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sorry for not updating in a while, i've beeen preparing for a school trip (: I'M SORRY ITS SHORT DDx THEY WILL GWT LONGER AND BETTER SOON!!

Gerard’s POV

I woke starring into the eyes of Bob, his worried expression told me I was sleep talking/screaming/walking. Whatever.
My face was damp with sweat and my whole vision was blocked with Bobness.
‘Gerard? Gerard are you okay?’ he spoke in a worried tone, stroking my forehead. I honestly couldn’t remember what I was dreaming. I realised I was almost gasping for air and tried to calm myself.
‘Yeah I’m fine..’ I replied, my voice sounded different, like I had been crying for hours. Maybe I had, in my sleep that is. It happens all too often. I need to remind myself to buy some sleeping pills next time I go to the shops, I haven’t had a real sleep in ages.
Bob moved out of my vision and I sat up slowly, my back aching slightly from the awkward position I was in. i was so tired I didn’t even notice the person sat right in the middle of the floor until they spoke to me.
‘What’s up?’ the voice sounded familiar but rather different. It sounded pained and hurt. I looked up to see who had spoken to me and franks eyes met mine. They where a piercing green colour and full of tears. I was confused as to why he was sat in the living room almost crying..
‘Dude what’s wrong?’ I asked, coming closer, concern filling me to the brim. The closer I got, the more damage I could see across franks face. It was horrendous, I didn’t want to look. I felt a twang of guilt in me, I had been so horrible to him. Well, about him, he wasn’t actually there. And then he comes back here all blooded up. I am such a bitch.
‘Uhm, don’t worry. It’s nothing really.’ He shrugged. I got closer, sitting in front of him and I could hear bob in the kitchen, metal on metal. I then saw the burn mark and anger flooded into me. I may not know frank well, but no one deserves this. Whoever done it will pay. They would have to be mad, a lunatic. My hands balled into fists on the carpet, placed either side of me.
‘Frank. Please tell me?’ I spoke with gritted teeth and my eyes squeezed shut. I felt them tear up, not with sadness but with anger. When I received no response I opened my eyes and looked into franks. Begging with them for him to tell me.
‘My girlfriend.’ Frank’s voice cracked in the middle somewhere and I saw a tear escape his right eye, trailing down his cheek and mixing with some of the blood that was still drying. His girlfriend did this to him
how can anyone even think to do this to that face? So angelic and perfect, ruined by the stain of red and pain.

With shaky hands I stumbled into the kitchen. Meeting bob leaning against the counter, his thumb and finger on the bridge of his nose. He was crying. I rushed over to him and pulled him into a hug. He responded slowly, wrapping his arms around my waist. This is all normally the other way around, he was always comforting us, it feels strange the other way round.
‘Bob, he’ll be fine. I’ll patch him up a bit and we’ll take him to the hospital, yeah?’ I pulled back so I could see his face and wiped away a stray tear. He gave a small nod so I let him go,
‘Start with his hands, they’re pretty fucked up.’ He said, trying to cover his tears with words.
I nodded and grabbed the things from the side top. I know how he likes to be alone when he’s upset. But It felt so wrong, leaving Bob so distraught, just walking away. The further away I got, the more it hurt.

I returned back into the living room with another bowl and tweezers. I knew how to do this. It was easy. Not so fun for the person on the other side though…
I knelt back in front of Frank and grabbed his right wrist. He winced a bit.
Placing the bowl on Frank’s knees, I grabbed the tweezers and slowly, gently, pulled the first shard of glass out of his hand. It wasn’t jammed in too deep and was easy enough to pluck out.
But the noise. I totally forgot about the noise it made. It was a cross between a plucking sound, and the rip of a blade against your skin. It was scarily comforting to me. it was like music to my ears. I hated the fact that I was enjoying seeing the blood drip down frank’s hand. It sickened me. it angered me. I swallowed hard and painfully ripped my eyes from the blood, and onto Franks face. I couldn’t bring myself to look into his eyes.
‘Want some music on?’ I asked quietly, It didn’t even occur to me how hard this would be. I was totally oblivious to it.
Frank’s face was scrunched up in pain as he nodded a ‘yes’ for me.
I complied and rummaged around through Bob’s CD’s to find one of my favourite Misfits albums.
‘Hey have you done something with your hair?’ I turned to face Frank, his head was cocked to the side.
‘Oh yeah, I dyed it again this morning, my roots where showing…’ that sounded unbelievably camp.

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