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i'm cranky in the mornings.

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Gerard’s POV

I hate waking up.

Especially on a couch.

Especially when there is something tickling my forehead.

I opened my eyes and there was something blocking my sight. It was really annoying first thing in the morning so I slapped my hand to my forehead to feel whatever it was.
It fell from my face at my slight touch and on to the pillow underneath my head. I was rather confused, yellow paper just fell form my head. I picked it up and observed the messy handwriting on the front that read;

Thanks for a laugh,

Frank x

Aw how sweet! Frank left me a love letter! Note the sarcasm. It was defiantly not a laugh either. It was not for his entertainment that I whacked myself in the face with popcorn. Augh he’s such a jerk, laughing at my own misfortune. It happened to hurt quite a bit and he was just sat there laughing his ass off at me. Prick.
I don’t know what his game is. I may be gay but I am not falling for that little bugger. He’s probably a player, a man whore who will have anyone he can get his hands on, even if it was a little freak like me.
That’s his game there, who can get the biggest freak, The biggest loser. I have no real life and he’s just gonna pretend to be my friend. Well I won’t let him-
I won’t even glace at him if I see him again, which I’m not planning too. He can go fuck himfelf.
‘AHHHHHHFUCKYOU!!’ I was so fucking shocked. I’m not used to getting yelled at at this time in the morning. He almost gave me a fucking heart attack. My hand has smacked my chest and I was gasping for air.
‘WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?’ apparently my voice box hadn’t gotten over the panic yet.
‘DO YOU WANT SOME PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST?’ Bob was shouting back at me, his arms flopping around like a small child .
‘YES PLEASE.’ I answered. My throat was kinda starting to hurt now.
‘OKAY!’ Bob saluted me and marched into the kitchen. That motherfucker will be the death of me. I swear.
I sat up straight, clutching one hand to my heart and tried to calm my breathing. I won’t even try speaking yet in case I start yelling at Ray for greeting me good morning.
As if by magic, Ray walks into the room, bed headed and yawning. What time is it anyway?
‘Yo dude, you slept on the couch?’ Ray dropped onto the loveseat by the telly and sighed. I opened my mouth to speak but thought differently, so I just nodded. ‘how come?’ he asked me, well I’m gonna have to speak now, or he’ll think there’s something wrong with me.
‘Fell asleep watching a movie with Frank.’ I said simply, so relieved I didn’t shout at poor Ray.
‘Ahh okay.’ Ray nodded slowly. ‘What movie?’ he questioned me, looking as tired as ever. I had to think hard, I couldn’t remember…
‘uhhhm, I honestly can’t remember, I was too busy throwing popcorn in my face.’ I say, annoyed that I can’t let it go, or stop thinking about that little fucker Frank.
‘Sticky notes?’ Ray’s eyebrows raised, I had the sticky note clutched in my hand, I bring it up to my face to read the small note again. Was he just being kind or was it really a hoax or what..?
‘Uh yeah, Frank left a note for me this morning, stuck it on my fucking head.’ I spoke angrily, being so confused when you just woke up is not fun.
‘Oh okay, what’s it say?’ I didn’t feel like speaking any more so I stood up and strode towards ray, smacking him in the nose with the stick note. His face scrunched up as my hand collided with his face but he didn’t complain. Never does.
He grabbed the little piece of yellow paper and read it out loud before commenting.
‘Nice, sounds like you had fun.’ He said nodding. Man was he wrong, I was so embarrassed! Fucking Frank. I felt the anger bubbling inside of me, it was not fun.
‘no. no I didn’t. he was the one laughing at me. and my stupid stupid misfortune. Its his fault anyway, stretching just so I could see his muscled torso…’ I quietened, realising what I had said and Ray raised one eyebrow as if to say ‘oooo you like him!’ the smirk on his face was rather annoying. ‘Oh shut up Ray!’ I scowled at him and crossed my arms over my chest.
‘I didn’t say a word!’ he said defensively, raising his hands in surrender. I glared at ray and spoke with clenched teeth.
‘good, and you better not’ I jabbed my finger in his direction, making it loud and clear not to drop any hint to anyone. I snatched the note out of his warm hand and stormed out the room. I’m cranky in the mornings.

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