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A Place to Stay

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A walk down a hallway after a chat with the Duchess.

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The Duchess smiled.It was not a happy one,it was cold and mocking."As if you could kill her the way you are now.You,tired,weak,cut up,so far from home,and an Unlisted,against her,the Queen of Hearts,twenty thousand strong,warded from head to toe,conqering this world with ridiculous ease,and a royal suite besides?!You wouldn't last a minue,you're merely a water element!I can't belive my luck!"she shouted,throing her hands up in anger.
"Urgh!Here I am,trying to make amends with you,and there you are insulting me!I could so kill the Queen,just watch me!"she shrilled,upset and weary,turning to head to the kitchen and out the door,only to find she was at the end of the hall,not even a door in sight.Allie turned back to the Duchess,her countanance was calm,there was nothing to give away the fear she felt.
"If you go out there now,they'll find you,kill you,then come after me!You'll stay here until you learn how to hide.Maybe then I'll show you how we do things here...I'll send Cook to your rooms to be certain those wounds don't fester."she ended far softer than she began,glancing to one of the large,bleeding cuts on Allie's legs."Follow the Hall and always keep to the left.You'll know which room is yours.Best hope the house likes you or you could go on for hours."the Duchess smiled somewhst."I'll put ion a good word for you,dea-Allie."
The Duchess finishe dthe conversation,walked away,and turned a corner.Allie made to follow but when she did there was no one there.Instead of growing axious or paniciong like she would have done before,she just s-hook her head and continued to the left.
"Cuz nothing around here is right"she mumbled,hoping to find a room to sleep in,but so far they had all been locked.She stopped after 20 minutes of searching.There was a door with her name on it-literally.With a sigh she opened the gaudy door covered in pink and butterflies,walked over to the bed with a princess canopy and collapsed.Morning would find her very cranky.Morning or the Cook.
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