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Chapter 2

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Gerard’s POV
It was just another day at work.

Nothing special to look forward to, just going from town to town at different stores fitting the new coffee machines.

Yes, I work for Starbucks. Nothing exciting like the fireman or space man or cop I was going to be when I was younger, just plain old Gerard Arthur Way.

Anyways, today I was still in the UK so it wasn’t all bad, I liked it here. Although welsh people had funny accents I thought it suited them. All I saw when I was driving around was fields filled with some bright yellow crop or sheep.

It turned out there was a Dunking Doughnuts in a town called Pembroke. I was staying in a Travelodge for a week because I decided to take some time off while I was here. I thought I could draw some of the scenery but by the looks of the weather, it wouldn’t be happening today. The weather was ok and for the area quite goo considering there were a lot of school kids around laughing with their friends.

They reminded me of my school years, the most of them any way. The time when Frankie was still there. His parents had decided that they could change who he was and tried to do so by moving my boyfriend away from me to somewhere that I didn’t find out.


When we went back to Franks house, we turned on the TV and Frankie sat on my lap while I told him about my holiday I just got back from.

“The hotel was amazing, it had a swimming pool and everything!” I explained excitedly. “The rides were great. Even the Brer Rabbit one” I had gone to Disney land in Florida.

“I’m glad your back Gee.” My little Frankie told me.”I missed you, please don't leave again.”

I promised him that I would always be with him one way or another, as we lean in closer to each other and our lips collided. I took in his sweet scent of coffee and caramel.

“I love-“ I was cut off buy a man’s voice shouting franks name.

“What is going on here?” his father bellowed in a voice filled with anger and rage.

“Dad... I ... umm,” Frankie looked up at him in terror, jumping away from me.

“Get too your room, NOW!” he yelled at Frank, dragging him up the stairs to his room.

“I think you had better leave too Gerard, and your parents will know about this.” His mother told me sternly.

“About what? That I’m gay? That I'm going out with your son?” I questioned her. “They already know, but they support me enough to accept it!” I shouted at her.

~end of flashback~

That was the day that I had my heart broken.

The next day Frankie told me that he was moving away but didn’t know where exactly. I had to break his heart in the hope that he would find someone to fix it at his new home.

It hurt me to tell him, but it needed to be done. I hadn’t found anyone who could fix mine, I could only think of one person who could do that. My Frankie.

I missed him still, after three years.

Well, id better go find somewhere to eat, this Travelodge is shit.

Walking around town, I found a cafe and sat down looking at the menu.

“Can I take your order?” a voice from behind, that was as sweet and smooth as ice-cream, came from behind me.

“I’ll have the full breakfast please, with an extra large coffee.” I replied looking at the source of the voice. I took in his side fringe and shaved red sides, lip piercing, and soft pink lips making me think of only one person, Frankie.

“OK, that’ll be out in about ten minutes, I’ll get your coffee right away.” He replied and quickly walked away.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Frankie after that, but when I turned to see if my coffee was coming I saw the guy with a girl across the room flirting with her. I thought I heard her say “I love you, Frank.” But just I assumed it was my imagination.
The guy came with my coffee soon after that. “Here you go.” He placed the mug in front of me.

“Thanks.” I told him. “Umm, do I know you?” I asked him.

“I don't think so, I'm Frank.” He told me. “Nice meeting you though.” And with that the love of my life walked away.
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