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sorry for not updating

Frank’s POV.

Walking back to Bob’s house, I think I did a good job hiding a lot of my pain. He still hadn’t seen the burn but he would as soon as he started cleaning me up.
He is such an amazing friend; I really don’t know what I would do with out my Bobbert, he’s been there for me since I was about 13, maybe even longer. I’ve kind of thrown it in his face a little… he told me Jen was going to be trouble but I ignored him. He was just looking out for me, like any decent friend would do.

We reached the house and I stepped in staring at my shoes. I was trying to hide my face from anyone else that may be in here. Thankfully, Gerard was asleep on the loveseat and I could vaguely hear a guitar being shredded upstairs somewhere. Good job that room is soundproof. I can hardly hear it, witch is good, I was starting to get a killer headache.

Bob took a wooden chair from the dining table, it was In a different section of the room - separated by an archway.
He placed it in the middle of the living room, facing the fire place that was next to the television. Bob grabbed my shoulders and pulled me forward, he placed me onto the chair.
‘Take your hoodie and shirt off.’ He demanded, disappearing into the kitchen.
I obeyed, and pulled off my hoodie. My shirt magically came off with it.
Gerard stirred in his sleep, making me jump slightly and Bob appeared with a shallow metal bowl and some tweezers.
‘Right. Gerard taught me how to do this shit.’ He was mumbling to himself. he kneeled down my me feet and looked up at my face to assess the damage. His eyes grew bigger with shock, then sadness and his mouth fell open slightly.
I knew that look.
He was disappointed in me, for letting this go on for so long. And he’s right. It has been too long. A fucking year, and this is nowhere near the worst its been.
I need to end it. or just disappear.

really sorry its so short. i'm in a bit of a state. update soon, maybe...
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