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Chapter Two

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Gerard feels guilty and Mikey loses a goldfish.

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"What did you buy from the shop Gee?" Mikey asked, walking in as Gerard did the washing-up at a rather fast pace.
He was doing it to try and make him forget what he had just done. But Mikey had just made him remember and he couldn't stand it "Oh, just some beer."
"You're not old enough to buy beer." Mikey commented, frowning.
"Mikey, we're in New Jersey, I could get hold of anything if I wanted."
"Oh shut up about it Mikey!" Gerard snapped, reaching for the tea towel to do the drying up. Mikey sighed and went back to his bedroom, wondering why Gerard was in such a terrible mood.
Gerard didn't bother to go comfort him although he did consider it. He just carried on drying plates and putting them away.
"Gerard!" Came a drunken slur from the frontdoor "Going out. Back before midnight." His Dad slammed the frontdoor shut and walked down the street. Well, he more 'staggered' down the street.
"Back before midnight." Gerard mumbled "As if."
Suddenly Mikey came running into the kitchen "Gerard I've killed him!"
"... What?" Gerard asked, getting worried.
"My fish!" Mikey said, tears running down his face "I forgot to feed him nearly all week and now he's dead Gerard, he's dead!"
"Oh Mikey!" Gerard put his arms round him "It's just a fish." Gerard's face went bright red, remembering things he didn't want to remember.
"It wasn't just a fish to me!" Mikey sobbed "Goldie was clever."
Gerard sighed at Mikey's creativity skills. The boy could make up any band name he wanted but when it came to pet names, he just sucked.
"He really wasn't Mikey, you never took any interest in him." Gerard told him "He was just a fish. Come on, we'll flush him down the toilet."
So the brothers flushed Mikey's fish down the toilet. Mikey said a few words to remember Goldie. Gerard looked at him like he was crazy before going to his bedroom.
"Jeez, how would Mikey feel if someone he loved died?" Gerard muttered to himself, shuddering at Mikey's re-action then.
"Gerard, do you have a reciept for these beers?" Mikey yelled up the stairs.
"Of course not you doof!" Gerard yelled back "How many times do I have to ask you to LEAVE ME ALONE!"
Gerard felt guilty and knew he'd feel more guilty if he looked under his bed. But he did.
He looked at everything under there and thought of what would happen if someone found out what he was doing. He didn't even want to think about it but he felt like he had to punish himself for what he done today.
"You promised you wouldn't." Gerard muttered to himself "Someone nearly found out last time. I can't keep getting away with this."
But in the back of Gerard's mind, he kind of hoped someone would catch him.
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