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Alexia POV

The night had finally come I would lie if I didn’t say I wasn’t nerves as ever. Going to someone’s house who I never met before was making my heart beat thousands miles per hour, I tried to act calm but no matter what I did I couldn’t make my heart slow down or even make my nerve’s go away.

“ Lex calm down, will you. We’re just going to hang, just right next door. Everything will be alright, “ Elena said while coming into my bedroom.

“ I’m trying Elena, but its so fucking hard. You know I have anxiety problems, so I can’t help I’m nerves. Trust me I’m trying to calm down, “ I replied while looking at her.

“ If you start to feel bad or anything please let me know and we will leave, alright, “ She said.

I shook my head as we went out of the bedroom; I know I should be calm but that feeling just won’t leave me alone. We headed downstairs and went out the door, the best thing at nighttime it was cool, that’s what I love about LA. We walk down the driveway towards their house, each step closer I was getting more nerves.

“ I can’t, you go on. My anxiety just won’t leave me alone, “ I said while stopping in their driveway.

“ I promise everything will be alright, we’re just going to hang. Just try and hang, and if your still feeling the way you do we will leave, come on nothings going to happen, “ She said while turning to looking at me.

I sigh and begin to walk towards their house I hated that I had anxiety I couldn’t live as a normal person, even though I pretend to be one. We finally reach the front door, Elena rang the doorbell; few seconds later the door open, Bill was there.

“ Hello, glad you to could make it. Come in, head towards the back outside, “ He said while letting us in.

As we walk in I look around their house it was amazing, it was bigger then ours. It kind of had a rocker theme to it; I was in love with it.

“ Wow, ya’ll house is amazing, “ I said while looking at Bill.

“ Thank you, most people hate it. Since its not a normal house, “ He said while smiling at me.

I followed behind Elena as we walk outside; their back deck was even more amazing. They had a big swimming pool, hot tube, everything you could really think of. Tom was sitting by the fire pit; we walk over towards him and sat down.

“ Hello ladies, glad you two come make it, “ Tom said while looking at us.

“ Thanks for having over; Elena over here was about to have fit about not meeting you two sooner, “ I said while smiling at her.

“ She’s lying, I mean not that I wasn’t glad to meet you two “ Elena said as her face began to blush

“ Your face says other wise, “ I replied while laughing.

“ Sorry about not meeting sooner, we just had a lot of stuff to take care of first. Anyway, tell us about you two, “ Bill said while looking at me.

“ Well I’m a famous Photographer; I’ve been almost all around the world. This is the first time I stay at home in a week. Elena is my best friend even though everyone thinks we’re sisters. And that’s pretty much my boring life, “ I replied.

“ I have three clothing lines, like her I’ve been all over the world. And that’s pretty much it, other then that we have boring lives, “ Elena said.

“ I knew I seen you two from somewhere, I really like your work, its amazing. Tom and I are from Germany, we’ve moved here to get away just to live somewhere new. We were part time models in Germany and now we’re trying to get out in the U.S, and if haven’t already guess Tom and I are twins, “ Bill said while looking at me the whole time.

The night was amazing everyone was getting along so well, my anxiety finally left me alone. And for once that feeling had left me.

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