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simply beautiful

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really short, kinda pointless Filler.

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sorry this is like super super short...

Gerard’s POV

It had been around 35 minuets since I had childishly stormed out and into my bedroom. I felt bad for Ray, he must’ve felt so awkward…
I was about to come out of my bathroom when Ray was franticly knocking on the door, scaring the shit out of me.
‘Gerard!’ he yelled through the door.
‘What!’ I yelled back, my heart beating fast again. I wrapped a towel over my hair and roughly dried it. While Ray was pleading for me to open the door.
‘Gerard open the door please!’ bloody hell. What was his problem? I reached out, blinded by the towel, to unlock the door and Ray fell in, almost lading on me.
‘Jesus Ray what’s wrong?’ I asked, still drying my hair.
‘uh, nothing.’ He said innocently. ‘what’re you doing?’ he asked. Bending down and looking up to my face.
‘I just re dyed my hair, you liiike?’ I asked, spinning around and giving ray a full view of my new Black hair. It didn’t really look much different, my roots where coming through and the black had started to fade on top where the sunlight hit it.
‘Yeah, Looks good.’ Ray calmed down a bit, leaning on the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest. ‘I think Bob just went out to the shops’ well he popped that up randomly.
‘Oh cool. Didn’t he go yesterday?’ I asked, wondering what else he could need, we had a full house here. I walked passed Ray and sat on the end of my bed, still in my pyjamas, different ones this time. Instead of hearts printed on them, they where hammers. Ray followed and stood in front of me, he looked a little guilty. Hm. Whatever, its probably me being paranoid.
‘Uh yeah, I dunno what he’s getting actually. He didn’t tell me.’ he stated, shrugging it away. Well we’ll find out when he gets back.
I stood up and whipped my hair a bit before walking passed ray again and into the living room, over to the loveseat. I suddenly fell sleepy and felt my body go limp.

Ray’s POV.

FUCK MY LIFE. I was so scared. He was only dying his hair. I worry way too much, I gotta control it. I’m so relieved. When Gerard left his room I collapsed on the huge bed and sighed in relief. Thank god he wasn’t doing anything stupid. I don’t know what I would have done if he was to be quite honest…
I got of the bed soundlessly and walked out of Gerard’s room, heading upstairs for the Music room Bob had hidden in the back of the house. We used to spend all our days there. Me shedding on the guitar, Bob on his drum kit, Mikey on the bass and greard singing amazingly. It was here we had our best times, Bob’s place was like a safe house. We used to take cover here if things weren’t going right at home and Bob’s parents where more than happy to help.
I clicked open the door and stepped inside. It looked exactly the same. Like nothing had been touched since the last visit four years ago. The walls where painted a brightening white and it was covered with Guitars hanging from the wall stands. At the back of the room stood Bob’s drum kit, just underneath the small square window that added more light to the room. I took a few more steps in and closed the door behind me, noticing the big amp’s in the corners. Last time I remember, this room was sound proof…

I picked a Bright blue guitar that was hanging on the right wall and plugged it into the amp. The weight of if felt so good, I hadn’t played in a while. I can’t remember what stopped me, or even if it was anything, but I know I missed it dearly. I let my fingers glide across the fret board to create chords for my hand to strum. It started coming more naturally now, I was strumming old songs we all used to jam too and I loved it. I really do wonder if it’ll ever happen again.
I closed my eyes and let myself feel the music I was creating; I let it flow out of my heart so I could hear my feelings aloud in the tone on music. Simply beautiful.

okay so i just wanted to know if i should bother carrying on with this story or what? i don't now if anyone is following or enjoying it so let me know (:
- Lizzie x
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