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please not again...

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Franks POV

I’m sooo screwed. She said 15 minuets, I’m 5 minuets late.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
I kept walking down the cold street, my hands deep inside the borrowed hoodie. It was so cold I could see my hot moist breath evaporate into the air and disappear behind me. I was trying to walk faster to warm up, also so I could save part of my skin form being scarred for life. I wanted to go back, to turn back into the warm of my best friends house, to be anywhere else than where I was planning to go. Just give me my friend please?
Before I knew it, I had reached Jen’s house. Fuck, I wasn’t expecting to see it so soon, I really didn’t want to. I stopped outside the driveway and took one deep breath before gathering my courage too walk up the lonesome walkway. I walked slowly, regretting leaving the comfort of the couch, and headed towards the steps to the front door. I stumbled on the last of the three stairs, and paused before knocking on the bright red wood of the door, which sure enough has hell lying just behind it.
‘Get your fucking ass in here Iero!’ I heard Jen shouting angrily, I think it came from upstairs. I didn’t even think to hesitate, it was if my brain had no control of my body, she was controlling me.
I forced open the door, being thankful that the inside of the house was warm. Jen had quite a massive home. A big entrance hall with a living room with settee’s and a huge plazma screen T.V. to the right there was a long rectangular dining room with a table to fit, the chairs around the outside where tall, more like thrones. The staircase was placed head on from the front door, wide with mahogany banisters that curl inwards at the end and a landing overlooking the entrance hall.
Jen appeared from the left of the balcony, hand on hip and a glass in hand. It was surely not water in the glass, I could smell it in the air around me, she had been drinking again. She never stops, she’s so out of control.
‘Where the fuck have you been!?’ she yells at me, it echo’s through the entire mansion. It felt like she was a record stuck, replaying the question over and over until it was engraved into my brain.

‘I told you, I fell asleep at Bob’s. Lost track of time, I’m sorry Je-’ her face screwed up into an angry scowl and she threw the glass -with as much force as she could- right at me. I ducked just in time and it hit the front door behind me, raining glass over my head and gently cutting small slashes over my pale cheeks.
‘How can you lose track of time, hu? You where meant to be at my house with me. your girlfriend! And you just, lost. Track. Of. Time?’ her voice grew sickeningly sweet with the last words, they where just dripping of sarcasm and venom. Her face was sour. Like she had just licked a fucking lemon,
‘Yeah, I fell asleep then woke up and watched a movie with-’ that really was a bad thing to say, not only did I lose track of time, but I was spending it with someone else. She’s gonna go apeshit, not that she alrea-
She picked up the vase that was standing with the balcony and once again threw it in my direction, badly may I add. It hit the floor just in front of me, smashing into smaller particles that fell into my old tatted converse and into my face once again. I tried shielding my features with my hands and they too got badly cut up.
‘Who?! Who where you watching a film with?!’ she was shouting now, the words echoing around my head. Should I tell the truth? I’m a bad liar, she’d suss me out eventually.
‘Gerard, he’s a friend of Bob’s.’ I said, cringing and waiting for the next blow. She stood up straight and placed her hand calmly on the banister, sliding it along as she stepped gracefully down the stairs and her head held high. Her pixie cropped hairstyle was messy and in her face, her brand new designer floral top was ripped at the shoulder seam and it hung around her wrist. It seemed she had attempted to put make up on, the Barbie pink lipstick was out of the contours and the liquid eyeliner was all over the place.
I had forgotten she was getting progressively closer until she reached the bottom stair where she stood, trying to keep a steady gaze on my eyes.
When she couldn’t hold it any longer, she screeched so loud and started clawing at me with her horrible sharp fake nails. She aimed for the face and arms, succeeding at slashing my lip open and taking part of my eyebrow off. She continued to attack until I fell to the floor where she grabbed a lighter from her jeans pocket. Oh fuck no not again. Please not again. I’ve learnt to just take these beatings as they come, whatever she throws at me I’ll get over it.
Jen grabbed the side of my face, her nails digging in to the flesh, and pulled it so she could reach the left side. Grabbing the lighter, she clicked it twice, until there was a small flame, and placed it under my jaw bone. The burning sensation of my very own flesh was excruciating, I tried to scream at her to let go but she had a very firm grip on my head. I was hyperventilating and I needed to get out of here. My face scrunched up in agony and I writhed on the floor beneath my psycho girlfriend. I could smell my fragile skin burning, the coppery metallic smell mixed with beef on a barbeque. I could feel it dripping away like the happiness in my heart, like the rain that had started to fall outside.
Jen finally let the flame disappear. She still had a grip on my face and she dragged her nails along my cheek, taking clumps of my flesh with her.
It took me a while to realise I was crying, the salty water dripped to the wooden floor beneath my head and created a puddle. The salt stung my cut cheeks and made me wince in pain while I laid there helpless. Maybe I deserve to die. I obviously dome something wrong to piss of the gods. Yeah, Karma’s a bitch.

She was straddled over my hips so my arms where only just free, with one hand I grabbed her stomach and with the other I ripped her nails from my flesh, she had had her fun and given up fighting. She stood up straight and scowled at me, her eyes tearing into my soul.
I stayed there, not daring to move in case she strikes again.
I was so worthless, didn’t even have the guts to end it with her. She’d probably hunt be down anyway, with an axe.

Jen Grabbed her jacket that was on a hook by the front door, she wrapped herself in it and gave me one last glace before leaving me. Walking out into the dull morning. i was alone.

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