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I feel Dead

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different POV's in this one.

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sorry if this is really bad, i got bored writing with one and swapped alot xD
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BTW! yeah i'm English so sorry if some of you don't understand the words..

Ray’s POV

Gerard had Locked himself in his room for like 30 minuets now, what was his problem? I was only kidding…unless he actually does like frank. Awr poor guy, he’s in denial. he’s all locked up like his feelings, he’s never been able to trust anyone, hardly even me and we’ve been friends since I can remember. We’ve been through everything together and he can’t trust me enough to tell me what’s going on in that mind of his. I know its bothering him. He needs to talk to someone, a friend, someone that knows him. I really hope he knows I’m here for him any time, say the word and I’ll be there. If he doesn’t know that, then he needs too.

I stood up from the couch and walked out of the living room door, heading straight for Gerard’s room. I hesitated, what if I was disturbing him, whatever he was doing. He could be putting make up on for all I know. He could be doing something very stupid… it happens every once in a while because he can’t see Mikey, can’t talk too him about what’s going on. It must be so much harder now, being in the same town as him but being trapped inside this house. Afraid of what lies behind just the thin layer of wood. I started panicking and opened the door without knocking.

Bob’s POV

I feel dead.

Frank’s POV

I lied still for what seemed like forever, begging the spirits to just take me. after all that shit in my life, all that fuckery and I get repaid like this? This sucks serious balls. And hurts like Hell and deeper. I honestly do not know what I’ve done to deserve it. Maybe it was that time in 6th grade when I pushed that boy out the tree cause he was calling me bad words. Well whatever, I know that all this motherfucking mess was not because of that little argument. I wasn’t here then anyways. Maybe its this town, Bob told me about the shit him and his friends got in to, he never named names though. He said it was always the four of them so it couldn’t have been Ray and Gerard from the stories. I’ve never really met any of Bob’s friends…
Okay. I need to get out of here before Jen comes back.
I pushed myself onto my elbows and sat up as straight as I could without it hurting. The impact with the floor and my back must have been big, though I didn’t feel it at the time. It hurt like someone had just hit me with a baseball bat, right and the bottom of my back near my ass, I can’t remember what it’s called. Whatever. After the pain had died a smidge I moved onto my hands and knees, forgetting about the smashed glass. The shards sliced the delicate skin of my palms and I watched as the crimson liquid started dripping slowly to the floor.
I shook my hands and a few specs of glass flew off, thankfully, not in the direction of my ruined face. I gently wiped hands on Bob’s poor hoodie, wincing at the pain, and reached inside my Jeans Pocket. I pulled out my old flip phone and clicked it open, pressing number 1 and rung Bob. He was first on my speed dial.
He picked up on the 3rd ring.
‘Yo Frank, what’s up?’ he said, sounding kinda tired and fed up. I really didn’t want to bother him if he wanted to sleep..
‘Uh, nothing. You sound tired, go get some sleep.’ I told him. I’ll probably regret It later.
‘No dude its fine, what’s wrong. I’m awake.’ Concern filled his voice and I needed his help, but I couldn’t stay here. What if Jen comes home while I’m waiting for Bob to come to my rescue.
‘Uh, just meet me at the shops yeah?’ I slurred, my lip was torn on my left side where she had pulled out my lip ring. I didn’t even notice until now.
‘Uhm, sure. Be there soon’ he promised and hung up.
I pushed the phone into the hoodie pocket and pushed myself up, using the wall for support. My legs where only just working, I could feel them creek though no sound was heard. I walked the few meters to the front door and turned the handle with a shaky hand. The door opened with a click and I stepped out into the well needed cold.

Bob’s POV.

‘Uh, just meet me at the shops yeah?’ frank’s voice was slightly slurred but I understood him loud and clear
‘Uhm, Sure. Be there soon’ I said, nodding to myself and I clicked the ‘end call’ button. I stood up from the loveseat with a sigh and headed towards the front door, ignoring Ray who looked rather deep in thought. I stepped out into the cold and turned right, seeing the big park railings opposite my house. I passed families walking too the shops and felt empty, I’ve forgotten what it feels like to have a family. Although Ray, Gerard and Frank are like family too me, it’s not the same. Plus Frank has only just met the others, like a long lost brother or something stupid like that.
The two small shops placed randomly in the middle of a load of houses came into view but there was no sign of Frank yet.
I walked in the door and the bell overhead tinged in happiness at my entrance. There wasn’t a lot in the shop, simple groceries and sweets and chocolate with a fridge hidden on the back filled with fizzy drinks. I wandered around until I got bored and stepped out the door again, the bell wishing me goodbye.
I don’t know what was taking Frank so long but I didn’t want to pester him so I just stood outside the shop waiting quietly. I wish I bought my ipod to pass the time.

Someone was walking towards the little stores from the right of me wearing a hoodie that seemed strangely familiar. Bastard stole my hoodie. Ah well, it was bloody freezing out. The hood was covering most of his face and he was walking with a slight limp on his left leg. He got much closer before I noticed there was blood dripping from his mouth. Panic was bubbling through me and I jogged too him. The closer I got, the more clear it all came. His face was totally ruined with glass and what looked like claw or nail marks. The dripping blood was coming from where his lip ring used to be placed; it had been completely ripped out.
I looked into Frank’s eyes, they where starting to swell with tears and I silently pulled him into a hug. He winced when I touched him and I let go instantly.
‘Frank what happened?’ I whispered, placing my hands on his shoulders and ducking my head to his height, looking straight into his Hazel eyes. He avoided me gaze but spoke quietly, I had to lean in to hear what he was saying.
‘Jen.’ He spoke the one word simply and full of regret. I always knew she’s be trouble, but would he listen? Nope. Well this was none of his fault. I went go grab his hand but he squealed ad flinched away. He looked in my eyes and I oh so gently took his wrist and placed his hand in mine, palm facing up.
I twisted his hand in mine, it was ruined. Shards of glass embedded into the soft skin of my best friend’s hand.
‘Come on Frank, I’ll clean you up as much as I can at home then take you to the hospital.’ I worded our plan and he nodded, still not meeting my gaze. I guided him in front of me, squeezing his shoulder to let him know I was still with him. I wasn’t planning on leaving his side until he was completely healed. He’ll stay at mine, bunk with Gerard, they where friends right? Whatever. Frank is staying with us.

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