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Battle Wounds

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Hazel wakes up to some familiar faces.

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A/N: Hello Killjoys. Long time no update. But, I saw My Chemical Romance Wednesday in Florida, and I am now safely back in my home town. Dressed up like a Killjoy, chatted in a British accent, and they made me take my gas mask to the car because I couldn't take it in. Bummer.
My Chem was amazing. I was about 2 or 3 rows away from the barrier with the perfect view of the stage. (My friend Matt got some AWESOME pics btw, add me on facebook because they should be up in a few days :)) But the fans really pissed me off. Especially the people that couldn't handle being in the pit, or the girls treating it like it was a Justin Beiber concert.
I pretty much took this one girl down because she shoving me and trying to get in front of me when there was no where to go.
Bitch, please, I may be small, but don't fuck with me in a pit. I'll tear you to shreds :) Not kidding.

A sharp pain burst through my head as I regained consciousness. I let out a groan and slowly put a hand to my forehead.

“She’s waking up!” A voice said.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked up to see Mikey Way’s face. My head was resting in his lap. He was holding a wash rag to my head.

“Mikey?” My voice cracked as I blinked a few times. “You’re all right!”

“Yes, I’m fine.” He smiled slightly in the dim light. I winced as he released pressure and then pressed the cloth down onto my forehead again.

“Hazel!” Ainsley’s shrill yell filled the room. I groaned at the sound of it as my head throbbed harder. “That bastard took my cell phone!”

“I’m so glad you are concerned for your life.” I rolled my eyes and looked back up at Mikey. He took the rag away from my head, examined the spot, then placed it back against my skin.

“Hello!” She yelled again, causing me to moan again. “My cell phone IS my life. How am I supposed to talk to people?”

“Could you please shut up?” I asked, then squeezed my eyes shut. “What happened? Why does my head hurt?”

“It looks like he bashed you in the head with something to knock you out.” Mikey said. “Can you remember what happened?”

“I think he may have used a rock.” I felt my face twist while I tried to remember.

“That’s what I thought.” He said. “Cole brought you here, threw you at me and then left. You had blood all over the place. I could barely see your face.” He stopped, and pulled the rag away from my wound to look at it. “You were a mess. Cole left, and Nelly came back and brought a rag to clean you up with and some gauze and medical tape.”

“At least they did that and didn’t let me bleed to death.” I sighed.

“How’d you get here?” Ainsley asked me.

I hesitated. They would probably be upset with me, like I knew Gerard was. Mikey grabbed the gauze and started to wrap it around my head.

“Um… well, Cole took me.”

“He found you in New York?” She asked.

“Well, yes, but he didn’t take me from there. Gerard and I went back to Jersey when we found out that the two of you had been taken.”

“Then, how did you get here?”

I bit my lower lip and started to chew on it. “Well, uh, I kind of turned myself in.” I felt tears threatening to sting my eyes.

Mikey ripped the gauze, causing my head to slightly jerk, giving me an excuse to blink harshly and push them away.

“What do you mean kind of turned yourself in?” Mikey narrowed his eyes at me.

“I…I called Ainsley’s cell phone and Cole answered.” I paused for a brief moment then continued before they could say anything. “Cole told me if I turned myself in, he would let you guys go. I just wanted you safe. I couldn’t let you guys hurt because of me, it’s just not fair. And…And now we are all here. And it’s all my fault.”

No one said anything.

“P-Poor Gerard.” I stuttered over the mix of emotions that were twirling through my being. “H-He must be s-so worried about me.” I tried to swallow the knot that was forming in my throat. With every gulp, it just grew larger. “I-I-I shouldn’t have believed C-Cole. I’m so stupid.” I buried my face into my hands and did my best not to break down.

“You just did what you thought was right, Hazel.” Mikey told me, putting his arm around my shoulders. “You’re a great friend to us.”

I leaned into him and removed my hands from my face so that I could wrap my arms around him. It was silent. Then, a thought jolted my brain.

“Did he take my cell phone?” I asked quickly, looking up at Mikey.

“I-I don’t know.” Mikey sounded shocked at my turn around. “Where did you have it?”

“Down my shirt.” I answered.

Ainsley burst into laughter as Mikey gave me a bewildered look.

“Well, I mean… I don’t normally check down shirts when I’m looking for cell phones…” He did his best to restore his nerves.

I let go of him and reached into my shirt. I felt my phone in my hands and grinned as I pulled it out.

“Thank God.” I mumbled, then looked up at them. “Okay, let’s hope this works. Because we may only have one shot. All hell may break loose.” I flipped open my phone and dialed Gerard’s number.
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