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Chapter 3

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~ Frankie’s POV ~

“Who was that?” Emma asked when I finished my shift five minutes late.

“Actually, I don't know. Some guy that thought he knew me.” I responded.

“Well, let's go back to my house and we can watch a film.” She suggested.

“Is it going to be one of those stupid chick-flicks?” I hate them.

“Well, that's all the films I have so yeah it is.”

“Let’s go to mine then, I want to watch that new one, Insidious.” I love horrors and scary films, I'm not just trying to find a reason for me to comfort her.

“But that's a scary one, I’ll have nightmares.”

“That's all part of the fun and besides it can't be that bad.” I knew I would get my own way, I always did.

“Fine, but when I shit myself, you're cleaning it up.” She joked.

My parents were home, so we went upstairs to watch it in my room. Half way through, my mum knocked on my door just before Emma screamed.

“Yes?” I asked when I opened the door, after pausing the film.

“What are our rules Frank?” My mother asked me sternly.

“Don't drink and drive?” I said in a serious tone.

“No, leave your door open when you have your ... guest.” She scolded me and walked away.

“Your fault when your deaf from Emma’s screaming.” I called after her.

Another stupid rule we had since we moved was no guests later than nine pm, so after the movie ended Emma had to go home.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” I told her before kissing her gently on the cheek.

“Night Frankie.” She replied.

Little did she know that hit a nerve and as soon as I was alone I thought about Gee again. He was the first and only person to call me that. I couldn’t handle this every time I saw her, everything would remind me about my first love.

That night, all I could think of was the guy at the coffee shop. He had short blonde hair and was, of course, taller than me but not too tall. He ordered a massive coffee and a breakfast. Of course being vegetarian, I had gagged at the thought of sausage and black pudding, the bacon I still craved and I am so thankful for Quorn bacon.

But there was something about the guy that I liked. It had been a busy day so I was sort of blanking all emotions but when I think about it, he was a little creepy and wouldn’t stop staring at me.

He seemed to think he knew me.

“Do I know you?” he had asked me, looking like he was about to either cry or jump up and glomp me. I thought it was cute and he looked like someone I knew, but I had to go and get orders done quickly.

“I don't think so, I'm Frank.” I told him politely. I couldn’t be rude to a customer. “Nice meeting you though.”

When I went back to the order board, Emma came and asked me who it was.

“I have no idea, but he seemed nice enough. Don't think I'm going to get raped or mugged or murdered by him.” I joked with her.

“Well, I've got to go I have to pick up some things for my mum.” She replied in her funny little welsh accent.

“OK, I'll see you later baby.”I kissed her on the cheek.

But he defiantly seems familiar now I think about it.

The way that he gulped down his coffee like his life depended on it reminded me of Gee. I swear that kid used to be addicted to it.

That's when I remembered gees face and after thinking of the stranger for so long I could see they were the same person. But the stranger had short blonde hair, not gees shoulder length dyed black hair. Maybe he had dyed it but it was a long shot, my childhood love that I had never truly gotten over suddenly appearing from nowhere.

I decided that it was just a coincidence and if it was Gee then he would have said something to me as I had kept my hair the same since I met him, I even still had my lip pierced.

I went to bed again that thinking of Gee and how much I missed him and how much I hated my parents for taking him away from me.
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