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Gerard's only friend is his younger brother. He needs to do SOMETHING to fill the loneliness.

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Gerard's day was like any other day. It started off with getting ready for school. Somedays Gerard would tell his Mom he was ill, in an attempt to stay home. But today Gerard simply couldn't be bothered.
He walked to school with his younger brother Mikey. When they first left the house Gerard chatted away happily. The closer they got to the school, the quieter Gerard got until they were right outside and Gerard went silent. At first nobody payed attention to him and Gerard was happy with this.
Mikey ran off to join his friends as soon as they stepped inside. Gerard sighed wishing he had friends to go and see. Instead, he walked to the art room and took a seat.
"Early again Gerard." Gerard looked up to see who was talking to him. He was surprised to see a small boy with black hair, a lip-ring and a cheeky smile "You sure do love art."
"Yeah, I guess..." Gerard mumbled, blushing and looking down again. Why was this kid talking to him? Nobody even liked Gerard let alone someone like this boy.
Noticing that Gerard wasn't going to give him a better answer, the boy moved on and sat somewhere away from Gerard.
Gerard sighed and continued to sketch carelessly. He mumbled to himself under his breath until he noticed a random boy staring at him. Not the same boy who had spoken to him a moment ago but a different boy.
This random boy smiled and said harshly "I've heard enough about you to know you're a right freak."
Gerard didn't comment so he spoke again "Were you talking to yourself just then?" Gerard still didn't say anything "Come on, tell me."
"Why should I?" Gerard muttered.
The boy slammed his hands down on the desk and hissed "You are so gonna pay for that Way." Gerard looked up, worried. This boy must have a lot of friends. Even if he didn't, nobody would miss the oppurtunity to beat up the freak. "Just wait til after school." Then he stormed out.
So straight after final lesson (Science) Gerard rushed out of school. As usual he managed to charge right out of school before most students were even leaving their classrooms. He made it all the way home without letting loose his emotions. But as soon as he was in his bedroom he burst into hysterical tears. He lay on his bed crying helplessly into his pillow.
Once Mikey was home, Gerard reached under his bed and pulled out what he needed. He told Mikey he was going to the shops and then left.
He came home two hours later, feeling extremely guilty. He had promised himself he would never do that again.
But he had to. It was the only way to make him feel alive.
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