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Chapter 1

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FRERARD, frankie has his heart broken and finds someone to help mend it but never perfect. but is there someone who can make it all better?

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hey whoever reads this. It’s my first fan fiction and I’m not sure where it’s going so prepare for disappointment :) any way please R&R so I can try to make it good

Frankie’s POV
I woke up sweating and breathing heavily. It was of course the usual nightmare. The time when my heart broke in two. It wasn’t a particularly scary thing, but brought me to tears every time I thought of it.


Ahh, the weekend. I don’t think there could be a better day to be alive. Saturday morning and after waking up I go downstairs to get ready.

When I have eaten some crap that slightly resembles cereal (yeh my Mums on a stupid diet again) I go back upstairs to get dressed.

I pull on my favourite pair of grey skinnies, a black t-shirt and go to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror I can see that I really need to sort my hair out.

“I think Gee would have a heart attack if he saw me like this.” I exclaimed as I set to fixing my black dyed side fringe. I then took out my make-up and applied my usual red eyeliner, smudging it slightly.

As I climbed down the stairs, I heard my mum getting out of bed.

“Shit.” If she caught me going out today she would kill me. I was supposed to be going to my Step-Nan’s for tea. I was told I had to be home to get ready. Like that would happen. It meant having a comb-over to cover the shaved side of my head taking out the lip piercing and no eyeliner. Not to mention I had to wear `smart` clothes. A fucking shirt, tie and suit trousers.

It's not like my Nan doesn’t like me, I just don't like her. She tries too much to be a part of the family. Even though I know that she completely hates my hair with red shaved sides and a black fringe, I also know she hates my clothes and make-up and my lip piercing.

I sneak out the door and shut it with my key to stop from waking up my dad.

I check my phone as I start to walk down the street and see that I have plenty of time so I go to buy some relentless and chewing gum from the shop on the corner. When I reach the door, I see that the owner is smiling at his first customer of the day.

“Hey” I say heading to the fridge and grabbing the energy drink before heading to the cash register and picking up a pack of gum.

“That's one eighty nine please.” Dave said pleasantly.

“How are you today then, Dave?” I ask as I hand over two bucks.

“Not bad, pretty slow, it seems that people like to sleep in on Saturdays.” He replied.

“Ok, I'll see you later then.” I say as I pick up the change.

When I've walked to the park where I told Gerard I would meet him. Yeh, by the way, I'm bi. That's another reason why my mum wants me to never leave the house.

Sitting on the bench I look at all the people and everything going on around me.

Right at the back of the park was a steep hill covered with thick gorse. The path in front of that led to two small buildings covered in ivy and layered with the bright graffiti. They used to be used by the park wardens but now they were used by whoever could get in.

The rest of the area was quite nice. Thick grass covered the floor whilst a thin concrete path wove itself through the tunnel of the trees. I decide to take a walk in the dim light. I walk through the tunnel of trees looking up at the leafy canopy of trees above me. I hear the early morning birds chirping away above me, listening to their lovely sweet melody.

After a few minutes of walking, I see my lovely boyfriend walk into the park and sit on the bench we were supposed to meet at. I notice his dyed black hair, black skinnies and misfits t-shirt before running over to meet him.

“Gee!” I called. “Sorry, I went for a walk.”

“It’s Ok,” he said in his beautiful angelic voice. “I know you can't stay still for long”

I could just melt under his smile. His god-like eyes lined in black looking at me as I take in his tall figure and walk even closer, standing on my toes (yes in very short thank you) to kiss him on his wonderfully warm and smooth lips.

“I missed you Gee.” I told him, he had just got back from a holiday to North America.

“Missed you too Frankie.” He smiled down at me, lacing his fingers through mine. We then started walking into town.

I thought the day couldn’t get much better. I thought a 14 year old couldn’t be any happier.

I was right.

That night when my parents got home from my Step-Nan’s house, they found me and Gee cuddling on the sofa. We weren’t doing anything wrong. Just kissing a little, maybe a lot, but it was no reason to freak out. If I had been with a girl, they would have been fine, but my dad was such a homophobe.

I was dragged to my room by my father as my mum told Gerard to leave.

That night my mum told me we were moving on Monday to our other house that we usually rented out. I was heartbroken, it was about four hours away and I’d had only one day with Gerard before we had to leave.

My mum, of course, ruined that and drove us to IKEA to buy something for the house, but of course I found a corner and sat there on my phone texting my boyfriend.

`Gee I'm so fuckin sorry but my mum told me we are moving the next day my dad hates me and neither of them understand that I'll die without you what am I going to do?`

`well first tell your parents they’re dicks!!!! They need to chill and realise it's not the fuckin 1930s anymore being gay is completely acceptable now`

`I know Gee but I really don't know what I'm going to do I don't know what I'll do without you.`

`so they really are serious?`

`yeh I packed my bags this morning we are in IKEA buying stuff for the house`

`well you can run away with me, anytime you want`

`I wish I could but you know I can't I may hate my mum doing this but I love her too much to leave her`

`well I guess that we will never see each other again`

`I guess this is it` I waited a long time for his reply, we were in the car when he sent it to me.

`frank I don't love you`

At this I just broke down. I couldn’t believe Gerard would do this to me. I felt my heart break as tears spilled from my eyes. My parents ignored me thinking I was just trying to make them guilty and let me go home.

I knew from that point on I would never recover from this and no one would fix my heart. It will always have cracks in it.

~end flashback~

so that was the dream that has been haunting me for the past three years. It was sadly a true story but he had found someone who could patch up his heart and, even though there was still those cracks and it was fragile, he found that he could use it fine and love his girlfriend.

Her name was Emma. She was a lot like frank himself, she had long black hair cut in a side fringe, she often wore skinnies and converse and she even had her lip pierced. Emma had helped Frank through that time where he was contemplating suicide. She was the first person in the dump that is Pembroke.

Yes that's right, I got moved to Wales.

I didn’t even know where that was until I got here. Turns out it's a little country in the uk next to England. But it was difficult fitting in here. Apparently skinny jeans, black hoodies and band t-shirts were not `in fashion`.

I love Emma, but I don't think I ever will get over Gee. Here I go again, thinking about him again. I even call him my nick name. He was Gee and I was Frankie. And it was so simple. Ever since I was 13, he was the only guy in my life. I met him at a Green Day concert. We just hit it off straight away.

Look at me, lying in bed crying into my pillow. I had better get up for work.

Thank you for reading  I will try to update every week but I can't make any promises.
I hope you liked it R&R please
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