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i'm soooooooooo sorryyyyy!! i was so lazy i couldn't be bothered to write Dx buut i can now so yaay plwaseee R&R for me, i don't actually know if i should keep writing or not, is it getting bad? should i give up or carry on? pleaaasee give me feedback so i know. i'll give you the Chanel bracelet i am wearing right now ;) thanks peeps.
- Lizzie xx

After quickly but carefully patching up Franks hands with butterfly stitches I fetched coffee from the kitchen, glad to get away from that blood. Bob jumped as I walked in, he was in deep conversation with someone on his phone
‘uh, I’ll talk to you later mate. Okay. Bye’ he hung up his phone all innocently so I eyed him suspiciously, watching him over my shoulder as I walked slowly to the kettle on the other side of the kitchen.
‘whooo was thaaat?’ I asked in a sickly sweet voice, fluttering my eyelashes and smiling what was probably a very creepy smile at Bobbert.
‘noooo onneee’ he answered in the same tone. ‘just an old friend is all’ he said shrugging. Nodding at him, I thought nothing more of it and turned back to the kettle, pouring the liquid into the coffee mugs, the smell of the stuff lingering in my nose.
I toot the yummy stuff back through to the living room, awkwardly realising frank can’t take the cup for himself. I placed them on the floor by his chair and fetched a mini table thingy from the side of the couch where the arch is, and carefully put it over the steaming mugs. I grabbed them from underneath and placed them back on top. Frank smiled and gently took the mug with his fingertips and took a tiny sip, he then held it in between his thighs so he didn’t have to hold it and hurt his hands.
‘uh I think we should get you to hospital for your face.’ I spoke, bringing the coffee mug up to my lips.
‘Am I really that ugly?’ Frank asked, an eyebrow raised.
‘For the burn you Muppet!’ I said, rolling my eyes. I sat down in the loveseat before he spoke again.
‘I’m not going to the hospital.’ He simply said, and I didn’t argue. I know the feeling, it’s all too familiar. I don’t want to go in there either, I hate hospitals with a passion.
‘Thank god.’ I whispered, but not quiet enough. Frank turned his head towards me.
‘What do you mean?’ I hesitated before answering
‘I hate hospitals. Especially this one, I was like a regular customer there. they all hate me.’ I said, shaking my head. Why wouldn’t they hate me? everybody should.
‘Ah, I know the feeling.’ I looked up into his eyes. So he genuinely knew what I felt back then or does he just feel sorry for me? He gave me a reassuring smile and took another sip from the coffee mug, then he put it back onto the mini table beside him.

A silence filled the room. It wasn’t exactly awkward, but it wasn’t comfortable either. I just sat and stared at frank, it sounded creepy, but I had an excuse. I could say I was looking at his tattoo’s. as I thought of that I found myself examining his inked skin, concentrating on his hands. He had a semi circle above the web part of both hands. One was a spider web that read ‘hopeless’ above and the other was blocked black witch had ‘romantic’ over the top, both in a strange font. He then had letters across his knuckles in a black and orange creepy font that I couldn’t quite make out.
‘What does that tattoo say?’ I asked, trying to read the lettering that stained his pale skin.
‘Hu? Oh, it says Halloween.’ He replied, holding up his knuckles in front of his face without clenching his fists too much. I read the letters to myself and nodded.
‘Why do you have it?’ it was a rather strange thing to have tattooed across your hands.
‘I was born on Halloween, pretty rad right?’ he nodded his head at his own radness and admired the tattoo.
‘Yeah it’s my favourite holiday’ I said, it really is an awesome holiday. Must be a great day to have your birthday on. Frank nodded in agreement
‘Yeah me too’ he smiled excitedly at me, he’s cheered up a lot since he got back.


It felt so amazing just to play again, everything just left me and I felt so happy in that room. I shut the door quietly behind me, sighing as it clicked into place. I could hear people talking as I walked down the stairs and I guessed frank was back or something. There was a weird smell in the air, like chemicals and alcohol. i walked into the open living room door and sat next to gee on the loveseat, stealing the coffee out of his hands.
Frank was sat in the middle of the living room, facing the fireplace, shirtless. Riiight. He looked around when I sat down and waved to me. his hands where stitched up with butterfly stitches and his face was bloody and cut up. I was sure I looked like a complete prick right now, moth hanging open and all.
‘Dude. Shut your mouth’ Gee proved me right by pushing my chin back to normal by his fingertips.
‘Uh, sorry. Frank..what happened?’ I asked, I was amazed, someone did this to him. But who would do this to a human being. Let alone Frank.
‘My girlfriend.’ He spoke through his teeth, eyes unfocused and glazed. He obviously didn’t want to talk about it.

I drunk the rest of gees coffee, so I had to make him a new one. I ruffled Franks hair when I walked past and opened the door to the kitchen. Bob was sat on the sidetop texting, his thumbs blurring with the speed. I clicked the kettle on to boil and spun on my heel to lean against the side.
‘Yo Raymond. I was thinking about getting an old friend over here soon.’

cliffhangerishhh duh duh duhhhh!!!! so was it alright? should i give up? carry on? you tell me cause i have no clue. let me know guys and i hope i kinda made up for me being gone for so long Dx
-Lizzie xx
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