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at least i can make someone smile.

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Franks POV

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sorry its kinda short..i hope its okay though..
thank you too Chloeee_xx for helping me with the rest of the storyline! xD
i'm hoping to stick to it..

Franks POV

I’m all out of popcorn now and its only half way through the movie. I would go get some more if it wasn’t for Gerard sprawled all over me. He was lying on his front with his pale legs over my lap and his right hand awkwardly twisted to reach my shoulder, His face was well pressed into the pillow with his mouth hanging slightly open and snoring lightly. His neck will hurt like hell in the morning, that’s for sure.
He looked rather troubled as he slept, like trying to fit the last puzzle piece in the slot bit It wouldn’t fit.
The more I stared at his sleeping face the more tired I became, I haven’t had a real nights sleep in so long. I should get some sleep... now how to get up without waking Gerard..
I oh so gently gripped the smooth, warm skin of his hand and placed it on the couch cushion. I cringed when he snorted in his sleep and pulled his hand underneath his limp body, twisting onto his right side as the blanket fell to the floor. When he stopped moving again, I lifted up his legs just enough me to slip out from underneath, and placed them carefully back onto the settee. I held my breath for a few seconds, waiting to see if he would wake. When he didn’t I straightened up and let out a sigh.

He must be cold, I thought. As if proving my point, Gerard wrapped his arms around is slowly shivering body.
I retrieved the purple blanket from the cold wooden floor and being so careful, placed it over Gerard’s shrivelled frame. He was subconsciously grateful for my actions and I watched a small smile creep over his slightly chapped lips, at least I can make someone smile, even if they didn’t know it.

I stepped back and examined the room, I better clean it up before Bob comes down. Striding over to the popcorn mess on the floor, I grabbed the glass bowl and started picking up the little golden pieces that missed Gerard’s mouth. After chucking the last piece in the bowl I took Gerard’s empty water glass with me too the spookily vacant kitchen. It seemed too quiet in the house, the only thing that could be heard was the heavy breathing of Gerard next door.
I poured the remains on the popcorn in the bin and placed the empty bowl into the sink. I thought about getting Gerard another glass of water in case he wakes but surely it would wake him up. I walked across the kitchen , reached the fridge and opened it. eventually, I found a bottle of water stored in the corner and poured that into the glass instead.
After downing the rest of the water in the bottle I walked back into the living room, placing the glass of water in a hole in the wall by Gerard’s head.
I guess I’ll sleep on the loveseat, there is the bedroom of course but if Gerard wakes he’ll want to sleep in a bed. Well good job Bobs couches are immensely comfy of I’ll be sleeping in the cupboard under the stairs just like Mr Potter. I wish I brought a hoodie of some sort, it was very cold and Gerard has the only blanket. I’ll do without. So I tried to get as comfy as a could without being in a painful position. I was facing the television and decided it looked like some sort of creepy robot so I flipped over to the other side so I was facing Gerard’s sleeping figure. I took some time just staring at him, I didn’t really notice how good looking he was until now, well his body is fabulously toned and his pale skin made it stand out even more.
His raven black hair has fell over his face and almost blended in with the blackness of the room that started to take over me.


I woke up slowly, rubbing my eyes. My phone was vibrating in my jeans pocket so I slid it out to check the caller ID. Jen flashed annoyingly brightly right in my eyes and I groaned. I had forgotten about Jen, I was gonna spend the night at her house. I stood up and ran into the kitchen so I didn’t wake Gerard when I spoke.
‘Jen. I’m so sorry, I fell asleep at Bob’s.’ I panicked, when she’s angry, she’s really angry.
‘are you kidding me? Again? Frank get your ass over here now!’ she raised her voice down the phone at me and I rolled my eyes annoyed. I was so so tired, I could have fell asleep right here on the kitchen floor but nooo, Jen wants me over there.
‘Jen! Its not even 7am yet! Do I have to?’ I begged groggily
‘yes. Get here in 15 minuets Frank or you’re dead meat.’ She threatened and the I heard the dial tone ring through my ears. I cursed to myself and strode back into the room with Gerard.
There was a pad of sticky notes placed next to Gerard’s glass in the wall and a grabbed a pen that was sitting in my pocket. I took the sticky notes in my hand and scrawled in my messy handwriting a note for Gerard before lightly sticking it to his forehead . stepping backward, I observed the sight in front of me and took In how cute he looked when he slept, especially when there was a yellow piece of paper stuck to his head.
I sighed with tiredness before turning to leave the room. Will Bob mind if I take one of his hoodies, just to got to Jen’s house?
Well I hope not cause I’m taking it.
I didn’t know he liked the Smashing Pumpkins, which is what’s on the front of the hoodie. It was very warm, I’m glad I took it.
I examined myself in the full length mirror, running my hands through my sleeping Mohawk to tame it a little before walking out of the house. I shut the door as quietly as I could, trying not to let the cold winter air into the house. To lock the door I pushed the handle up to the sky until it clicked, satisfied they weren’t going to get robbed or raped in the early hours of the morning, I walked down the long driveway and turned to walk to Jen’s house. I wonder what she has in store for me today.

is it okay?! pleas please tell me of its not good, i want you to actually want to read the rest of it! and who's POV next peeps?
thank you too everyone that has reviewed, you all get a smile from me, a unicorn, cookies and now a pair of Harry Potters glasses. i hope you approve.
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