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New Neighbor's

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Alexia POV

It was late in the summer, the hottest time in LA. I was outside playing with my bog Bella, times like that I wish I had more of. Having a break from my job was the best but at times I did miss it. As I was playing with her I notice a big moving truck pull into the driveway next door. As I was looking, I saw a black escalade pull into the drive behind the moving truck. And that’s when I saw them two guys; you could easy tell they were twins. One of them was somewhat tall, he wore baggie cloths, but the other one caught my eye. He was taller he was slim, he wore a black shirt with skinny jeans, I couldn’t help but stare.

Few minutes later I went inside to find Elena sitting on the couch. Elena was taking it hard from the break she launch two clothing lines and it hit through the roofs, but she needed a break to come up with new ideas. I walk into the living room and sat beside her.

“ Guess who’s moving in next door, “ I said while looking at the TV.

“ Who, “ She ask as she turn towards me.

“ Two guys, who happen to be twins, “ I said with a smile.

“ Really? Now saying home won’t suck now. I must go look now, “ She said while getting up.

“ Don’t go outside, they might see us, let’s go out to the back, “ I said.

She followed behind me as we walk outside the back yard, we really didn’t have a back yard; but you could see over the fence.

“ Wow, now I know where I’ll be spending my days. The one that’s wearing the baggie cloths in very pretty, “ She said while staring at him.

“ I don’t know how I feel about this, you know? Having two guys living next door to us, I mean I know its good but I just don’t know, it’s like I have a bad feeling or something, “ I said while looking at her.

“ You and your bad feelings, I swear. Lex there are twin guys living next door to us, how could you not love that? You will change your mind when you see them shirtless, I promise, “ She replied.

I knew I should judge no one before I met them but I just can’t help with the feeling I have, a feeling that I can’t explain but I just push that feeling away hoping it would stay away. As we were looking the twins turn their heads and look right at us.

“ Shit! Now I’m definitely not going to be showing my face any time soon, “ I said while turning away.

“ Don’t be like, it’s not the end of the world just yet. So they seen us, “ She said while looking at me.

“ Yeah and they probably think we’re freaks or something. I’m going back in the house, “ I said while walking away.

As I was walking back inside the house that feeling came back, like something was telling me to stay away from them.

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