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i'm so soorrrryyyyyyyy i've been so lazy since i've been back from holiday and shizz, plus i got grounded -.- oh well i think i'm back now so i'm so sorry about the wait. uhm yea i'm writing now but its like 1:30AM.
the new chapter will be up tomorrow but its already tomorrow so it'll be up later todayish somewhen.
i know i don't have many readers but i'm so sorry if you are reading..
so i'll try my best and hopefully make it up to you with the next chapter
again i'm sooooo soorrryyyy >_<

please forgive me?? i'll give you some Crunchy Mint Sticks from sainsbury's??


i just realised. read REDRUM backwards. how cool is that?
anyway. i'm sorrryyyyyy agaiinn. i'm tired so i'm rambling now so yeah. you're bored now. sorryy hehe.

-Lizzie xxx
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