched the on button on in my brain.
His hair was messed up and he wasn’t as awkward as he was before when I net him.
‘do you remember me now?’ he said, raising his eyebrows and leaning forward slightly. He’s a little cocky.
‘yes.’ I said bitterly, I’m cranky when I’m tired. I really couldn’t be bothered to walk to the stack of DVD’s so I flopped off the seat and crawled towards the television. When I reached it I sat cross legged and chose out of 2 films, Dawn of the dead and the Nightmare before Christmas. I turned around to face frank and held up both boxes. ‘What one?’ I asked him and he sat forward with his elbows on his knees, face screwed up trying to decide.
‘The Nightmare Before Christmas, its my favourite film.’ He eventually chose, good timing too. My arms where beginning to ache. I nodded once, he had good taste In movies. Crawling back to the T.V I waited for the DVD player to open smoothly and pressed play. I snatched the dvd controllers from a little box on the floor and crawled back to the settee, folding back into a small ball and getting comfy. ‘ I know exactly where Bob keeps the popcorn, one minuet.’ Frank said, walking into the kitchen. I heard cupboards opening and closing, packets rustling and then the microwave was groaning loudly. I then heard the sweet food start popping in its packet. The cent was making me so hungry, I hadn’t eaten properly in days. Don’t get me wrong, Bobs cooking has improved immensely but I just wasn’t hungry.

Frank emerged back into the living room with a glass bowl of steaming popcorn. He went to go and sit back in his place that was basically behind me so I wouldn’t get any of the golden sweetness. I stood and went to join him on the other end of the settee, grabbing a blanket from down the side of the couch to throw over my body. Frank placed the bowl on the sofa between us and I grabbed and handful of the sweet candy and shoved it into my mouth forcefully, spilling some of the pops over myself.
‘hey turn the light off will ya?’ I mumbled to frank with a full mouth. He giggled sweetly and stretched his arm far enough to reveal some pale flush by his belly. He was nicely toned but very skinny also. It took me a few seconds to realise I was staring, my chewing slowed and I was lost in my train of thought.
‘uhm, more popcorn?’ he asked awkwardly, passing me the large bowl.
‘uh yeah, thanks.’ I shifted my eyes and grabbed another handful of popcorn stuffing them in my mouth and missing it entirely, just throwing popcorn in my now very red face. Frank smacked his hand over his mouth to try and muffle his laughter, when that failed he grabbed the nearest pillow and shoved it over his face. I glared at him through the corner of my eyes and turned my attention back to the film.

I could still hear the muffled giggles of Frank a few minuets later so I sunk down and pulled the blanket over my head in embarrassment. He is so cocky. He won’t let this tiny thing go. All I done was throw popcorn in my won fucking face. What’s wrong with that?
The giggle had faded completely so I poked my head pack out from under the blanket, not daring to even glance at Frank encase seeing my face will just set him off laughing again.

Sleep started to come across my mind once more and I felt my eyelids get heavy. I started having nightmares in no time.

was it okay??
tell me how to improve if its not so good people! thank you to everyone who has even glanced at this story, i love you all!
- Lizzie x
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