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Frank’s POV

I slowly open my eyes I had no idea where I was, every time I went insane the nurses would always put me in a different place, I never understood that. As I look around my eyes feel onto a person, I started to panic a little. The nurses know not to leave me along with strangers, but they never listen; why should they. The nurses at this place didn’t care about anyone, so it was nothing new. I look at this stranger I saw it was a guy, he had black hair; milky white skin, I couldn’t tell what his eyes were. He just kept staring at the wall, as if he was trying to burn a hole. He looks as if he hasn’t sleep in days or even weeks.

I slowly got up my eyes left him and went towards the door; I ran over to it and started to bag as loud as I could. I should have known no one would listen or care for that matter, but I wanted out.

“ Their not going to hear you, you’re just wasting your time, “ The guy said while still looking at the wall. He said it as if he said it a million times before.

“ You don’t know that, “ I replied in knowing he was right I just didn’t wont to believe it.

“ Alright then go ahead, bag on the damn door, “ He said this time looking right at me. This time I saw his eyes, they were hazel, I hated to say it but he was [i] beautiful[/i] I shook that out of my head, I couldn’t be thinking of someone like that, let alone a guy. I finally walk back towards the other end; there was no use in trying.

“ So why are you in here, “ He ask as he look at me.

“ I go insane in the dark, I have fears and I go insane if I face them, “ I said while looking back at him.

“ So if I was tell turn the lights out, you would go insane? Why though? There’s nothing to be afraid of, its only the dark, “ He said.

“ Don’t even think about it. You don’t know me just leave me alone. I don’t know why I’m even talking to you, “ I replied.

It was true I had no idea why I was talking to him, I’m suppose to go insane when I’m left alone with a stranger, but for some weird reason I got the feeling he wouldn’t hurt me, but I didn’t trust him.

“ No need to get all angry about it. Don’t’ worry I won’t turn out the lights, for now, “ He replied.

I didn’t reply back I was afraid of him now, I knew he would turn out the lights just to see me go insane, I didn’t understand why though. I kept looking at him I was waiting. I could feel my heart racing; I knew any minute he would turn out the lights. He just kept looking at the wall I kept waiting.

Few minutes later, he slowly got up; my heart was racing with fear. He walk over towards the light switch and before I could even yell out, the lights went out.
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