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A Girl Named Cook

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Cook comes to help.

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It was Cook.Ten minutes after Allie drifted off,a slight,willowy woman with too large,pale blue eyes to the bed and stared at the exhaughted girl for a moment before dropping to her knees.Armed with a bowl of warm water,rags,bandages,anethetic,needles and thread,and scissors,she set to work,her white robe irritating her knees.
Allie's pant were cut off at the lowwer thigh,Cook manuvering the girl so gently she did not wake.Dipping a fresh scrap of cloth into the water,she softly cleaned the numerous cuts.Cook moved in clse to Allie's face,staring again before applying a liberal amout of topical anestitc so as to stitch together the larger wounds without disturbing the girl.
Slowly,she threaded the needle with a silver blue wire with a hand as pale and steady as a full moon.Freezing suddenly,she turned only her large circular eyes to Allie once more.Aliie didn't move,she hadn't moved but to breathe.Moving again she stiched up three of Allie's cuts,pausing every now and then to stare around at the window,door,the many shadows in tthe still dark room,or Allie.Once the stiches were done,she began to wrap Allie's feet,then ankle and legs up to her new hemline.After securing the bandages,she pulled out another needle,peirced her finger,and signed her name in blood on the soles of Allie's bandaged feet.
With a solemn nod she twirled slowly away,eyes scanning everything just as slowly;then her white,gauzy robe tripped her.She fell with a loud thump and a hiss.She chattered like a squirrel as she stood up and dusted herself off.After standing,checking that Allie was still asleep-she was-;she slunk off as stealtily as ever.
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