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C is for Cat

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"Gee, we need a cat."

"We do?" Gerard asked his boyfriend. They had been dating for two years now, but they had known each other since Frank was two.

"Yes. We totally do. I want a black and white one. No! I want a ginger. Maybe brown," Frank rambled, sitting on the kitchen counter in their apartment.

"Frankie, why do we need one?" Gerard asked, standing at the stove and cooking waffles. Gerard was the one that cooked in their household, because Frank always burnt the food. And once he even started a small fire while trying to cook two-minute noodles.

"Because it'd be like having a kid. And Mikey's kitten is so cute. Even though it's a little skittish. And it gives us responsibility," Frank explained, smiling proudly at his idea.

"Does Mikey seem responsible to you?" Gerard asked, raising an eyebrow and flipping the waffles onto a plate.

"That's not the point! We need a cat. Like, now. Pwease?" Frank asked, sticking his bottom lip out in a pout.

"We'll do it tomorrow," Gerard gave in, handing Frank a plate of waffles and the syrup container, and taking his own plate to the table. Frank followed, and they both sat to eat.

"Why can't we do it now?" Frank whined, drenching his waffles in the syrup. Just what Gerard needed. A hyper Frank. Gerard loved his boyfriend, but sometimes Frank became a bit much.

"Because we're eating. And I just want to spend the day with my boyfriend," answered Gerard, finishing the last of his waffles.

"Awww. Okay. Fine. But we're going to adopt a cat tomorrow morning. I don't care if you're sleeping. I will wake your lazy ass up," Frank warned, picking up his empty plate and dumping it in the sink. Gerard copied his actions. They would clean it up later.

They made their way to the lounge and sprawled on the couch. Gerard was lying on his back on the couch, and Frank was curled up on top of him. Both were watching The Hills Have Eyes, but both had opposite reactions. Gerard giggled every time someone died, and Frank squealed and buried his face in Gerard's shirt.

Once the movie was finished, both were sleepy, even though Frank was still a little scared, and jumped at every noise he heard.

"Hey, Frankie?"


"Don't worry. We'll get a cat trained to attack creepy deformed guys."



"I love you."

"I love you more."

"Can we also get a bird that would peck their eyes out?"

"Don't push it."


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