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Something Isn't Right

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Alexia POV

Last night was amazing Elena and I spent the night over at their house. Elena wanted to spend the night so she could get laid which happen. Bill wanted me to stay so we could keep on talking, which I loved. I learn so much about him, he was the nicest, amazing guy I ever met. We had a lot in common, which was awesome. I was asleep on the couch when I woke up and notice Bill was laying behind me, my heart had stop. But at the same time I felt safe that the feeling I had before went away, I couldn’t explain it. I just closed my eyes and hope this moment could last.

30 minutes later, I felt someone shaking me I open my eyes to see Elena standing there. If I could, I would kill her for ruining my moment.

“ May I help you, I ask in a angry tone.

“ Come on we need to leave, I have a lot to tell you. And I’m so sorry if I’m ruining your moment, but we need to go home, “ She said while looking at me. Just then, Bill woke up.

“ Leaving so soon, “ He ask while looking at me.

My heart was telling me to stay that I didn’t won’t to leave, but I knew Elena wanted to talk so I had no other choice.

“ Sadly yes, Elena here is dying to talk to me, “ I said while getting up and glaring at her.

“ Well I hope I get to see you soon. “ He said while smiling at me.

“ You will I promise, “ I said while smiling back.

Bill lead us to the door after he closed the door behind us, I turn towards Elena.

“ You know you told me to be calm that everything would be alright, that I would be happy we had twins living next door. I finally had amazing time, woke up next to an amazing guy and here you had to ruin it, “ I said while looking at her.

“ I said I was sorry but like I said I needed to talk to you. Last night when Tom and me were alone I notice something weird there were no mirrors in his room, not even in his bathroom. And to top it off his eyes change color, his eyes change to black, “ She said as we walk in our house

“ Did you ever think maybe they haven’t had time to unpack yet? Or maybe they don’t wont mirrors? And so what if his change colors, lots of peoples eyes change color, I don’t see what the big deal is, “ I replied while walking into the living room.

“ Alright maybe I’m just being stupid but still there was no mirrors anywhere and peoples eyes don’t turn black, “ She said.

“ So your telling me you didn’t have an amazing time? That your going to let this get to you, and you don’t know that, like I said maybe they don’t wont mirrors nothing wrong with that, “ I replied.

“ Your right I did have an amazing time, I’m just being weird, “ She said

“ Then that’s all that matters okay. Maybe it was nothing. “ I said. Just then, my phone went off. It was a text from Bill.

Hope you had amazing time last night. I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me? I hope you reply yes.[/i]

I smile as I read the text; my heart was beating against my chest.

“ Why are you so smiley, “ She ask.

“ Bill just ask me out, “ I said while still smiling.

“ Alexia is in love, “ She joke.

I just rolled my eyes in a joking way, I replied back saying yes. But I couldn’t get what Elena said out of my mind, she had the same feeling I had.

“ I’m not in love, I just met him. It takes a while to fall in love, its something you don’t know, “ I said while replying my answer.

“ Your so mean to me, its sad, “ She said while turning on the TV

“ But I love so much, my best friend, “ I said while hugging her make her fall over.

“ Damn, I swear sometimes I think your on drugs. But I love you too. Now please get off, “ She replied while laughing.

I got off of her and sat beside her, for a few minutes that feeling went away. Maybe going on this date will take that feeling away.
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