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Frank POV

Darkness was all around me, I tried to stay calm but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. My heart was racing, beating against my chest, my blood rushing in fear. I could feel my hands starting to shake; I got up off the floor and run towards the door. I started to bag as loud as I could; I no longer care if I hurt myself I wanted out. There was nothing in the room for me to throw, so bagging on the door was my only choice.

“ Would you fucking calm down, here the lights are back on. “ The stranger said while turning the lights on.

And just like that I stop it was amazing how I could go insane and back to normal just like that. I slid down the door trying to catch my breath.

“ Why did you do that? What have I done to you?, “ I ask him while looking at him.

“ I just wanted to see if you would go insane, I didn’t think you would, “ He replied while not looking at me.

“ Well there’s your answer I hope your happy now, “ I said angrily as I walk back towards the other end.

He didn’t say anything just kept staring at the wall, I wanted out of this room. I didn’t wont to be here with him, I no longer felt the safe I felt before.

“ Look I’m sorry I did that, I shouldn’t have. I’ve been in this room for two days, so I was taking my angry out on you and I shouldn’t have, “ He said this time looking at me.

“ Two days? Why did they keep you in here that long, “ I ask. I had no idea why I kept talking to him or even asking him questions for that matter, but something in me wanted to know more about him, I hated that.

“ I have a fear of sleeping. I have dreams about the people I love dying, like my family and friends. For a long time I thought it was only a dream, nothing like that could ever happen. I had a friend name Alexia she was my best friend. We told each other everything, one night I dream she killed her self but like always I thought, it was nothing. Until the next day I went to her house I saw the police and ambulance, I found out she killed her self. I blame myself everyday for not doing anything, “ He said while looking at the wall with tears in his eyes.

I was lost for words I had no idea what to say my mind ran blank. I thought I had it bad with the fears I had, that I was the only who could have it bad. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to dream of death.

“ I don’t even know what to say, I thought I had it bad. I have fears of the dark, being left along with strangers and being touch. I was sent here to get better but I’ve been here for so long its never going to happen, “ I replied.

“ Its okay, I’ve grown to just live with it. I don’t ever sleep on my own, the doctors have to get me something to make me sleep, and two days ago, I put a fight so they put me in here. But I have a question, if your afraid of being left along with strangers, why haven’t you gone insane while in here with me, “ He ask.

I just look at him and for the first time I couldn’t explain why.
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