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Frank’s POV

Laying in bed, watching the ran drops slowly slid down my window wasn’t new to me. I always did this when it was raining, I always wanted for the storm. Every single time it rain there was a storm, and I knew the minute the lights would go out, I would go insane; it was only time.

Lighting started light up the sky, I could see the lighting go on for miles in the sky and the sound of thunder came rolling in. I didn’t move an inch I was waiting, I might look like an insane person but I don’t care I’m already insane. I wanted the lights to go out I wanted to go insane, it was the only time I could be my true self.

The thunder started to get louder the window started to get stronger, and before I could even blink, the lights went out. I could feel my heart beating against my chest; I could feel every beat my heart made. I could feel the blood rushing through my veins, I knew it was only time before I would go insane. I slowly got off my bed, walking back and forth.

I lived for this moment to go insane, I grab the chair I had in my room and threw it against the door. Sadly, the chair it didn’t break, I ran towards the door bagging on it, wanting to be let out. I needed to get out; I could only stand the dark for so long. I needed to see light; it was starting to get to me. I could hear voices at my door, telling me everything would be alright, I never believe them.

Before I knew it the door open and without thinking, I ran out the door. I had no idea were I was running to, I never thought that out, I just knew I had to find light. I could hear their voices calling after to me, but I never listen. I had no were to go everywhere I look, it was darkness, I couldn’t escape it. I tried to run but before I could run I felt hands grab me, I tried to break lose but it was no use; I done felt a sharp pain in my arm and just like that everything went black.
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